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What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding
This post brought to you in partnership with Lord + Taylor and ShopStyle! All opinions are 110% my own! 
Can you BELIEVE IT!? It’s almost officially SPRING! Which means…its that time of year to update my “What to wear to a Spring Wedding” post. ?Today I’m sharing two gorgeous dresses, as well as tonsss of other picks of what to wear to a wedding this Spring (or summer!) and pointers on how to know what to wear based on the dress code listed on your invitation! Plus, I’m answering some wedding guest FAQ’s at the bottom as well!
Both dresses I’m wearing today are from Lord + Taylor–which, by the way, is a total hidden gem of a place to find great wedding guest dresses at all different price points! Both of these dresses come from their LT Faves section–which is a section of their site they highlight with all their top customer picks, all in one place!
They also have a ton to choose from in their dresses section–you can shop by attire as well–from Cocktail to Black Tie. They make it super easy! Even better–right now, it’s their Biggest Sale of the Season–so the more you buy, the more you save! Buy one item, get 20% off, two items, get 25% off, and three–30% off!
This includes tons of markdowns on everything–including dresses! This is one of my favorite parts about shopping at Lord + Taylor–they have SO many fantastic sales!

What to wear to a Spring wedding: 

Of course, choosing what to wear to a Spring wedding depends on the type of event. It could be formal, cocktail, casual, or a more specific theme. So to give you plenty of inspiration, I’m going to share some Spring wedding dresses for a few different occasions!

Spring Wedding Guest Dresse: Cocktail Attire

Spring Wedding Guest Dresses

Cocktail Attire: Cocktail Dresses For Spring Weddings

Anytime the invitation does not specific that the attire is black tie, you can assume the attire is cocktail. Now, there are definitely several different types of cocktail dresses–some are more glitzy and great for a more formal wedding, some are more semi-formal breezy and floral prints and great for a destination wedding or garden wedding–but essentially the word “cocktail attire” means “nice” dresses that aren’t formal gowns. (A nice jumpsuit can work, too!)
Or, look at it this way–if you would feel overdressed wearing it to a luncheon and underdressed wearing it to a black tie gala–that’s cocktail attire. Shorter above the knee or midi dresses are appropriate here. You can also go with a maxi that is less formal and more casual, but still chic! Back in the day, the term “cocktail” used to mean shorter dresses, but in 2019, it’s not taken so literally, and you can make any length you’d like work for pretty much any occasion!
The adorable blue bow dress I’m wearing here is a perfect versatile cocktail dress. In this beautiful blue, it feels very Meghan Markle to me! ??
You wouldn’t feel overdressed wearing it to an outdoor wedding, but you won’t feel underdressed wearing it to a country club, or hotel wedding either! Sizing: I’m wearing a size 2 here–I think it runs true to size! It comes in several colors as well!
[one-half-first][/one-half-first][one-half]Blue Bow Dress[/one-half]
Jess Keys is wearing a Blue Dress + Little pearl clutch
More favorite cocktail dresses: 

A Black Tie Affair: Formal Dresses For Spring Weddings

Black Tie weddings and Black Tie Optional weddings are usually a fun time to spring for a gown. The “optional” part just means that you don’t HAVE to wear a gown, and that if you wear a cocktail dress or a fancier maxi dress that’s OK too. (I mean, how often do you get an excuse to wear a gown? Or even a floor length dress? So that’s fun!)
Here I’m wearing this pretty blue ruffle gown by Xscape–(again, in light blue–it’s my favorite right now!) which is a brand I hadn’t heard of before I found it on Lord + Taylor’s website–but they have so many beautiful gowns at prices that won’t break the bank!
Sizing: I will say it runs big. I’m usually a 0 or a 2 in dresses–I ordered the two and wish I’d gone with the zero! If you’re in between, go with the smaller size!
Other black tie dresses: 
Midi dresses are also totally fine for black tie optional, as are shorter dresses–you just want to make sure they’re dressier than something you’d, say, wear to a 2pm wedding at a country club.

When in doubt, you can also always go for a classic Little Black Dress–they are always suitable for pretty much every occasion–whether it’s a black tie formal spring wedding or simple cocktail affair. Lord + Taylor even has their own LBD section right here!

