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Workout Staples for 2019: My lululemon Swiftly Tech Love Affair

Jan 25, 2019

Workout Staples for 2019: My lululemon Swiftly Tech Love Affair

Ah, the age-old dilemma–how does one go directly from a grueling Saturday or Sunday workout to brunch without looking disgusting? Could it perhaps be possible to go on a run and end with meeting a friend for coffee without wondering if she can smell you across that darling, tiny bistro table? I’ve yet to meet a semi-active woman who didn’t pose these questions. ?

The answer is yes–I do have a newfound solution for you–it’s called lululemon Swiftly Tech–and it’s MAGICAL. Today, I’m going to be reviewing it, dishing all the details, and sharing some other lululemon favorites from their running + training line that are DEFINITELY going to motivate you to get to the gym. (Because you’ll be so excited to wear them, and not have to go to brunch smelling like an animal! Hooray!)

I don’t know about you, but when I can lessen the time I have to change/get ready/shower/etc in between activities, there is a MUCH higher likelihood I’ll actually get my workout in. (I’m trying to do a HIIT workout at LEAST three days per week–so I need all the help I can get, haha!) 

I will admit, I have wavered back and forth on whether or not investing in workout staples is, you know, a worthwhile spend. But I have officially landed in the camp that…it, in fact, is. Usually. At least this is the case with lululemon–they make such high performance products that will last for years. 

(Side note: that is, as long as you take care of them properly! More on how to do that in my “How to do laundry properly” and stop ruining your clothes post–there’s a whole section on how you’re making your workout pants pill and how to STOP doing that.) 

Let’s jump in! 

(Side note: I had every intention to shoot these outside, but then Snowmageddon hit us last weekend. So…there’s that ?I hope the image of Neal and I shooting these while drinking our morning coffee makes you laugh. He was nice enough to help me take these after shoveling the sidewalk for literally an hour and a half. Thanks babe! ?) 

lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

 My lululemon Swiftly Tech Love Affair

I never thought I’d be one to work out in a long sleeve shirt. (And normally, I wouldn’t be. I get SO HOT.) However, I just like the look of a long sleeve more than a tank top–and I also like the extra coverage it provides in the winter.

This top is made for running, but it’s so versatile, I can’t really think of a type of workout you won’t want to wear it for. You will especially love these shirts if you tend to sweat a lot.

The magical fabric wicks moisture away from your skin super fast. (Personally, I don’t sweat as much as some people, but I still cannot stand the feeling of *being sweaty*–sounds weird, I know, but this is just one reason why this tee is so great.) 

The best part, by far though–is that it’s made with a special fabric (called SILVERESCENT® TECHNOLOGY if you want to get really technical) that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the garment–so, you know what that means…

YES. YOU SMELL LIKE NOTHING. You smell like YOU. And not a sweaty mess. It’s MAGICAL. 

Additionally, it’s very thin and breathable (it actually has ventilation built into heavy-sweat areas) and it has no seams, so it’s chafe-free. (Something I know my runners will appreciate.) It also has thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place during your workout! 

Sizing: Make sure to pay attention to their sizing–this top is supposed to be a tight fit–but I’m wearing a size 6. Size 6 at lululemon is typically a size small. Size 4 XS, size 2 or 0 XXS.

Less tight option: If you aren’t into form fitting shirts, I feel you. They also made a relaxed version of this tee (called the “Breeze” fit) with the same exact features, just a looser fit! They also have a short sleeve version as well–you can shop ALL the Swiftly Tech styles right here! 

Swiftly Tech Tank Top

[one-half-first]Swiftly Tech Tank Top[/one-half-first][one-half]

Swiftly Tech Tank Top


If you were read the above description and were like, “OMG I WANT THAT TOP BUT I DON’T WANT LONG SLEEVES!” – you’re in luck, because they make a Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank, too ?Same amazing features (magic moisture-wicking, scent evaporating fabric–just, you know–less of it!)

If you look closely in the photos, you can see where the ventilated areas are! Right at your sports bra brand, on the chest, and along your spine. They’ve seriously thought of everything for these Swiftly Tech tops!

Consider me thoroughly impressed. 

Shop more lululemon Swiftly Tech tops: 


In Movement Everlux 7/8 Tight

In Movement Everlux 7/8 Tight

So, like most millennial women (?) I own and am obsessed with lululemon’s Align pants. I’ve actually had and worn the same pair since Sophomore year of college. (Yes, that’s how long they last, if you take care of them properly!)

But, to tell you the truth–I’ve never tried any other pants from lululemon! (Until NOW, that is). While the Align pants are one of my FAVORITE pairs of leggings ever, and are fantastic for everyday life and lower-impact workouts, they aren’t made for running or high intensity workouts, so I was curious to see how these new In Movement tights would measure up! 

Well, they did! Here’s what I love about ’em: 

First, the fabric they use to make them really does feel like a second skin–not like in the “you feel like you’re naked” way the Align pants do, but a more substantial, held-in second skin. (Does that even make sense?) ?They move with you really well and feel good on. “Hugged” is the word they use, and I feel like that’s accurate. I like that they’re moisture-wicking, too–because, you know, helps the whole “going to brunch post-workout and not feeling nasty” thing. 

The aesthetically snobby part of me also very much appreciates the fact that they come in lot’s of really pretty solid colors that are chic, stylish, and not loud or anything like that. (Here I’m wearing the “dark shadow” color, which I really love! Dark enough to still be flattering, but a nice mix-up from black!)

Like other lululemon pants, they have the little hidden pocket for essentials like your house key or credit card for your post-workout smoothie! ?

Sizing: I wear a size 4 in lululemon pants and would say these run TTS for them, but they do not run as small as the tops. 

Energy Bra

Energy BraEnergy Bra

Last, but certainly not least–their Energy Bra! (COULD THIS PRINT BE CUTER?!) 

Getting into high intensity workouts before my wedding (and continuing on that train even after my wedding) made me quickly realize I needed better sports bras. It’s one thing to do yoga in crappy sports bras–but SPRINTING in them is an entirely different story. I don’t need a huge amount of support, but I need some, and I definitely want my sports bras to have a decent lining, and–you know. I want them to be cute. ?

All these reasons are why I love the Energy Bra! It’s perfect for everything from yoga to HIIT training, and comes in so many pretty colors and prints. The fabric contains Lycra, so it holds its shape over time, hugs you without restricting your breath. The criss-cross back is not just stylish, but it’s functional–designed for medium support for those with B/C cups. The cups are also removable–so you can adjust based on your preferences and types of workouts! 

Sizing: I wear a size 6 in lululemon bras (I’m typically a 32D)–you definitely will want to check over their size chart to help you figure out what size you are! 

Shop more Energy Bra styles: 

I hope this was helpful! I know these pieces are definitely an investment, but I know they will be staples in your workout wardrobe for a LONG time coming. Do you have any favorite lululemon pieces that you love? Would love to hear them! 

Big thanks to lululemon and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 110% my own! 

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