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White Lace Dress

White Lace in Lincoln Park

Dress: c/o StyleStalker // Shoes: Old (identical here) // Bag: (borrowed from Kelly, but similar here!) // Necklace: Dogeared // Bracelet: c/o Shamelessly Sparkly 



Friends, this might be my favorite little white dress of all time. It’s by the brand StyleStalker which has quickly become one of my new favorites. (I have another dress from them to show you soon that I absolutely adore!) 

I mean, it’s perfect. I love the barely-there spaghetti straps, and the intricate details of the lace. If I were getting married, I would totally wear this in my engagement photos. Actually I probably will wear it in my engagement photos, when I’m 40. (:-P) 

Funny story about this dress, actually. 

I wore it to speak on the Teen Vogue panel last weekend in Indianapolis (which was SUCH a blast!) Timing actually worked out perfectly, because I was planning to be in Indianapolis the following night anyway for my friend Courtney’s engagement party. 

Well, I was in such a hurry and so frazzled, I was packing and figured, “hey, I’ll just wear whatever I wear for the Teen Vogue panel to Courtney’s party!” 

And then I showed up in a white dress. To an engagement party. 


Luckily, my other best friend named Courtney brought this to my attention, and it became a huge joke with all of my friends who were there. Thank god these were my best friends, and not someone I didn’t know that well. Of course, being the laid-back bride that she is, Courtney (the one whose engagement party it was. Actually both of my friends named Courtney are engaged, so this will continue to be a confusing topic, but hopefully you’ve stuck with me thus far) didn’t care at all, and actually asked if she could borrow this dress for her engagement photos. 

So I guess all wasn’t lost. But I will forever be scarred from wearing a white dress to my one of my best friend’s engagement parties. In fact I am still so embarrassed about it, I almost didn’t tell you this story. 

But I seem to share more on the internet than I do in real life, which totally makes sense. 

Actually that’s not true, I’m a word-vomiter no matter what platform you choose to communicate with me in. 

Anyway, by the time you’re reading this, I will be recovering from my friend Coley’s bachelorette party in Vegas (I have a lot of engaged friends, if you haven’t noticed), so please send me good vibes. 

(And no, I didn’t even BRING anything white, just in case that fiasco happened again.) 

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White Lace Dress

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Photos by Kelly Larkin