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3 lazy girl hacks to take your favorite outfit from “everyday” to “holiday”

Nov 30, 2018

Now is the time of year when we tend to run around before any {insert brunch, house party, happy hour, gift exchange, whatever} and say, “But I have nothing FESTIVE to wear!”

Am I right? (I do this EVERY year ?) Because really, how many times can you wear that one red sweater!?

Today I thought it would be fun to share the go-to all black outfit I’ve been wearing lately, along with three different ways you can mix it up with pops of red to make it feel festive and fun for the holidays! (No fair isle sweater necessary–although, I do love those.)

First, let’s start with the base outfit:

You’ll recognize both of these items from my Capsule Wardrobe Guide! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown on this combination in the last month ?It’s perfect for pretty much any occasion here in Chicago–there isn’t anywhere a chic black on black outfit isn’t ideal for.

Chunky turtleneck:

This comes in other colors too, but I love how black is so easy to dress up when needed. It’s very oversized, so I’d recommend sizing down. I like that it’s a little longer in length (which is nice to wear with leggings) but I can also do a little front tuck with it when I’m feeling like it. (I think it looks more put together and flattering that way!) It’s also SO. SOFT. It’s warm (but doesn’t make you overheat) and not remotely itchy! Also, if you ARE looking for a red turtleneck, it does, in fact, come in red. ?

Authentic Stretch Cigarette Jeans:

If you’ve been wanting to try a non skinny pant, but can’t get behind the straight/wide leg crops yet, these are a perfect solution. I think they’re even MORE flattering than skinny jeans–the denim they’re made from is truly unlike anything else–they are super stretchy but very sturdy and thick, so they flatter you in all the right places. The straight, cropped leg also elongates your legs–plus, I think they look a lot nicer than most black jeans, so they’re great for work, too! These run true to size, so order your normal jean size that you would anywhere else.

Pants alternatives:

Also, if this cut isn’t your thing, I really love their authentic stretch skinny jeans as well! They run snug but not snug enough that you need to size up–order your regular size!

If you want to make this outfit a little dressier–say, for a more upscale party or for the office, I HIGHLY recommend Everlane’s Easy Pants! They’re wrinkle-resistant, made of this really cool and comfortable fabric–and best of all, are loose enough all you to eat all the holiday snacks 😛 They run true to size and come in multiple colors!

This whole outfit is from Everlane–which is my favorite clothing brand.

Everything they make is really high quality, a great price, and they are a company with very high integrity–they only partner with the most ethical factories, and instead of sales, they run fundraisers to help make the world a cleaner place.

They also share how much it costs to make their products, how much they mark them up, and what each item would cost in a traditional retail model. Since Everlane cuts out the middleman, we get to buy higher quality goods for much cheaper prices! (You can find more of these details on their About page!)

Anyway, you already know my love affair for Everlane, so let’s jump into three lazy girl ways to make this outfit fit for an holiday function–from dressy, to casual!

Three ways to add a pop of “festive” to your favorite all-black outfit:

Tip #1: Add a fun, festive earring in red or green:

easy holiday outfits

The ULTIMATE lazy girl move–but one that I do often (and one that gets much respect ?) the olllddddd festive earring trick. Works EVERY time! Sure, this chunky turtleneck and black jeans are great for grabbing a Saturday coffee with your friends, but know what else is great about this duo? They can be dressed up for a holiday gift exchange with a festive earring (I also love this pair and this pair!) and a pair of heels (the ones I’m wearing here are old, but Everlane’s Day Heels are my #1 recommendation and they are SO comfortable!)

BOOM. Simple, but significant. Who knew!?

Tip #2: Add a festive plaid scarf

Tip #2: Add a festive plaid scarf Tip #2: Add a festive plaid scarf

I absolutely love this outfit, which is again, great for work if you work in a casual environment (because the loafers add just the right amount of polish!) or the weekend–just add a plaid scarf!

The key to finding a plaid scarf that ties in with your outfit is to choose a scarf that contains the same “anchor color” as the outfit you’re wearing. The scarf I’m wearing here has subtle lines of black/grey in the plaid pattern along with the green and red, so it goes perfectly with a black outfit!

Speaking of the loafers, I really love these shoes. The shape of them is more unique and I personally think it makes them easier to dress up (especially for work) because the toe is pointed and the overall shape is very chic. Sometimes a round-toed loafer can look too casual or, when paired with certain things, just frumpy–that doesn’t happen with these loafers! Additionally, the leather is much stiffer and sturdier (vs a buttery leather) so while this takes longer to break them in, they’ll also last forever too! They’re much harder to scratch and scuff, and won’t crease or wrinkle if you get caught in a rain storm.

Sizing: I would recommend ordering a 1/2 size up because they do run a bit small.

Tip #3: Add a red beret and cute booties!

Tip #3: Add a red beret and cute booties!



You know I can’t resist a good beret ?they are the perfect hat to wear when don’t have time to wash your hair because it’s part of your outfit and you don’t take it off when you get inside ?Seriously though, I can’t think of a cuter way to spice up your outfit–it’s the perfect dose of red to take the perfect black sweater and jeans from “everyday” to “holiday.”

Also, have I convinced you to buy these booties yet!? They’re Everlane’s “Day Boots”–which are the boot version of my favorite Day Heels (which I wore out each night in Italy and walked A LOT in with zero pain!) wore them multiple days in a row in Portugal, walking in them all day every day, and I didn’t have one blister. They are truly the most comfortable boots! They come in lot’s of other colors and if you are looking to buy any new ankle boots this season, these are my #1 recco!

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Was this post helpful, I hope so! Would love your easy hacks to turn an everyday outfit into a holiday one!

This post is sponsored by my favorite brand, Everlane! Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love and that allow me to keep producing the best content possible for my favorite people–YOU! ❤️

P.S. If you’re looking for links to my shelves/frames, you can find them in this post

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