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What to Wear to Your High School Reunion

Mar 30, 2018

Hi guys!

Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope it was a good one 🙂

The highlight of my week: Neal and I went to try out the Aire Ancient Baths, have you heard of them?

It’s essentially this gorgeous exposed brick cavern/Roman-style bath house–there are a bunch of different pools and sauna rooms, and everything is candle-lit. It’s seriously the coolest experience ever and is such a relaxing treat.

(They also have a location in New York and several cities in Spain.)

The great part is that it’s something you can do with girlfriends, as a couple, or yourself! The baths are co-ed (everyone wears bathing suits and they give you these little aqua slippers to wear, too!) It’s never crowded because they only allow 20 people (I believe its 20, or around there–don’t quote me on that) per 90 minute session, so its very quiet. (You need to make an appointment in advance, just FYI and it’s much easier to get in during the week! I’ve heard weekends book up fast!) You MUST go!

Anyway, on to today’s topic!

What to Wear to Your High School Reunion

I’ve received a few DM’s from readers on Instagram asking for advice on what to wear to upcoming high-school reunions. So I put together three different outfits that would be great for the occasion (or even a date night, or any other even where you’d like to dress to impress!)

These three outfits will accomplish the perfect “turning heads without look like you’re trying too hard” balance, and best of all, they’ll prove that you absolutely did NOT peak in high school. ?

What to Wear to Your High School Reunion Outfit Ideas

Outfit #1: Dressy casual LBD

I’m always a huge proponent of wearing black for so many reasons–the biggest one, honestly, being that it is so insanely flattering–especially when it’s this dress. It comes in a version with sleeves as well (I have it in grey) and it’s honestly the most flattering dress I’ve ever found. Few other dresses make every body type look phenomenal–it has to do with the ruching on the dress which slims, hugs curves (and also happens to create them if you don’t have any) all while disguising the tummy!

The Leith Ruched Dress: $56:

The best part about this dress is that it’s really easy to dress up or down. (Sizing: size up for a looser but still form-fitting fit, order your current size for a tighter fit). You could make it work for a dressier occasion as well by adding a dressier earring and a sleeker pair of sandals, which brings me to….

Scalloped heels: $119:

For something like a high-school reunion, these heels are a perfect choice–the scallops add a feminine touch and the heel adds a flattering amount of height, but not so high that you look look inappropriate.

The jean jacket: $66:

This also takes the dress down a notch to strike that perfect “dressy casual” balance!

The rattan bag: $84:

I love how fun this bag is–it’s a cylinder! How cute is that? It adds the perfect springy touch to the outfit.

Outfit ideas for high school reunion

Some reunions are dressier, some are more casual–if yours is the latter and happening somewhere like the neighborhood bar, you don’t want to show up overdressed. If you’re going for the “I want to look real good but don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard–this is the outfit for you!

Black Bodysuit: $78: 

I know, again with the black. The color never fails! I love this bodysuit, which is super flattering. The off the shoulder element adds a little flirty touch. I also kind of love how it has a little Olivia Newton John feel, right?!

Statement heels: $139: 

I am in LOVE with these heels, I usually don’t like studs or rivets or anything like that because they’re a bit edgy for my taste, but these are paired with (again) a scallop, so it strikes the balance of sweet and spicy perfectly. They add a ton of personality to your outfit!

Leather jacket: $128: 

Any leather jacket will go great with this look, but I love this almost-grey-minty-olive color in particular. I’ve never seen something this color and its one that looks pretty on a variety of skin-tones. I think it makes the outfit a lot more interesting!

High-waisted jeans: $65: 

I have not shut up about my wedgie jeans lately, but you know what–they’re just that good. And not that you ever dress for anyone but yourself, but guys love these jeans ? They make your butt look SO GOOD. So, if you’re trying to catch the eye of that cute guy you always had a crush on in high school, these might be just the ticket!

Black cross-body: $195: 

I just saw that my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse came out again in black with a gold chain! Eeek! It’s such a classic look and it’s the perfect size for going out–it holds everything you need but isn’t bulky and will allow you to be hands-free for all those reunion hugs (or double fisting…or both ?) If you’re looking for the best all-purpose black purse, this is it!

What to Wear to Your High School Reunion: Red dress and jean jacket

Dress: $48: 

If you’re trying to make a statement in the best way and don’t want to go with a black ensemble, red is another amazing choice. Red is a power color, and wearing it always makes me feel more confident! I love the ruffles on this mini and it shows just the right amount of skin–a lot of leg, balanced out with the higher-cut, straight-across neckline. I love the barely-there spaghetti straps, too!

Jean jacket: $66: 

Same jacket, different look! Jean jackets are so incredibly versatile and go with almost any dress!

Subtle Statement Earrings: $24: 

Because the dress makes a statement of its own, you don’t really want a big loud statement earring here, but I love these dainty gold earrings that make a little bitty statement of their own!

Fun Lattice Sandals: $119: 

I’m ALL about these caged sandals! I think they do a nice job of balancing out the feminine qualities of the dress and the lower, chunky heel makes them super comfy, too!

Cork clutch: $59: 

I’ve been loving handbags of all different textures lately. So this cork one does an awesome job of bringing a textural element to the outfit while still remaining neutral!

Which look is your favorite? By the way, do you like this new collage format? Would you like me to do more of these kinds of posts on what to wear for different occasions? Let me know! 


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