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Where to find great faux plants

Where to find great faux plants

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Hear me out, fellow plant-killers.

I have surrendered. I have come to the dark side. And I have given up on keeping any living creature alive aside from my human child. I am officially a fake plant lady. (It’s official, because I just bought fake plants for my OUTDOOR deck spaces. 😂) Kelly actually invented this idea years ago, potting fake topiaries along her fence on her back patio, and I thought she was nuts. (But they DID, in fact, look quite good. 🧐)

And what do you know? Here I am today. Just filling my cart with imposter trees, succulents, and more.

Where to Find Great Faux Plants

This all came about a bit by accident, when I wandered into World Market (this is totally unsponsored by the way, but, World Market, if you need a new fake plant spokesperson, I’d be honored).

I saw all of these AMAZING fake plants and knew it was meant to be. No more buying another round of plants (year after year) for the front and back deck only to have them singed to a crisp come July 1st.

I was SHOCKED at how good these looked! So I snapped up a bunch up, and I now have a thriving (looking) urban oasis.

If you’re also a member of the plant-killer club, let me assure you that having a plant-filled space is still possible. (I bet nobody notices they’re not real. 👀)

Right now, it looks like you can save 15% on their site if you’re a rewards member and purchase online and place an order for pickup? Worth checking into for sure!

Anyway, above are some of the best looking plants that caught my eye! Hope these can bring you as much joy as they bring me! 😂