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What to Wear To A Wedding or Baby Shower

Apr 25, 2018

what to wear to a shower

Dress: Leith, comes in SO many colors! It’s actually the same dress that I wore here and showed you how to style four ways! Shoes: Soludos–also come in metallic gold, black, pink and yellow! and I am in an espadrille phase right now, I also just ordered these blush espadrille sandals (open toe!) which are the perfect neutral and are SO COMFORTABLE. I tried them on in a different color in the store but they didn’t have the size/color combo I wanted–at least I got to walk around in them and ensure they were super comfy! Blazer: J.Crew (more sizes available here) Sunnies: Ray Ban (these are the 53mm, they also come in a smaller 50mm size!) Bag: Madewell, sold out, wah! I can’t find anything like it, but I love this circle bag that is also by Madewell and this outfit would look so perfect with a straw bag like this one that is round and blush or this how cute is this one with the metal and leather handle?! Lip color: RMS Red by RMS Beauty

Happy Wednesday, guys!

Guess what I just noticed this morning as I’m sitting here drinking my coffee at my kitchen table?

The trees are getting leaves!!! 

Spring is here!! Spring is here!!

I swear this happened overnight. Isn’t that funny how that happens?

Speaking of Spring, and funny things happening, last week, when Hannah and I were shooting these photos, I was driving through the Gold Coast in our Zipcar we had rented for the day and we both looked out the window and screamed FLOWER BOXES!!!! 

We couldn’t believe our eyes. It’s funny how you never really notice something is missing until you see it again, and realize that you’ve missed it SO. MUCH. That was me with hydrangea flower boxes. In the spring and summer, they line every sidewalk, especially in Chicago’s beautiful Gold Coast neighborhood–it’s always a magical time when they re-appear after months of winter hibernation.

So, obviously, I pulled over our Zipcar and we flew out of the car and decided this was the perfect spot to shoot! I bought this dress awhile ago, actually, but have yet to have an occasion to wear it since the weather has been so cold!

I often get questions on what to wear to a shower–whether that be a baby shower or a bridal shower, this would be a great outfit for the occasion. Let’s jump into details here:

What to wear to a shower:

First thing’s first, what are you supposed to wear to a baby or wedding shower? My rule of thumb is, something you would wear to church with Grandma is usually a good outfit to wear to a shower. Most showers are primarily ladies-only showers, and of course, your friends will be there, but also moms, aunts, and grandmas as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t look cute or on-trend, you just need to make sure it’s tasteful. Don’t show too much leg (and if you’re going to, make sure you’re wearing something conservative on top) leave your ripped jeans, flip flops, or platform heels at home–go for something polished!

Also, for a wedding shower, do not wear all white.

Especially not a white dress–even worse, a LACE white dress. Those are exclusively for the bride! Probably my most embarrassing moment in history was when I went to one of my best friends bridal showers wearing a white eyelet dress–I had a work even beforehand that I had to wear the dress for, I was rushing to the shower post-event and COMPLETELY spaced on the fact that I should’ve changed into a NON WHITE dress. It wasn’t until one of my other friends called me out (in front of everyone, thanks Courtney) that I realized my error. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. Luckily the bride (also Courtney) is the kind of bride that doesn’t care about these kinds of things ? My friends STILL tease me about it years later and it’s still probably my most cringe-worthy moment of life. UGH.

Anyway. Don’t make my mistake. Moral of the story–white pants with a colored top, white accessories are fine. All white? Off limits for bridal showers! Let’s move on. ?

pink dress outfit for a wedding or baby shower

The dress:

You may not realize it, but you’ve actually seen this dress before–just in black! Remember my “how to style a shift dress” post? It’s this same exact dress! I loved it so much I needed it in a springy color! Head over to this post to see four more ways to style it!

A few reasons why I love it–it’s on the short side, but not TOO short (I’m about 5’6 for height reference) and the cut is forgiving but not too loose, which makes it very flattering on a variety of shapes and sizes. I also like that the top is sleeveless and crewneck, so the neckline is on the conservative side to balance out the shorter hemline.

Also, if pink isn’t your color, no worries, because this dress actually comes in tons of different colors, and even a few patterns! They just added the lavender one and I am DYING over it. So beautiful!

Finally, if you prefer, you can definitely pair the dress with a classic jean jacket (or wear it alone, if it’s warm enough!) for a more casual look that is still perfectly suitable for any shower!

Shop more colors of this dress and others perfect for any shower:

The shoes:

I’ve been in LOVE with espadrilles lately. These Soludos are especially great because they’re close toed, which means they’re more professional, can be dressed up more easily and are suitable for many work environments, too! (They’d look so cute with cropped trousers and this polka dot button down for the office, or paired with a breezy midi skirt for a summer party!) They are unbelievably comfortable–I wore them in Cabo on the boat cruise we took and out walking around all night after that, I never once thought about my feet!

Shop more espadrilles: 

espadrilles: shoes for a wedding or baby shower

The blazer:

I’ve actually had this white linen blazer for YEARS (more sizes available here This double breasted one is so cute too!) and it has always been a summer staple of mine. It looks great with jeans and a tee, with a dress, and with business casual wear for the office. There is nowhere you can’t wear it! Because the dress is on the shorter side, to make it more suitable for an occasion like a shower, the blazer adds enough coverage to make it conservative but not frumpy, and the perfect amount of polish to make it appropriate for a shower! (Grandma will totally approve.) Because the blazer is linen, it’s the perfect match for the summery dress and espadrilles–a regular blazer wouldn’t toe the line as nicely and may look out of place!

Shop more blazers and jacket options: 

More questions on what to wear to a shower:

What to wear to a shower: pink girly dress

Do you have to wear a dress to a shower? 

Not at all! I love dresses, but nice jeans or trousers and a pretty blouse always work great. Here are some of my other favorites:

What kind of shoes should you wear to a shower?

Do you have to wear heels? Definitely not, but make sure whatever flats you wear are, again, nice flats. No sneakers, no flip flops. Heels are great options too, but make sure they’re not too high–you don’t want Grandma thinking you look like a “lady of the night.” A great “in-between” shoe that is cute, polished, and insanely comfy, is Everlane’s Day Heel. They are hands down my favorite shoes and I wear them SO MUCH. They come in so many different colors!

Shop more “shower shoes” ? (see what I did there?) 

What kind of gift do you bring to a shower?

I know “registry” gifts seem really boring, but it’s really preferred by the bride, mother to be, or for whomever the shower is for. Everyone has very specific and different tastes, so what YOU might personally think is lovely, the person receiving it might have completely different style, already have a duplicate of the item, or just simply not have enough space for anything that isn’t an absolute essential. This is why it’s always best to gift an item off a registry–something I truly did not understand until I became a bride myself. If you can’t find something you like on the registry, you can always go with a gift card to any retailer that she’s registered at, or a gift card to somewhere you know she’ll love–like Pottery Barn, or Williams Sonoma. A gift card paired with a nice, thoughtful card is always a wonderful gift to open! (It’s not boring, I promise!)

Pink dress with a jacket: shower outfit what to wear to a shower: the golden girl blogWedding or baby shower outfit ideas

Also, bloopers ?

Ohhh Chicago wind! Pink dress: Photo bloopers in the windy city

Photography bloopers: Jess Keys

Do you have more questions on what to wear to a shower? Leave them below! Hope you have a great one! 

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