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Your 30+ favorite playlists for every occasion

Spotify playlists for every occasion

What have you been listening to lately? If you’re in need of some new playlist ideas to mix things up, this is the post for you! It had been a while since I did a playlist roundup. (Check out this one from a few years back, which is still an amazing list!) You all submitted so many great favorites over on Instagram, and I’m rounding them all up below! Whether you’re looking for something to kick off your day on a happy note, some new background music, great jams for your next dinner party, or seeking out new-to-you artists, you’ll find a little bit of everything here!

Reader favorite Spotify playlists for every occasion:

Happy and upbeat:

Songs to Sing in the Shower: “Self explanatory–who doesn’t want to be inspired to sing in the shower?”

Morning Run: “Great mix of different style songs, upbeat but not too crazy!”

My Life is a Movie: “Because it really makes you feel like you’re the main character!”

Lucy O’Conner’s Main Character Energy: (Same as above!)

Fun Run: “Love that the song endings fade into the beginning of the next song, so it’s a continuous party!”

Wake up Happy: “Make you want to dance and a great upbeat way to start the day. Love that they have both new music and old.”

Happy beats! “Gets you in the mood for a party and always a great pick me up!”

Baila Reggaeton:” Like going out dancing at a bar in Mexico City!”

Chill, Calm and Relaxing:

French Cafe and Cocktail Jazz: “Nice relaxing background music!”

Bridgerton official playlist: “Great background music for work but not too classical!”

Chill hits: “Perfect for background music while working!”

Musical Therapy: One reader says, “I use it for meditations, naps, and going to sleep!”

From your favorite decade:

Dad Rock: All the classic rock hits because as one reader put it, “I am the offspring of boomers” 😆

Fleetwood Mac Radio: Another favorite for classic rock lovers

90’s Rap: All the 90’s rap bangers

Lizzie McGuire comes on at 4: Takes you straight back to middle school!

Guilty pleasures: One reader said she had this on in the delivery room! The best hits from all decades! (We’re talking like, Gavin DeGraw to Celine Dion to Hanson to ABBA, K-Ci & JoJo, Kid Rock, to Journey–literally everything!)

Entertaining and cooking:

Nancy Meyers Vibes by @BrunchonChestnut: Lots of Nancy Meyers mixes out there–this is a top favorite!

Breakfast in a Nancy Meyers Kitchen: …as is this one!

Soiree: “Upbeat, chill, makes me feel cooler than I am”.

Dinner with Friends: “Chill vibes for cooking and hanging”

Kitchen Swagger: Reminds me a little bit of my favorite “Feel Good Dinner” playlist, but full of a lot of new-to-me artists! Great for cooking!

For getting outside:

The Everygirl Listens: Backyard Dinner Party! “The perfect mix of classic and contemporary”

Parks Project National Parks playlists: Different playlists themed around different national parks!

Aussie BBQ: An easy-listening all-Australian soundtrack that is a little folksy and full of artists I’ve never heard of!

Indie Bluegrass: “Makes me want to sip wine and watch the sun set in the country!”

Coastal Grandmother 🐚: Perfect chill summer vibes. Great background and something for everyone! (Nancy Meyers vibes but BETTER!)

For finding new-to-you artists:

POLLEN: A great mix full of new songs from all genres. One reader loves it because “it refreshes a lot and I’m always learning more artists there!”

Indie Pop: Lots of new cool Indie songs!

Night Pop: Chill and poppy at the same time, lots of new names I hadn’t heard of and cool remixes!

Currently by Kelsey Galsomino: One reader loves this one for her “impeccable Indie pop + rock taste!”

Emma Lovewell’s Current Favorites: One reader described this one as “cool” and “eclectic.”

Thanks to all who submitted and happy listening!