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Sweet & Simple Sundays

Apr 1, 2016



I love Sundays. 

I used to hate them up until recently. I dealt with the Sunday Scaries too many years to count. Which is really a shame, wasting your entire Sunday by worrying about Monday.

When you think of it that way, you really only have one good day of the week–Saturday! (Except Saturdays are reserved for other people–you have to do things like errands, cleaning your house, and attend wedding showers, baby showers, and family parties.) 

Neal and I usually do our best to avoid making plans with anyone else on Sunday. It’s nice to know that we can count on at least one day out of the week to have some great quality time. With so much going on in both of our lives lately, I’m so looking forward to a much needed, slow and simple Sunday this weekend.

So what’s my ideal Sunday? It usually goes something like this… 

Sleeping in late (but not too late–I hate that feeling of “wasting the day”). We’re often pretty sleep deprived during the week so just enjoying the feeling of being able to lay in bed without an agenda is a feeling that is always savored. 

I love to drink espresso in bed (we have this Nespresso machine and are in love with it) and browse through my favorite magazine. (which is Bon Appetit, by the way–I finally put down the like, $20 a year for a subscription. Why hadn’t I done that sooner?) or if not a magazine, a cookbook (Sunday Suppers is a favorite, which I got in my Curate gift box–the best gifting concept ever.) 

We love cooking breakfast at home–soft scrambled eggs with toast is my go-to. (The slower you cook them, the better they are, really. Get my recipe here.) James Taylor or Bruce Springsteen is often on the record player. Neal will read Baron’s in his leather chair and I’ll sit on the couch and browse some of my favorite coffee table books.

Neal will almost always make bloody marys–extra spicy! His secret is to use spicy V8 juice as the base instead of tomato juice, and then add a dash of every hot sauce we have in the fridge. 

We’ll hang out for awhile and I’ll go to yoga (I go to CorePower in the West Loop!) and he’ll go to the gym, and afterwords we’ll meet back up and walk to the butcher shop (we love Olympia Meats) to pick up something delicious to make for dinner. (Sunday dinners are always the best!) Usually it’s something easy and simple. A stop by our favorite neighborhood wine shop, Madison Vine Wines is also always a must. (Don & Son’s Pinot Noir is our go-to!) 

Then we’ll head home, make dinner, and likely binge-watch whatever is on the Food Network, or lately, it’s been catching up on The People VS. OJ Simpson. (If you haven’t watched it–it’s so good–so many insane details I never knew about.) 

Then ideally, it’s early to bed, because, you know–Monday comes early! 

What does your ideal Sunday look like? 

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