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Five Easy + Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom Updates

Apr 13, 2018

Five Easy + Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom Updates

Linen Pants: Abercrombie (come in so many colors! They’re supposed to be oversized but I would size down if you’re in question!) I also got a pair of their tie-waist linen shorts that I’m OBSESSED with! Shirt: J.Crew (runs TTS)–also styled in this post in a camo jacket outfitNightstands: Wayfair, Comforter: c/o Crane & Canopy (similar at West Elm (on sale!) and Target) Brass Lamps: Wayfair–currently out of stock but available in a slightly smaller size! You can shop more similar brass desk lamps here!  Headboard: Vintage + Custom Painted by MegMade Faux Fur Throw: Old from PBTeen, similar from Pottery Barn here (on sale!) Faux Fur Pillow: PB Teen (on sale!) Rug: Inherited from Blair, but nearly identical here on Wayfair–on sale and SO affordable! An 8 x 10 is only $271!!

I will be the first to admit, our master bedroom has probably been the biggest afterthought of them all when it comes to decorating our space (well, just behind the guest room, which is currently covered in boxes of leftover Christmas decorations and piles of clothing returns I need to make, so I’m not sure if that even counts ?).

What’s crazy is that this will be our THIRD summer in this house–I can’t even call it new anymore–even though it feels like we moved in yesterday–so the fact that it has taken me THIS LONG to actually decorate it is a little…embarrassing. But, you know, I’ve spent the last two summers planning a wedding so there were other priorities that came first.

Now that the wedding planning is over, our big goal for 2018 is to actually finish the house. (And hang art on the walls. Two years later there is STILL no art. ? I’m a piece of work.) Bringing this full circle, what I turned my attention to most recently has been the master bedroom. There are still more updates we need to make, but it’s getting there, and it feels SO. MUCH. BETTER.

To set the stage, the below photo was taken not long after we moved in, and you can tell that clearly it was a slapped together lot of furniture that just didn’t fit elsewhere, haha!

(You guys are always asking for more home photos and I’m like, “no really, 98% of my home is not in photographing condition.” Do you believe me?)

Read on to see what updates we’ve made so far! (P.S. fun fact I shot these photos of me on my tripod with my iPhone app remote–I’m hiding my phone behind the book ?)

Our Master Bedroom Before:

Master bedroom before picture

Our Master Bedroom After:

Master bedroom before and after budget friendly upgrades

Five Easy Master Bedroom Updates:

Midcentury Nightstands:

Pulling the trigger on these nightstands are by far and away the best decision I’ve made in a long time–well, that and actually getting real lamps. ? I’ll get to that in a second.

I really wanted these nightstands from West Elm but then I found these nightstands for half the price! Plus, they’re on sale right now for $157!! They were very easy to put together (nothing IKEA-like) and are very sturdy. My only knock is that the drawers are a little tight to open, but for the price and how pretty they are, that far outweighs the drawer situation if we’re being honest.

I needed something small because we don’t have a lot of space on the right side of the bed (due to the bizarrely placed window on the wall) and these definitely fit the bill. I like that they’re smaller without being dinky looking.

Shop similar Midcentury Nightstands: 

Brass Lamps:

I was SO torn with what kind of lamps to get. So I just literally didn’t buy any for two years. If you’re wondering why my old lamps had no lampshades is because I hated the lampshades and also thought I could pretend they were more like “sconces” with edison bulbs and no shades. I literally don’t know, you guys, home decor really does not come natural to me. We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time, okay?

I finally settled on these brass lamps. (Side note: these are a slightly smaller size than mine–they are 18″ and mine are 23″ but the larger size is out of stock and it looks like they totally took the page off the site–usually you can sign up to re-order but that’s not an option anymore. Check back often though because a lot of times they bring certain items back!)

I love their clean, modern lines and they go perfectly with the midcentury nightstands and look super swanky against the glossy black bamboo headboard. (It’s from MegMade, by the way, I got it custom painted! She is PHENOMENAL. I would highly recommend her to anyone!)

Shop more similar brass lamps: 

Bedding Refresh:

I purchased a blush linen duvet cover set awhile back (I have always wanted a blush linen comforter set) and then Neal  promptly shut me down and said there was no way it was going in our master bedroom ?. Therefore, it was banished to the guest bedroom, but the compromise was swapping the pillow shams. I put the blush colored ones in our room for a very subtle contrast of color, and put the grey ones in the guest room. I love the mismatched result! My exact version is sold out but I found a similar one at Parachute Home which also sells blush linen shams separately if you only want the shams and not the duvet! For added texture I threw on a faux fur pillow and throw which adds visual interest and the brown faux fur tones down the girliness of the pink to make it palatable for your husband ?

Shop similar bedding: 

Chic Woven Laundry Basket:

The one downside of our house is that it has absolutely no storage, so there is really nowhere for laundry to hide and it’s probably the thing that bothers me most–even when our house is clean there are ugly laundry baskets sitting out! I finally found a solution with this super adorable woven basket (also on sale)! It’s roomy and has two separate sides (which Neal and I use to separate our own stuff since we usually wash and dry our own clothing). It makes me feel like a real live grown-up.

Shop more chic laundry baskets: 

Curtain Update:

Okay, I didn’t fully photograph the curtain swap yet because they’re only part-way finished, haha! BUT, you can get a little glimpse of the new natural linen curtains in these photos!

I’ve successfully swapped the curtains on the sliding doors, but I haven’t yet tackled the curtains on the weird little back-wall window because they’re actually getting swapped out for these bamboo blinds (so cheap on Amazon!) which obviously is a bigger under-taking! I will do a separate before and after post of those!

Anyway, the new curtains are from West Elm (also on major sale right now starting at $74!!) and I couldn’t be happier with them. I really hated how the blue curtains looked with the rest of the decor (they came with the house and looked nice with the existing decor at the time but not with ours!) and I love how the neutral curtains make it feel much more serene and homey. We got the blackout curtains FYI and they work REALLY well.

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Five Easy + Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom Updates

Jess Keys shares Five Easy + Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom Updates

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