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What’s in my bag?

Mar 4, 2016

What's In My Bag Gigi NY

Being someone who is constantly on the go, I have a bit of a Mary Poppins bag complex.

You know, the girl who’s always lugging a giant bag around with her seemingly stuffed with one of everything you can think of? (Yesterday I even had TWO bags, and a guy in Blair’s building started laughing at me when I stepped into the elevator. How embarrassing. #BAGLADY)

But I don’t cart around several pounds of “stuff” just for fun. I like to be prepared, as I’m often bouncing around from coffee shop to coffee shop, running around town to shoot, heading to events, meetings, you name it–the only thing that’s a constant is what I carry in my purse! Read on for my list of essentials, and the perfect bag to stash them in. 

Let’s start with the bag


Gigi New York has some great handbags I’ve been eyeing for, let’s be honest, years now! So when I opened up my mailbox to see this bright and cheery beauty, you know I squealed a little! This tote is honestly the perfect size. It’s on the smaller side when it comes to totes, but is super roomy and large enough to fit my computer and everything else I might need for the day! Which, speaking of–let’s get into that, shall we? 


Now, what’s in the bag? 

Handbag essentials

1. Macbook: Fairly self explanatory! I have the 13 inch Macbook pro with retina screen–in case you’re wondering 🙂 I chose this over the Air because I needed something with more memory and bandwidth, because I have A LOT of photos and needed to use this frequently for design software. 

2. Macbook charger + Phone Charger: My go-to trick is to keep all your chargers and cords in a dust bag–re-purposed from the last pair of nice shoes, or purse that you purchased! Dust bags are usually the perfect size for this, and they prevent your cords from getting tangled in your other items, plus, they keep them clean! (Those Mac cords get dirty so fast!) 

On the Go Snacks

3. Healthy but satisfying snacks: Apples, oranges, or bananas are always my go-to to keep in my bag. Trail mix is also another popular contender. Hey, what can I say? I’m always hungry! I don’t always have time to grab lunch at a normal hour, so something small keeps me going and wards off the hanger. 

4. Wallet: Fairly self explanatory, wallets are obviously an essential. 

5. On the go perfume: Perfume for me serves many roles–one being, obviously, to ensure I always smell nice. But more than that, there’s something about your favorite perfume can do wonders for your mood! It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Want to know the kind I carry with me in my purse? I actually buy it at Whole Foods! This Amber Oil smells absolutely incredible! It comes in a teeny tiny bottle that can fit in any purse, and the scent is so light and fresh, when you catch a whiff of it–you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but you’re instantly addicted! 

Whats in my handbag

6. Wrinkle Spray: This stuff is AMAZING. Straight up MAGIC I tell you. I cannot stand wrinkled clothes and will be horribly self conscious if I’m out and about with wrinkles on my shirt. That being said, whenever I know I’ll be shooting, I always bring wrinkle release spray with me. Since I usually go from shooting to dinner, a meeting, drinks, etc–and my clothes inevitably get shoved in my bag or on the floor in between shoots, wrinkle spray is a lifesaver. 

7. Pinch Provisions Mini-mergency Kit: You never know when you’re going to need a needle and thread, forget to apply deodorant, or spill something on your white dress. This little emergency kit is adorable and has everything you might need for a wardrobe or life malfunction on the go. 

8. Sunglasses: Despite the crazy weather, Chicago is usually sunny a large majority of the time, so sunglasses are always a must! Ray Bans are always my go to–there’s nothing more classic than a great pair of aviators! My favorites are black aviators, my fold up aviators, and classic wayfarers

Workday Handbag Essentials

9. Mini pack of tissues: I mean, you’ve gotta have tissues. These slim pack tissues are my favorite, because they aren’t as bulky as regular tissues, and they have super cute packaging! Tissues come in handy not just for obvious reasons, but to aid in makeup malfunctions, comfort an emotional friend, for cleaning up the half-glass of wine you just spilled all over the table….

10. Productivity Planner: Remember this post on productivity? Well I ordered my own Productivity Planner! I just recently started using it and have to say I really love it so far. Whenever I’m working at a coffee shop or with friends, I always bring it with me to keep me on task. 

11. Catch-all pouch: I use a catch-all pouch to hold all of my essentials–like lip balm, lipsticks, hair ties, perfume, and smaller items. That way, when I need to switch purses, all I do is pick up the pouch and move it from one to the other. (This one is actually what my Glossier products came in!) 

What's In My Bag?

12. Extra hair ties & bobby pins: I’m always losing my hair ties, so having extras on hand is always necessary! I often find that when I’m out all day, my hair ends up looking a little lack-luster, so having some bobby pins on-hand allows me to throw it back into a messy chignon between work and dinner. (P.S. How cute are these gold bobby pins?) 

13. Vaseline Lip Tins: Remember when I told you here that I have one of these tins in every room of my house? I also always make sure to have some in my purse! Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are truly are my favorite, especially the Rosy Lips! My lips get so dry in both winter and summer, and this formula really lasts a long time! 

Even better? Gigi New York’s new lip balm holders, made especially for Vaseline Lip Tins! Not only does this cute little holder make it more fun to put on lip balm, but it clips to the inside of your bag, making it easy to find–no more rifling though my bag trying to find my lip balm! (Seriously, on the train a couple weeks ago, I spent FIVE whole minutes trying to find my lip tin. My headaches are over. #BagLady)

For a limited time (now through March 19th!) you can get a free monogrammed Vaseline Lip Tin and adorable monogrammed Gigi New York lip balm holder for yourself, with any Gigi New York personalized handbag purchase of $100 or more! You can also purchase it separately, (monogrammed at no charge!) along with a customized lip tin! 


Gigi NY x Vaseline

What essentials do you carry in your purse? 

This post was sponsored by Vaseline, a brand I love and use every day! Thank you for supporting the brands that keep GG up and running! 

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