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Where I shop for baby clothes

Oct 29, 2021

Where I shop for baby clothes - favorite brands

Bear sweater: Gap, Top: No longer available but similar from H&M, Pants: H&M Socks: H&M 

Happy Friday! (And Halloween weekend!) 

Do you have any fun plans? We’re heading to our friends’ Halloween party on Saturday afternoon (any guesses as to what June will be?) and Kelly and Mitch are planning to swing by for a drink on Saturday night! ???????? It’s been SO long since we’ve seen them with how crazy our schedules have been lately. It’s also been a tradition of ours for years–pre-baby–to impromptu stop by their house before or after a date night after the girls are asleep to hang out. Those often turn into 2am hangouts. We call them “drive bys” so it’s funny to have the tables turned and Kelly and Mitch are doing a drive by to OUR house. ???? (Although I don’t know if I can swing a 2am bedtime anymore. Kelly and Mitch are robots–they don’t sleep!) 

Where I shop for baby clothes

Anyway! Today, I’m answering a much-requested question I’ve been getting since June was born — where do I shop for her clothes?! Dressing her has been SO MUCH fun and after four months in, I’ve definitely formed a short-list of favorites. I am pretty particular when it comes to her clothes (I don’t dress her in anything I wouldn’t wear–so the classic pink/purple/sparkles/tutus/ any of the other “girly” stuff isn’t really my personal preference. I know my time is limited to dress her in whatever I want because based on how opinionated this girl ALREADY is, my window of time is closing before SHE makes all her wardrobe rules. ????)

No matter how you like to dress the baby in your life, I think this list is a great place to start when shopping for cute baby clothes! From our go-to newborn essentials to trendy outfits, basics, jammies, and our favorite accessories, I’ve rounded up the brands June has lived in the most these past several months! 

My Favorite Brands to Shop for Baby Clothes


Baby Gap 

Don’t sleep on Gap for baby clothes! We love their affordable zipper-front pajamas and they have the CUTEST “bear” pieces — their winter bear suits, hats, suits, sweaters. Also, great winter gear for baby! Plus, their stuff is always on sale!


Old Navy Baby 

I also love Old Navy for the same reasons listed above. (And love that you can shop both sites and check out all at once!) They have great one-pieces (and affordable multi-piece sets that are affordable and great for daycare!) and zippy pajamas. (Yes, some of the designs aren’t really my style and you have to pick through them but there are lots of gems to be found!) I prefer their gender neutral shop as I think the cutest pieces always come from there! (Also–this bear hat and mittens set! And this super cozy cable knit bear hat!)


A large portion of her fall wardrobe is from H&M! Their stuff is SO cute, especially for matching sets and sweatsuits, and I love the price points. They have great basics multi-packs too. (Like this cute gender neutral one!) I also love these socks specifically (they actually stay on her feet!) This is where I got my favorite little Weiner dog set she always wears. ???? They also have really cute little shearling bear suits for winter! (Tip: Always get the ones that have the hand/feet covers so you don’t have to worry about mittens/booties!)

Kate Quinn:

For special, super sweet outfits, I love Katie Quinn! (We had a lot of her summer clothes when June was a newborn!) Her stuff has a vintage feel and the coolest patterns–she does new drops often but they always sell out fast, so keep an eye out! (Helpful to sign up for her mailing list!)


We love Goumie’s convertible gowns for newborns — and they come in the most adorable colors and patterns! They make those middle of the night changes a breeze. (These and the Kyte zippies below were our favorites for newborn days!) Newborns are so sensitive to being cold, so being able to not have to fully undress them for diaper changes is key!


Spearmint Baby:

Love Spearmint baby for cute, trendy baby clothes as well as their great zipper footies and gowns in the cutest prints! (I love this sweet oranges print footie so much I ordered it in three sizes!)



Kyte Baby:

We found double-zippered PJs (i.e. they zip from both the bottom and the top to make diaper changes super easy!)  to be an absolute newborn essential and no ones does them better than Kyte Baby! They come in every color of the rainbow, they are the softest PJ’s you’ll find (and super breathable as they’re bamboo!) and they’re very stretchy, so they fit for a long time, too! (June JUST outgrew her newborn size at about 3.5 months old!) They’re also a mom-founded brand–founder Ying Liu created them out of a need for soft, breathable PJ’s for her baby with eczema! If you want to give a cute AND incredibly practical gift, give something from KYTE! All of you also rave about their sleep sacks. We got one, so I will report back! NOTE I have a partnership coming up with them, so I have a code! KYTEPARTNERJESS gets you 15% off! ????????


Hanna Andersson:

From the incredible quality to the sweet patterns, Hanna Andersson jammies are the best! I love that they are cute enough to wear during the day (I get the ones without feet so they look more daytime to me? IDK ????) and they last forever! These are definitely the ultimate hand-me-down pieces. (We were first introduced to them when Danielle handed down Margot and Kate’s Hannas to us!) SO many of you have messaged me saying you have saved your Hanna jammies throughout the years to pass onto your own littles, nieces, nephews, and grandkids! ???? Warms my heart! I also LOVE my adult Hanna jammies and they’re my #1 recco for family holiday jams too! *I will also have a Hanna discount code in November, so be on the lookout for that! 



Lou Lou & Company: 

The sweetest little knotted gowns and matching sets. Also, I love their swaddle blankets! They’re so soft and stretchy so they’re great for swaddling! June wore one of their gowns for the photos we took in the hospital and wore their top and bottom set home. (Tip: you can’t buckle them into the carseat in a gown, so pick an outfit with pants for coming home from the hospital!) I will say I never put her in a top and bottom set as a newborn ever again after that because it’s really hard to get tops and bottoms on a baby that tiny, so don’t buy them thinking they will wear them all the time. ???? Their newborn essential bundles make great gifts!

6 Heart Turbans: 

Where I get June’s turbans from! They are SO cute and they’re a small, mama owned brand I love to support! Owner Pereishia designs and sews each and every turban, bow, wrap, and headband she sells! (And is also a SAHM of seven kids! ???? Super woman!)

Amazon Bows: 

I often get asked where June’s bows are from, and they’re these ones from Amazon! I haven’t bought many other baby things from Amazon so can’t comment on that, but I love these bows because they aren’t massive and they’re super lightweight so she can’t really tell they’re on her head. ????



I will make sure to continue adding to this list as we find new favorites, too! Hope you have a great day! 

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