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Zella Activewear Review + Try On

Mar 20, 2019

Zella Activewear Review

Hi guys! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Remember on stories last week when I asked if you had any Zella requests for me to review for an upcoming blog post? Today is the day! ??I’ve had a pair of Zella leggings that I’ve essentially been living in for quite awhile now, but I was really excited to test drive some new pieces! Did you know that Zella is one of Nordstrom’s exclusive activewear brands? You can’t get it anywhere other than Nordstrom! (Which is great, because you CANNOT beat their return policy and free shipping, am I right?!)

I definitely kept your feedback in mind (thank you!) and as a result, today I’m sharing: 

1. Great workout tops that won’t break the bank. 

2. Three different types of Zella leggings, and how each of them differ. 

3. SOCKS! ??Turns out, Zella makes some amazing socks, but you weren’t sure which ones to get or if they lived up to the hype–I’m reviewing two different pairs today. One no-show pair (that doesn’t slip off at ALL) and one regular ankle pair that actually looks super cute peeking out of your sneakers. ??

First up…

Outfit #1: 

[one-half-first]Brooks Adrenaline Sneakers[/one-half-first][one-half]Zella Live In Leggings


Zella Activewear Review by Jess | The Golden Girl Blog

Zella Activewear Review by Jess Keys | The Golden Girl Blog

[one-half-first]Zella Activewear Review by Jess Keys | The Golden Girl Blog[/one-half-first][one-half]ZELLA Live In High Waist Leggings[/one-half]

Zella Live In Leggings: $54

Okay, so these are the “cult classic” Zella leggings that EVERYONE raves about. And for good reason–they are GREAT! They are very thick and substantial. There is absolutely zero show through, they are insanely comfortable, and they are supportive enough for a HIIT class but not so tight that you won’t want to wear them all day to run errands or to travel in. I am obsessed with this green color they come in, too! I’ve owned them in black though for a long time now and I think they hold up really nicely. 

NOTE: You need to be washing your activewear ONLY with other activewear–on cold water, and hang to dry. If you’re drying your nice activewear in the dryer with all your other clothes–you’re going to ruin them. See my laundry tips post right here for other ways to avoid damaging your clothes! 

Sizing: I wear a small in Zella pants as opposed to XS–I think they run a teensy bit small. 

Zella Body Rhythm Sports Bra: $39

I LOVE this sports bra. I’m actually wearing it as I write this blog post. It’s so insanely comfortable, I’ve actually started wearing it as an everyday bra. I would say it’s medium support–I would wear it to OrangeTheory personally but if you are bustier I don’t think it would be supportive enough–but I think it’s perfect for yoga, pilates, etc! I also love all the colors it comes in, and you really cannot beat the price! ($39!) 

Zella Knot a Chance Pullover Top: $55

Quite a few of you requested good workout tops to pull over your sports bra or tank post-workout–you know, so you can go to brunch and look socially acceptable ?I LOVE this top for that! It’s so insanely soft–it’s like waffle thermal material…but ribbed, if that makes sense? I love the twist front, and I think it hits you at the perfect place–not too low–so it’s really flattering! I’m wearing an XS and I think it runs TTS but definitely isn’t loose by any means. (I liked it on the tighter side!) 

Zella Work for It Tank top: $29

This is my favorite tank of the bunch–I love how it’s cropped (but not too cropped) because I think when things hit you at the small of your waist, they’re always a lot more flattering–so it pairs perfectly with high rise leggings! It’s super soft, so comfy, and I love the color! (Comes in other colors too!) I’m wearing XS and I think it’s TTS. Another huge perk: It’s only $29! 

Zella ankle socks–6 pack: $35

OK I didn’t know that socks were a big thing until so many of you asked if I could investigate the Zella sucks and if they were up to par. ?THEY TOTALLY ARE! They’re great! I got two kinds–the one’s I’m wearing above are the regular ankle socks and they come in the cutest colors in a pack of 6. They aren’t no-show (the ones below are) but I think they’re really cute with just the colorful tops of the socks showing above your sneakers! (Does this make me dorky? ?) These are my favorite for working out because they stay in place so well and definitely don’t slip! 

