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Neal & Jess’ Ultimate Ray-Ban Guide

Neal & Jess' Ultimate Ray-Ban Guide

Above: I’m wearing the 53mm Round sunnies and Neal is wearing the Aviator Classic in black

Hi guys! 

If you’re still in need of some last minute gifts…you’re in luck, because we’ve got a great gift idea for BOTH girls and guys coming your way today. ?Our favorite brand of sunnies: RAY-BAN!

I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t say we are “sunglasses” people–I would say we are “Ray-Ban” people–and that’s what we’re talking about today. Ray-Bans are our go-to sunnies–I wear my round Icons daily. We also have several pairs that we BOTH wear (okay fine, I mean, they actually belong to Neal…but sometimes I steal them ?) 

Ray-Ban sunnies make an amazing gift for anyone you love (or for yourself!) because they are one of the few things that are worn year-round, with any outfit, they’re incredibly high quality (and very durable), and best of all–they are classic, and truly never go out of style. 

We’ve both been wearing Ray-Ban for over a decade. I don’t remember the last time I bought a different brand of nice sunglasses. They are truly worth every penny! Nordstrom is [no surprises here, haha!] our retailer of choice for said kinds of purchases, because not only do they have a huge selection of them, but their return policy is second to none (which is very important if you’re shopping for sunglasses online and aren’t able to try them on in person!) Plus, when you’re buying a gift, you always want peace of mind that the person receiving the gift can exchange it if they need to–so no worries there!

Anddd another added perk of shopping at Nordstrom: You can order online and pick it up in store on the same day! You can also get most orders in time for Christmas Eve with rush shipping! 

Here are our favorite pairs of Ray-Ban sunnies that we’ve acquired over the years (and still wear regularly): 

Ray-Ban Round Sunnies: 

Ray-Ban Round Sunnies

Ray-Ban Round Sunnies

Ray-Ban Round Sunnies - Jess Keys Ray-Ban Round Sunnies - Jess Keys

The 53mm Round: This shape became popular with Hollywood stars and rock stars alike in the sixties, and I love how they feel retro and classic at the same time!  I mean, I could’ve listed 100 different photos in 100 different outfits here. I wear these EVERY. DAY. These are my absolute favorites! As you can see, they go with everything, every time of the year, for every occasion. I get a lot of questions in this pair in general, and it’s important to note that they come in two sizes–50mm and 53mm–I have the larger 53 mm size!

I adore them and think they make any outfit look so much more stylish! They are super well-made, and they are very comfortable on my face. (They don’t slip off and they don’t hurt, either, like a lot of sunnies do!) 

Similar to the round shape, I love this pair as well, which have a slightly different shape and are something a little different! 

The Original Wayfarer: 

The Original Wayfarer - Ray-Ban

The Original Wayfarer - Ray-BanThe Original Wayfarer - Ray-Ban

The Original Wayfarer: Neal has had these for years and I steal them all the time ?They are universally flattering–I’ve never seen Wayfarers not look awesome on anybody–plus, you know–obviously a perk that they’re unisex ?We have them in both black and tortoise! They also come in a foldable version, which is AMAZING for travel! They fold up in this teeny tiny case and take up virtually no room in a pocket or purse! 

The Aviator Classic: 

The Aviator Classic Ray-Ban

The Aviator Classic: Neal got me a pair (the gold frames!) for my birthday when we first started dating–I was SO excited! Sadly then I broke them a few months later ?so then I started stealing his black pair ?(which I’m wearing above, and the ones he’s wearing in the first photo of the post! They come in lot’s of colors though!) This is another pair that is great for both girls and guys–it actually comes in really handy when we travel because one of us inevitably forgets our sunnies and being able to share them is really helpful! 

The General: 

The General Ray-Ban - The Golden Girl Blog

The General Ray-Ban - The Golden Girl Blog

The General Ray-Ban - The Golden Girl Blog

The General: This is Neal’s newest pair, he got them last year and this is the pair he wears when he wants to be classic and make a statement at the same time! They’re just the right amount of Top Gun, don’t you think?! ?

Shop all of the above styles: 

Do you have any more Ray-Ban related questions? Which is your favorite pair? Leave any q’s below and we’ll make sure to get back to you! 

Thanks so much to Ray-Ban and Nordstrom (two of our favorite brands!) for sponsoring this post! All opinions are (duh) 110% our own!