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3 Cozy (and Easy!) Fall Updates To Make In Your Bedroom

eBay Fall Home Decor - The Golden Girl Blog

Chunky knit blanket: eBay (lot’s of versions in tons of colors!), Burnt Orange Pillow cover: eBay (comes in basically every imaginable and you get a set of two for $36.99!), Wreath: eBay (they also have super cute Boxwood wreaths as well!) Turtleneck: J.Crew (details in this post–or get it for less on eBay!) Leggings: Lululemon Align leggings (my favorite EVER. They feel like you’re wearing no pants at all! Lot’s for sale on eBay!) Sheepskin rug: Old from IKEA–similar here! Plaid blanket (it’s actually a blanket scarf ?–it’s old but you can shop similar here for less than $10!) **For all other bedroom furniture items please reference this post!** 

So–I showed you guys a sneak peak of this post on Instagram stories the other day and IMMEDIATELY I got inundated with messages:


I thought it would be fun to see if you guys could guess–here were some of the responses:



Lot’s of Etsy guesses, lot’s of Anthro, West Elm and Nordstrom guesses…(also, you think I made this? You give me too much credit ?)

Butttt I stumped ALL of you (except for one! Props to my girl DIANA for being the only correct guess out of all the responses!

It’s from EBAY

Bet you didn’t see that coming, right? Turns out they have a ton of amazing affordable home decor (and a huge portion of it is “new” and “buy it now” with free shipping, too!)

Anyway, they’re one of my favorite partners to work with–and today, I’m sharing three updates I made to our bedroom to get it cozy and ready for fall and the holidays coming up!

Go for accent blankets in cozy textures–like chunky knits and faux fur!

[one-half-first] super affordable velvet pillow cases (I love velvet for fall!)[/one-half-first][one-half]Go for accent blankets in cozy textures–like chunky knits and faux fur![/one-half]

Swap your pillow covers: 

One of the easiest seasonal updates you can make to your home? Swap out your throw pillow covers! I usually have a bright coral pillow on our bed–but I found these super affordable velvet pillow cases (I love velvet for fall!) in the prettiest burnt orange hue–I thought it was the perfect color swap! I also got these in a moody midnight blue velvet for the living room ?

Hang a festive wreath above the bed:

I have NEVER figured out what to hang above that bed for the past THREE years ?Anytime I go to make a decision I honestly just get really overwhelmed. I was scouring Pinterest the other day and saw a photo of a wreath above a bed and I knew I had to re-create it! Honestly, I love the rustic elements of cotton wreaths–but they have cute boxwood wreaths on eBay too! I never would’ve thought to hang a wreath in the master bedroom–but I absolutely love the vibe and that it’s no longer a forgotten place in the house when it comes to festive decor!

Go for accent blankets in cozy textures–like chunky knits and faux fur!

Last but not least–obviously–everyone’s obsession–the chunky knit blanket. This is obviously a purchase your husband will not understand (“why would you buy a blanket with giant holes in it?!” he says) but you will fall in love each time you look at it–and when your friends come over to admire it, they will totally understand too. It totally adds a “hygge” element to any room you put it in!

I also love playing around with some cute little sheepskin accent rugs! They’re really affordable and go a long way to spice up your decor! And…you know, my favorite party trick–turning a blanket scarf into an accent blanket ?I only have about 100 laying around the house, so it’s time I put them to good use!

Several of you responded and said that you also use blanket scarves for Christmas tree skirts, table runners, and hang them over blanket ladders which proves once again that we are all the same person.

Shop more eBay Fall Home Decor right here!

Hang a festive wreath above the bedeBay Fall Home Decor - The Golden Girl Blog

What are your favorite home decor elements to break out for fall? 

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Thanks to eBay–one of my favorite go-to spot’s for the best deals–for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own, and thanks so much for supporting the brands that allow me to continue creating the best possible content for my #1 girls–YOU! ?