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Winter Workout Gear + The WARMEST Winter Coats for Him & Her

Dec 13, 2018

Winter Workout Gear + The WARMEST Winter Coats for Him & Her


I know you’re going to be very excited about today’s post, because it’s featuring your favorite person (and my favorite person–NEAL! 

(I’m chopped liver around here lately ?)

We’re sharing more winter favorites for guys and gals from our favorite athletic wear brand, Lolë

(If you missed our post earlier this fall, make sure to check that out too!)

Even if workout gear isn’t exactly your cup of tea, stick with us, because we’re also dishing the details about the *warmest* winter coats (yes, puffer coats) that are yes–super, crazy warm. (And actually CUTE. Huzzah!)

You guys have been asking me to investigate more good puffer coat options (and I’ll admit, it’s a hard task–so many of them really are not truly WARM) and I’m so excited to say that Lolë has become my #1 recommendation for winter coats. (Read on for more details!) 

Plus–it gets better. 

Ba da daaaa….

If you make any purchase on their website now through 12/15 and use my personal discount code JESS30, you get 30% off!(Valid for US and Canada!) Hooray! 

Before we get into the post, I’d just like to paint a hilarious backstory for you that went into shooting these photos. 

So, you know how in the winter, when I’m busy, I basically hardly leave the house for days on end? (Not a terrible problem to have slash horribly embarrassing at the same time– I know, but there’s about a four week stretch over the holidays where I’ve got more deadlines than every other month of the year combined, and that’s just the way it goes. Not complaining, just giving you the behind the scenes details.) Well, last Friday (when we shot these photos) was one of those days. 

I was actually talking to Shaheen on the phone, in preparation for her visit to Chicago. “How cold is it? Is it miserable?” she asked. “Oh DEFINITELY not!” I laughed. “It hasn’t gotten to the miserable cold part of winter yet!” 

Then, I stepped outside, camera in-hand and quite literally, got BITTEN in the face. It was hands-down, the coldest day we’ve had all year. Neal just laughed at me and said, in that mocking husband sort of way, ” But it hasn’t gotten to the miserable cold part of winter yet! ?” 

Despite the cold, we were actually SUPER warm underneath our puffer coats–(granted, the whole bare ankle thing was not a good idea in such temps and I lost feeling in my toes for several hours ?) Neal always seems to think he “doesn’t need a puffer coat”–but when I mentioned how thankful I was that we were shooting such warm coats (as opposed to, you know, like–eveningwear, per say?) he shot me a sideways, one eyebrow cocked, “alright, alright…you were right, wife” glance. (And he’s worn it like 5 times in the past week since!) 

Wandering around searching for a good place to shoot, we struck out approximately 100 different times.

It was only getting colder, and everything in Wicker Park has reached that “completely dead, zero leaves on the trees, all the grass is brown” state that will sadly remain until about…June.

We were about to give up and then passed the playground. Seeing as Neal’s #1 go-to is using playground equipment as workout equipment whenever working out outside–his eyes lit up–”THAT’S PERFECT”–he exclaimed ?So we proceeded to run around the playground like the complete nerds we are and ended up having a blast with this shoot. (Luckily there were no children there because it was, you know, ridiculously cold. That would’ve been weird.) 

As we were wrapping up, I thought it was so fitting, because LOLË literally stands for “Live Out Loud Every day”–and that’s exactly what this shoot was! They really do make high quality, versatile, everyday clothes that are made for helping you live your best life–whether you’re working out or you just want to be stylish and comfortable (and warm while running around a playground) I love their staples and I know you will as well! 

What I’m wearing: 

(Remember, you get 30% off with code JESS30 between now through 12/15!) 

The one really cool thing about Lolë is that nothing they make is “average”–there are always more features about it that make it more special than your average, run of the mill item.

The Madge sweater

Take this turtleneck sweater, for example–which is perfect to pull on after yoga to head to brunch, or wear with jeans. The coolest part about it is that it’s made of recycled plastic bottles! Comfy, cute, and a sweater that helps our environment? Couldn’t think of a better gift! Run true to size. 

The Burst leggings

The brand’s iconic leggings (I have several pairs, and they are my favorite to reach for each time. They’re stretchy, but have compression and shape contouring all at the same time. They are moisture wicking, and lined with a material called COOLMAX–which essentially keeps you warm on cold days and cool on hot days!) They are also eco friendly (OEKO-TEX® certified!) Run true to size. 

The Hudson Jacket

One of Lolë’s newest jackets–it’s waterproof, vegan, packs into a tiny pouch and it’s insulation is eco-friendly AND happens to be the closest synthetic alternative to natural down ever developed! (I know many of you prefer vegan alternatives, so I was really excited when I saw this jacket get released!) If you know you want a Lolë jacket but you aren’t sure which one, see my comparison below! Runs true to size. 

What Neal’s wearing: 

(Remember, you get 30% off with code JESS30 between now through 12/15!) 


Carter Long sleeve top

(I don’t think Lil Wayne’s “THIS. IS. THA. CARTER.” lyrics will ever NOT pop into my head when I see this shirt ?) I DIGRESS. 

This tee is made with 100% Certified Cruelty-Free Merino Wool (if you aren’t familiar with Merino wool, it’s a super high quality wool that is naturally sweat-wicking, odor resistant, breathable, and is an active fiber that reacts to changes in your body temperature!) Neal loves wearing this not just for workouts, but with jeans as well! 


If your guy is in need of a major sweat pants upgrade, but he’s not into the super skinny jogger look and likes something stylish but with a bit more room–these are a really great option! Neal has been wearing these over his running shorts to run to the gym, and they’re very comfy! 

