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What I’ve been wearing lately: Casual transitional outfits

Goood morning!

Happy Wednesday!

Today it is almost SEVENTY degrees here (JOY!) It feels so good to finally be getting some glimpses of spring. June and I went for a walk this morning WITHOUT coats! (This is always a big milestone of the year–the first day of “no coat” weather. 😂) Of course, it’s not going to stay that warm all week, but hey–at least we’re getting bare ankle weather more often than not these days!

Right now, getting dressed is all about transitional layers. Here are some outfits and pieces I’ve been wearing a lot lately to “weather” these transitional temps. 😉

(Also, I’m writing this sitting on the floor of June’s room while she plays so please excuse any poorly written sentences and typos. Better done than perfect, right?!)

Casual Transitional Outfits

Casual transitional outfits

Quince leather jacket (TTS. Went with a medium for a slightly more relaxed fit), Sezane jeans (TTS but go with your larger size if you’re in between), Schutz Arissa ballet flats (go 1/2 size down), Clare V tee (gifted) and Grande Fanny with added resin strap

Leather Jacket + Jeans

I wore this to pre-pickup happy hour last week with my friend Kate because it was finally above 50 degrees!! (Bare ankle weather! 😜) I layered my Mango coat over the top for extra warmth because I was walking. I love this Quince jacket, it’s the prettiest oxblood color (comes in other colors though!) I love how it can look burgundy, brown, or even black depending on the lighting and what you wear it with. I’m often asked which I like more–this or my Able Abera jackets and the answer is that they’re just different but both great! This one is much more of an edgier Moto style!

I also have been wearing my Clare V Grande fanny nonstop since I bought it a couple weeks ago. It’s such a great size and I love how it lays very flat so you hardly ever feel it on you, but it holds a good amount of stuff, too! (I even stuffed it with snacks for June last weekend!)

I love balancing this look out with a cheeky graphic tee and sweet, feminine ballet flats (I’ve owned these for years–they’re so comfy, feel like real ballet slippers!), and my Sezane mom jeans (which I just realized I’m wearing in almost all of these photos except for two! 😂 I love them so much!)

More about the jeans:

They’re a slim straight leg, making them really easy to style especially for those who really prefer their skinny jeans but are wanting to branch out. They are super flattering in the butt. (Neal was like “HAYYYY what are those jeans!?” 😂) They also have zero stretch. (The Everlane 90’s cheeky jean is very similar looking as well!) I’d say they’re a more heavy denim–they have that vintagey look and feel to them and are definitely the kind of jeans you will “break in” with wear. They also have a button fly!

Casual transitional outfits for spring

Faherty legend sweater button down, Madewell straight-leg perfect vintage jeans, converse high tops, Sezane scarf, Amazon hat, Quince sweater (reviewed here)

White on White

I am a sucker for white on white, and I was really trying to channel in spring while still staying cozy at the same time because, you know, the Midwest. My Faherty white legend button down is so soft and I like the look of it paired with white jeans and off-white converse. And of course, the Quince cardigan because I’ve been living in mine for months now. (I love the look of white and brown paired together!) I made it a little springier with my Sezane scarf (which I have also worn nonstop since I got it. My neutral baseball hat has been a very frequent component of my uniform lately as well.

white straight leg jeans with cardigan

Quince sweater (reviewed here), Madewell perfect vintage wide leg crops, Converse, similar beanie

And a very similar variation of the same outfit: but with the cardigan buttoned up the front, and wide leg crops instead of straight leg!

sweatshirt and jeans spring outfit

Sezane sweatshirt, Sezane jeans, New Balance sneakers, J.Crew tissue turtleneck, similar headband

Sweatshirt + Jeans

My latest sweatshirt obsession: Sezane, again, of course. I feel like they could design something as mundane as a toothbrush and it would be the chicest toothbrush you’ve ever seen. I sized up to a medium in this one and was glad I did! Also, I wear this sweatshirt with leggings too but also love with jeans and my new balance sneakers! (I feel like I’ve really turned into a sneaker girl lately.) I would say I purposely put on this headband to add a feminine touch but really I hadn’t washed my hair all week–but hey–doesn’t it look cute!?

spring transitional outfit for women

Mango coat (runs big, reviewed here!), Sezane sweatshirt (I’d size up, I went with M), Sezane jeans (see outfit #1 for details), New Balance sneakers (TTS) , J.Crew tissue turtleneck (TTS), similar headband

Same outfit, but with the Mango coat and Sezane scarf! My two layering essentials these days! Both springy, but neutral enough to wear for fall, too!

About the coat:

At first I almost returned this for two reasons, until I realized those two reasons are part of what makes the coat so great. 1. It’s VERY oversized. I probably could’ve gone with an XS, but also, oversized is definitely “the look” right now. It’s also very lightweight/unlined and I worried it was too thin enough for spring and fall in Chicago. However–those two factors together actually make it the PERFECT coat because it’s roomy enough to layer a jacket underneath and also not TOO thick to where a jacket underneath would be overkill. This allows me to wear my beloved favorite jackets during shoulder season WAY more and also layer appropriately for crazy weather that is freezing in the morning and at night but warms up significantly during the day.

All in all, I’m obsessed with this coat. Comes in multiple colors but this seafoam green is truly a delight. Neutral, but a gorgeous color that is so different than any other outerwear I have in my wardrobe.

Striped Faherty sweater with jeans and converse shoes

Faherty mariner sweater (sized up to M for oversized fit), Sezane jeans, Converse high tops

Nautical Sweater, Jeans, & Converse

Swipe up for June’s toys and lone shoe littering the room. 🙃

Feel a bit like a broken record with the jeans and the converse but hey, their versatility is undeniable is it not?! Not much to say here aside from the fact that this nautical Faherty sweater is SO COZY and such a great chunky knit for both shoulder seasons but also chilly summer nights. (Super cute with birks and cutoff jean shorts!) Comes in other colors but I personally love navy in the spring and summer! I sized up to a M for an oversized fit.

Casual Transitional Outfits for spring

Mango coat, Madewell button down, Converse high tops, Sezane jeans

Madewell Button-Down

Lots of repeat offenders here too. The one newbie: this oversized Madewell button down! Of course I’m wearing it with jeans here but where it will really shine is when the weather heats up (it is basically light as air!) I can’t wait to style it with the matching shorts this summer! Until then, I will be styling it with my “spring layers” 😜 and soaking up the extra sunshine it brings to every outfit!

Hope this helps give you some inspo for this in-between weather! Have a great day!