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Why Every Woman Needs Nice PJ’s (16 Comfy Pairs You’ll Love)

Jul 27, 2018

Moonlight' Short Pajamas NORDSTROM LINGERIE

Snag my PJ’s on sale here–if you’re in between, go with a size down. They also come in long sleeve/pants version! 

If you’ve been reading this blog or hanging out with me on Instagram for ANY period of time (like longer than 24 hours ?) you know that I am a HUGE fan of PJ’s. Not like, ratty old college t-shirt pj’s–I mean, super soft, luxurious, chic pajamas that make you feel like a real sophisticated grown-up. (Which is good, because despite the fact that I still think I’m a child–I am, in fact, 30 now.)

I owe my love of nice pajamas to my Grannie, who owned several pairs of beautiful silk pajamas that she sewed herself. She had a couple pairs in pink, a couple in blue, and a beautiful turquoise. I loved them so much, she made me a few pairs, too! My favorite memories of her are sitting at the table drinking her coffee (black, because during the war when sugar was rationed, she had to choose between baking pies and putting sugar in her coffee–she chose the pies!) in her silk PJ’s and bathrobe.

That love of pajamas was passed right on down to me, and I’ve realized it’s not really a bandwagon that everyone has jumped on yet–but I can’t recommend it enough. You don’t know relaxation until you change into your favorite matching pajamas with a facemask and a good book. Ahhhh.

In all honesty though, I think of pajamas as self-care. They are my guilty pleasure and they give me so much joy. A nice pair of pajamas not only feels great, but it also makes you feel really pulled together. They are also essential if you’re ever staying overnight–say, staying with relatives, renting a house with friends. You’ll look presentable in front of others even if you haven’t showered and brushed your hair yet!

The pair I’m wearing here is my new favorite. I got them as part of the Nordstrom sale and I’ve already worn them probably (I’m not exaggerating) 14 times ? The best $35 you’ll ever spend! They come in a pants version as well! Apparently they’re your favorites too, because these guys are one of your most popular purchases over the past couple of weeks!

If these aren’t your style, don’t worry. I’m also rounding up 15 more pairs you’ll love. Many of which are on sale too! Keep scrolling to the graphic below to shop them all.

Moonlight' Short Pajamas NORDSTROM LINGERIE | The Golden Girl Nice Pajamas | The Golden Girl

Are you a matching PJ’s lover too? 

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