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Comfy “Work From Home” Staples

Comfy Work From Home Essentials

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And just like that, it’s a new week! 

What did you get up to this weekend? We cooked dinners, I worked on my watercolor painting skills (post forthcoming about that!!), caught up on some reading, went for walks (and met the CUTEST corgi puppy!! Don’t worry, his owner kept 6 feet away––we just met him through his fence!) All in all, as far as self-quarantine weekends go, it was a pretty good one! 

Today, per your very popular request, I’m rounding up some comfy essentials that you can put to very good use right now. ????This is a compilation of things I own and love, things I’ve recently ordered, and what has caught my eye while browsing! 

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Everlane Perform Leggings: 2 for $90 right now! 

I have a black pair and the amazing burnt orangey-red pair and I have collectively worn them at least 4 times in the past week. They are incredibly comfortable second-skin feeling, but are also supportive enough to work out! I’ve run in them and done workouts at home in them! Run TTS! I have smalls.

Alice & Wonder Chicago Sweatshirt: 

This has probably been #1 most worn item of quarantine so far. It’s from my friend Ali’s boutique, Alice & Wonder! (She had to temporarily close her Chicago shop but ALL her inventory is online!) I have a size small––it’s an oversized, loose fit!

Day Drinker mug 

Ok I know this isn’t clothing but does it need an explanation? ????

Lululemon Align Leggings

I couldn’t do a comfy roundup and not include the best pants that feel like no pants at all––the Align leggings. I don’t actually wear these to work out (they aren’t supportive) I exclusively wear these when I’m having a bad day and I don’t want to put on pants. ????I’ve had mine for YEARS and years and they are worth every penny. I wear a size 4 in lulu leggings–size up!

Long collarless sweater blazer 

J.Crew just came out with a “linen blend” version of their super popular Juliette sweater blazer! A great thing to wear when you need to get dressed to feel like a human but still want to feel like you’re wearing a bathrobe. ????

The Best Joggers: 

BP Joggers: $39

I have these BP joggers in another color, and also ordered this cute floral pattern with the matching sweatshirt! They’re $39 and so comfy–but size down, they run big! (They have regular and plus but the plus sizing is limited!)

Old Navy joggers: $15 (HALF off!)

So many people rave about Old Navy’s joggers––they’re budget-friendly and come in a wide range of sizes! (For men too!)

Lou & Grey SignatureSoft Joggers: $39 (half off!)

I have been meaning to buy these sweatpants for so long now! All my friends who have them RAVE and rave about them! Right now they’re HALF OFF!


Colorful Sweater

I just got this sweater and it makes me SO happy!! It’s really lightweight/thin too––so it’s the perfect spring/summer sweater. (You’ll want to wear a tank under–or will be cute over a bathing suit with shorts in the summer!) Only $26 right now! I have a size small!


BP Sweatshirt: 

Naturally I got this matching top to go with my joggers because I am ALL about a matching set! ????

Everlane Luxe Cotton Jumpsuit

I know I won’t shut up about this jumpsuit, but that’s because it’s THAT GOOD. It’s so comfortable, but still really chic and pulled together looking. And it’s super easy to pull down when you need to use the bathroom. ????I mean, is that not the #1 requirement of every jumpsuit??  Comes in many colors!! Runs TTS.

Free People Tie Dye Tee 

I ordered this slouchy tie dye tee from Nordstrom last week, and it has since sold out, but I found it at Zappos! (Fast free shipping for the win!! Wish I would’ve ordered from them, ha!) Can’t wait for it to get here! It has amazing reviews but they say it runs big! I need some happy colors in my life rn.

Nordstrom’s Moonlight Pajamas

Sometimes you just want to stay in PJ’s all day. And that’s okay! These are truly the most incredible PJ’s. They are SO soft. (I’m wearing them now as we speak. No I still haven’t gotten dressed.) Available in short, long, jogger, night shirts, you name it––in regular and plus!

Urban Outfitters Thermal Button Up

I’ve had this top for a couple years now and it is SO. SOFT. Like, insane. I’m going to order another. ????Runs big!!

Everlane Fleece Sweatshirts

As part of Everlane’s newly launched “comfort bundles” you can get both their bestselling ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt and ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt for a $48 bundle when you buy both together!! I wear size small in Everlane sweatshirts and I adore them!


100% Human Tees + Sweatshirts

If you want a new tee/sweatshirt AND want to give back, 100% of the proceeds of Everlane’s [unisex] 100% Human collection are being donated to Feeding America. ❤️I wear size small in Everlane tees.

Target Tie Dye Joggers 

I honestly never shop at Target because we don’t have a real Target near us and I hate their website so I never shop it online. ????HOWEVER, I did find these and I’ve got ’em in my cart as we speak! Only $20!

Lou + Grey comfy button-up

Those of you who don’t normally work from home are probably laughing, saying, “YA RIGHT JESS. Why would I wear a REAL shirt when I can wear a SWEAT SHIRT?” One day soon there will come a time when you say I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE I NEED TO GET DRESSED. Then, super comfy “real clothes” will be your best friend. This button down is a good example of something that is super soft and “a real shirt” at the same time! (I’ve got this in my cart too!)

Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt

On sale at Abercrombie right now for $39! Comes in multiple colors but I love the mint––such a pretty sweatshirt that doesn’t look like a sweatshirt!

Birdies Slippers 

I LOVE Birdies slippers!! (I’ve had a pair for years!) They are so pretty and such a joy to wear! They just brought the “songbird” back which are velvet slip ons with pom poms! I have a pair in my cart! ????