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What do you wear to a wedding this fall?

Aug 17, 2017

Dress: B.P. (back in stock!) –similar here and hereShoes: Steve Madden (also love this embellished pair!)  Initial necklace: similar here but this one is on sale! Gold bracelet: c/o Monica Vinader–also on sale! Bag: Cult Gaia Ark Bag 

I hate to admit this guys, but…

Fall wedding season is upon us. (*CRINGE. STILL HANGING ONTO SUMMER!*)

The question is–what do you wear to a wedding this fall?

If you’re scrambling, you’re not alone! I feel like this time of the year can be the hardest to shop for. Like, is it going to be warm? Will you be freezing? Is hot pink too bright for September? Are sandals appropriate for a warm October wedding?

…SO many questions.

Which is why, today, I’m going over some of your most popular wedding attire related questions, and rounding up my favorite versatile dresses that you can wear to any wedding this fall and winter. (Sorry, I only included the “W” word because they’re suitable for both!!)

Okay, let’s jump in!

What should you wear to a wedding this fall in terms of color scheme? What’s not acceptable and what would be appropriate?

Steer away from anything super bright, summery silhouettes, and of course–anything white, or that could look white (off-white, very very light blush, etc) especially if it’s lace. If it looks remotely bridal, put it down. My favorite colors for a fall wedding are darker tones, like a deep green, burgundy, navy and of course, the classic black. If you want to go with a color, that’s totally fair game, too! Just make sure it’s more muted than it’s summery version. (I.E. instead of coral, go with a moody burnt orange.) Also, blush is a color I like to wear year-round, just make sure the silhouette is less breezy (which says summer) and more formal.

Favorite fall colors: 

Dark florals are also having a moment right now! They’re lovely for more formal occasions and can be a great thing to wear to those in-between summer/fall weddings. (Hehe. Like mine?)

Favorite dark florals: 

What do you wear to a wedding that is labeled, “black tie optional”? I don’t want to show up dressier (or more casual) than most people at the wedding!

Black tie optional can be tricky, but it’s also much easier to find a dress for this occasion than true “black tie” where a gown might be needed! There will definitely be plenty of guests wearing gowns, but you can still get away with a very tasteful cocktail dress if you choose correctly.

My biggest piece of advice for black tie optional is to go with a slightly more casual maxi dress (that you could wear for a variety of occasions) and dress it up with some statement jewelry and great heels. Also, a classic slip dress can work for pretty much any occasion!

Here are a few of my favorites that can work great for black tie optional:

I’ve heard that red is taboo to wear to weddings, is this true?

No way! I think this is more of an old-fashioned sentiment, but I’ve never heard of this being an issue in present day. This likely stems from the thought that red can often make it look like you’re trying to draw too much attention to yourself (i.e. away from the bride) but there are tons of beautiful red dresses that are wedding appropriate. The only color that is truly off limits for a wedding is white. As long as you would wear it in front of your grandma, it’s appropriate for the wedding.

Black for a wedding–is this acceptable? I’ve heard that black means you’re “mourning” the marriage.

Same as the above–this is also an outdated rule. However, based on my research, it looks like this is more common in Europe, and that the attitude is that black should not be worn in a church (this is reserved for funerals). However, if you’re attending a wedding in the U.S.–black is fair game, and often, it’s the most popular color!

Do you have any favorite Little Black Dresses that would work lot’s of different weddings with varying dress codes? I want to get a lot of wear out of it!

Of course! An LBD is one of the most versatile items in your closet! It’s one piece that you can invest in and wear for years. Here are some of my favorites:

What would you recommend in terms of accessories?

Shoes: I absolutely LOVE Steve Madden’s suede sandals (Sam Edelman also makes a similar pair!)–especially these embellished ones, they’re perfect for formal events! I think they help toe the line between summer and fall/winter so perfectly. I’m also a huge fan of Sam Edelman’s d’Orsay pumps with the ankle strap. They’re really timeless and you’ll wear them for years for every occasion!

Jewelry + Wraps: BHLDN is a great place to go to for both jewelry and pretty pashmina wraps for chillier wedding dates. Kendra Scott’s wedding collection (for brides and guests alike!) has my favorite selection of timeless and beautiful statement jewelry!

Favorite accessories: 

What are your favorite fall wedding staples?

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