Packable vest

Neal LOVES Lolë’s packable vests. They’re an extra layer of warmth, made with cruelty-free down, water-repellent fabric–plus, it’s super stylish! The best is that, like many of their jackets, the vest is also packable–so it crushes down into a tiny pouch, which makes it great for travel, too! (This would make an awesome gift for any guy!) It’s great for layering under another jacket (a great trick for staying super warm at Bear’s games, haha!) or on it’s own. 

Classon jacket

There aren’t a lot of warm coat options for guys out there, honestly–not like they have for women. This coat is one of the few I’ve seen that actually live up to the hype–it’s really freaking cool! 

First, like many of Lolë’s other jackets, it’s insulated with Cruelty-Free Down at a 90/10 ratio, which is the highest possible ratio as it relates to down jackets. The fill power is 600–which is also incredibly high (as a comparison, most comparable North Face jackets are 550) What this essentially means is you’re getting more warmth for much less weight than what you’ll find in most other jackets.  The exterior is made of Japanese Ripstop Nylon, which is tear and rip-resistant (it’s the same material that the military uses for parachutes!) So you know it’s going to last a LONG time. 

If you don’t need something QUITE that warm, there’s also the Lawrence jacket (he doesn’t own that one though so we can’t speak to it personally, but it is the “in between” jacket between the two)–and Neal’s other favorite, the Irving jacket (which he wears whenever he runs outside, because he would get a heat stroke running in the Classon ?) Scroll below for a comparison between them! 

Neal is wearing LolëJess Keys is wearing LolëJess Keys is wearing LolëNeal is wearing Lolë - The Golden Girl BlogJess is wearing Lolë - The Golden Girl BlogJess is wearing Lolë - The Golden Girl BlogJess Keys is wearing Lolë - The Golden Girl BlogNeal and Jess Keys are wearing Lolë - The Golden Girl Blog

Lolë winter coat comparison: 

The Marybeth and Katie Coats: 

(Remember, you get 30% off with code JESS30 between now through 12/15!) 

Lolë winter coat - Marybeth Lolë winter coat - Marybeth

Lolë winter coat - Marybeth

The Marybeth coat  

This is Lolë’s warmest Women’s Jacket–if you’re looking for something comparable in warmth to Canada Goose for less than half the price–this is the one to get, my friend! This jacket uses the highest quality Cruelty-Free Down, 700 fill-power (it’s actually warmer than Canada Goose, which has 650 fill power) and 90/10 down to feather ratio (the lightest available). It’s also waterproof, windproof, has a removable hood lined with detachable faux fur lining as well as being eco-friendly (OEKO-TEX® certified). 

Lolë winter coat - Katie Lolë winter coat - Katie

The Katie coat

The Katie jacket is my favorite jacket aesthetically, in my opinion, because it’s the most form-fitting. It’s most comparable to a North Face puffer in terms of warmth (but is actually warmer, at a fill-power of 600 vs. North Face’s 550). If you don’t have the Marybeth in the budget but still want a really warm coat, you can definitely get away with this coat for a Chicago winter. (You just won’t be AS WARM as if you were to be in the Marybeth ?). It has many of the same features as the Marybeth in that it’s made with cruelty-free down, has a removable hood and faux fur lining, and is eco-friendly. However, one important thing to note is that while the Katie is durable water repellant, it’s not waterproof, like the Marybeth is. (Again, minor details that may or may not be important to you!) 

Lolë Men’s Coat Comparison:

Irving packable jacket vs. Classon Coat: 

(Remember, you get 30% off with code JESS30 between now through 12/15!) 

Irving packable jacket

Irving packable jacket 

If your guy is the kind that constantly only wants to wear a fleece zip-up because he hates the bulk of a warmer jacket (but you both know he NEEDS a warmer jacket…) this is going to be the best investment he’s ever made. It’s incredibly warm–rain, wind and snow repellant–but it’s very thin and folds up into a teeny tiny pouch–so if you’re going on any trips, it’s the ideal jacket to bring! Perfect for long fall walks, or cold winter runs. The Irving is made of cruelty-free down, and is super lightweight! 

It also has zipper pockets and even a key cord to ensure quick access and that they never fall out of your pocket. (Plus, let’s state the obvious–it’s so much more aesthetically pleasing than that old pilling fleece zip-up ?). I would say this is all he needs if you live in a slightly warmer climate than Chicago, but if you’re really getting into arctic tundra territory, the Classon would probably be better–then again, there’s the price trade-off too. So it’s definitely up to you! 

Classon coat

Classon coat

Basically the Irvings heavier duty big brother. If you have the budget to splurge on a REALLY warm coat–this is it. He won’t be sorry. The Classon is also several inches longer and has a hood, which adds to the warmth as well. On the flip side, what you gain in warmth, you lose in space. The Classon isn’t packable like the Irving–which might be a big factor if your guy likes to travel a lot! 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either coat, it just depends on your preferences! 

WHEW! This was a lot of info, yeah? But I hope it’s helpful! Lolë is truly one of my favorite brands–not only is their clothing super high quality. But they truly have the biggest heart of any brand I’ve ever worked with! From everything they do to make their products socially responsible, to the overall culture of the company (I got to tour their headquarters in Montreal and spend a lot of time with their team!) They are a brand I truly have a lot of passion for, and I know you will as well! 

Hope you have a FAB Thursday! (So close to the weekend, guys!) 

Big thanks to Lolë, my favorite athletic brand, for sponsoring this post, being such a joy to work with, and always being my cheerleaders. And thank you, to my girls, for always supporting the brands who continue to support this blog! 

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