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New Video: Walk with Us through Our Neighborhood! (Wicker Park!)

Okay so this is a very silly video that I didn’t really intend to publish ? But you guys have been asking for more “a day in the life” content–so, I figured, why not?

We filmed this several weeks back right after I had purchased my newest blogging toy–the DJI Osmo Mobile (it essentially is a stabilizer for your iPhone so you can make really pretty videos with it!)

Come along with us as we walk through our hood and point out a few of our favorite spots in Wicker Park and Bucktown!

Here’s more info on the places you see in the video, in order of appearance:

Halal Guys:

Okay, this isn’t technically open yet, but rumor has it it’ll be open in April! We first had Halal Guys in New York City, where our friends, Matt and Erin introduced us to it. It’s SO. GOOD. If you guys haven’t had it–it’s definitely worth the hype! They currently have a location open in the Gold Coast (the first Chicago location) and also downtown, but we first saw the “coming soon” sign when we were filming this–so we got VERY excited ? Let’s hope it opens soon, and put it on your list if you love, well, Halal, obviously. (Their hot sauce is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, but be careful, it will scorch your tongue off ?)

Volumes Book Cafe:

I love this little place–it’s a book store and coffee shop in one, but they also serve wine and beer, so it’s my venue of choice whenever I’m working late and need to get out of the house but also want a glass of wine while I’m working! They have lot’s of fun events here during the week as well, so make sure to check their calendar on their website!

6 Corners intersection:

This is the “famous” intersection in Wicker Park–if you’re visiting the neighborhood for the first time, this is a good “home base” to start from. You can go North on Damen Ave for lot’s of cute little shops, or you can go Southeast on Milwaukee for more shopping and great restaurants as well. (I point out more of my local favorites in this post and this post!) Some of my favorite spots at this intersection: Hotel Robey (the cafe for brunch/lunch, and rooftop for drinks!), Publican Anker (their burger is soo good!), Chop Shop for lunch/brunch (they have a cute rooftop, too!) and North Side Bar (they have a great outdoor patio/beer garden!)

606 Trail:

The 606 is a newly built trail that connects the neighborhoods of Bucktown, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park. It’s one of my favorite parts about our neighborhood and walking or biking on it is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! (It also happens to be really convenient for getting from one place to another, so it’s busy all year round!) When we’re up for walking around the neighborhood, we like to take it over to Cortland’s Garage!

Cortland’s Garage:

This isn’t a bar you’ll ever find on a “Chicago’s Trendy Brunch spots” list or anything like that, but we love it because it’s never overly crowded, the service is always friendly, and they have really great food! If you’re looking for a low-key atmosphere with high quality bar food, you’ll love Cortland’s! (They’re kid friendly, too! We’ve been there with Kelly, Mitch and Emma!)

What other kind of Chicago video content would you like to see?!