Blue Dress + Little pearl clutch
what to wear to a spring wedding Blue Dress + Little pearl clutch
Shop more Black Tie + Black Tie Optional Picks: 

Spring Day vs Night Wedding:

One thing to note is that if the wedding is during the day, you can get away with dressing a little less formal than if it were at night. Also consider the setting–while a a barn, backyard, garden, glitzy hotel and country club might all be “cocktail” attire, for example, you can easily feel great wearing a more casual floral sundress to one, whereas you’ll probably feel underdressed wearing that to a fancy hotel. Also, if the wedding is outdoors at night, it’s always a good idea to bring a wrap like this one just in case it gets chilly!

I absolutely ADORE this little pearl clutch

Spring Wedding Guest Accessories:


I absolutely ADORE this little pearl clutch–it’s the perfect size (you don’t need very much stuff with you for a wedding!) It fits a couple lipsticks and your phone, and also has a little gold chain if you want to carry it as a cross-body. I think it’s so different and beautiful! Plus, it goes with everything!


You will rarely see me at a wedding not wearing a pair of nude colored heeled sandals–9 times out of 10, they’re the most ideal choice! Invest in one good pair that you’ll wear all wedding season long for years to come. Here are my two favorite pairs:

Steve Madden Carrson sandals: What I’m wearing here–these are also super comfortable (I mean, as comfortable as heels can get)–they are very similar in shape to the Yaro sandals, with a chunkier heel, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings!

The Sam Edelman Yaro sandals are awesome and get my pick for the perfect wedding shoes. They’re minimalistic (so they go with everything and let your dress do the talking) and are comfy as far as heels are concerned. I have them in cork but also want to get them in regular nude!


Ah, the age old question. Can you wear flats to a wedding? Of course you can! If you’re able to, I’d personally swing for a TINY bit of a heel, just because they look so much cuter and more fitting with a formal dress than straight up flats, but if you can’t have any heel, that’s okay too!

Favorite shoe picks: 

 Other Wedding Guest Attire FAQ’s:

Can you wear a red dress to a wedding? I’ve heard that’s taboo! 

I think this probably stems from certain cultures where the bride wears red, OR from old-school notion that guests shouldn’t wear bright colors so as to not draw attention away from the bride. I’ve worn red to weddings before and it’s a pretty common color that you see, so I would say unless you are attending a wedding where the bride will likely wear red, I wouldn’t worry about it!

The only color you need to worry about is white–NEVER wear white–that’s just for the bride!

If you had to pick one dress to buy that would be the most versatile for different types of weddings, what would it be? 

A mid-length cocktail dress, like the one I’m wearing above! That, or any LBD–I think there wouldn’t be any instance where you would be inappropriately dressed wearing an LBD!

Do you have any advice when it comes to buying footwear for wedding season? 

You definitely want something comfortable and versatile that will work for all kinds of settings. A nude sandal with a chunky heel or a wedge is definitely going to be your best bet–keep in mind, stilettos don’t work for any outdoor settings because they’ll sink in the grass or sand!

Can I wear a jumpsuit to a wedding? 

You definitely CAN wear a jumpsuit as a Spring wedding guest outfit if you’re the kind of person who loathes dresses. However, it really does need to be the RIGHT jumpsuit, otherwise you’ll look too casual and out of place. A feminine cut in drapy fabric is great. Also, black always looks more formal than any other color. You’ll definitely want to wear it with a heel to offset the fact that jumpsuits are just more casual in general–flats would look too dressed-down and can run the risk of looking frumpy.

Is there anything totally off limits when it comes to what to wear to a wedding? 

The only thing TOTALLY off the table is white. Honestly, even wearing a super pale color (very pale yellow, nearly white blush, for example) can be awkward because it certain light people will think you’re wearing white! If you’re the kind of person who might be self-conscious about that, just steer away from any color that could be interpreted as white.

I would also be mindful of the setting–I’ve attended a 3pm church wedding before where girls were wearing outfits that looked more suitable for a Vegas bachelorette party–I want to drape my shawl over them like GIRL PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. ?But also, if your mom or grandmother would give you the eyebrow raise at something you’re wearing–everyone else’s mom and grandmother is going to do the same! This doesn’t mean you should choose your clothing based on other people’s opinions–but you should be respectful and aware of what is and isn’t appropriate.

Do you have any more wedding guest attire questions? Leave them below!