Brooks Adrenaline Sneakers: The best running shoes ever 

These are hands down THE BEST RUNNING SHOES ever. Ever ever. I’ve been running in these for about a year now–I have bad knees and completely flat feet, meaning I over pronate and I need corrective shoes when I run. I can’t tell you how big of a difference these have made. My knees no longer hurt after I run–even on pavement. Are they the hippest, trendiest, sneakers? No. ?But you will NOT be sorry! (Neal calls them my “Gerries”–short for Geriatric. He’s just jealous. If you have bad knees, GET THE SHOES.) 

Outfit #2: 

Zella Activewear Review by Jess Keys

[one-half-first]Zella Intention Tank[/one-half-first][one-half]

Zella Hydra Leggings


Zella No Show Socks–3 Pack

Zella Hydra Leggings: $79

These leggings you guys–WOW. They are like BUTTER and are so perfect for any super sweaty, super hot workout. I overheat really easily and I hate the feeling of tight pants when I’m really hot–i.e. in hot yoga, if I’m working out outside when it’s hot out–etc. This is where these leggings really shine. Not only do they feel like butter, but they are the lightest, softest barely there material that actually is perforated in the thigh and the calf, to make them even more breathable! I’d say these run a bit bigger than their normal Live In leggings. I got a size small but I definitely wish I’d gone XS. 

Zella Intention Tank: $39

Another cute tank option for you! If you like a looser fitting tank that isn’t too long, you will love this one. I love the back as well–how cute is the little split and the cutout detail!? I’m wearing XS here and think it’s TTS. 

Zella No Show Socks–3 Pack: $25

Here are the OTHER socks–the no show socks, which are wonderful! I love that they have the little grip on the back so they stay in place when you’re running, and they’re more absorbent than regular no-show socks. Two thumbs up on these! I took a side by side of these with the socks above so you can compare. One note though: While I have no problems with them staying in place while running, they did move while rowing (because of how your feet move when they’re strapped in!) so I had to adjust them in the middle of class–but for everything else other than rowing they move with you really well! 

Outfit #3: 

Zella Activewear Review by Jess Keys | The Golden Girl Blog

[one-half-first]Intention Tank ZELLA + In Dreams High Waist Leggings ZELLA[/one-half-first][one-half]

Intention Tank ZELLA + In Dreams High Waist Leggings ZELLA

[/one-half][one-half-first]Zella Body Spirit Sports Bra[/one-half-first][one-half]

Zella In Dreams Cutout Leggings


Zella Body Spirit Sports Bra: $39

This is the other sports bra I tried, and I love both for different reasons. This one is also insanely soft, but it has an adjustable back and adjustable straps–like a real bra–but a wide band underneath so it stays in place really well. If you have trouble finding bras that fit just right, you will love this one. It also clips in the back to become a racerback if you want to adjust it based on the shirt that you’re wearing! It’s INSANELY soft and crazy stretchy, but still supportive–it’s so comfortable. Definitely something I’d wear everyday.  I would also say this one is medium support and that it runs true to size–I went with a small. 

Zella In Dreams Cutout Leggings: $44 (on sale!)

These leggings feel and fit super similar to the Live In leggings (the first ones above) but they have mesh cutouts, so they aren’t just cute, but they’re more breathable! I think a lot of mesh leggings are scratchy, but these aren’t–the mesh isn’t too tight and it’s soft mesh–which I highly appreciate! They run true to size–I’m wearing a small. 

Zella Strength Racerback Tank: $25 

This tank is SO. SOFT. Seriously, it feels like…cream. Or butter. Or some type of really light fluffy type of dairy (?) ?(Why are dairy products what we use to describe something as soft? ?) Whatever–this tank is amazing. Super soft, super stretchy. I went up a size so it was loose enough to tie in a knot, because you know me. Front tuck and knot everything. Make sure to check out my stories because I show you how to knot it if you aren’t sure! Anyway, it comes in tons of colors and is a steal for the price.  You’ll definitely want to wear it with jean shorts this summer, too! 

Shop everything in this post: 


Which pieces are your favorites? Do you have any Zella go-to’s I missed? Would love to know your other favorites! 

Huge thanks to Nordstrom (one of my favorite retailers!) for sponsoring this post along with ShopStyle! I hope we’ve made stocking up on your favorite athletic staples this spring a little bit easier! ?

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