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We’re going camping! (And signing off for a few days!)

Jul 9, 2020

camping trip planning tips

We’re going camping tomorrow! 

…things I never thought I’d say if not for 2020. ????

Okay fine, we’re going GLAMPING. Ish. 

I will share ALL the details of what we did, rented, bought, etc when we get back, but the short story is that we rented a suped-up sprinter van with an actual kitchen with running water and a bed in it. So I feel like that doesn’t really QUITE count as real camping, but definitely the closest I’ve ever been to the real thing!

The final days of our trip we’ll then be “glamping” at an adorable spot that has canvas tents and is on a blueberry farm. Again, will share everything after the fact (I just felt more secure that way) so stay tuned for more later! 

I received messages from so many of you asking for tips for planning a camping/glamping trip of your own, so thought I’d share some quick little things we found helpful/what we’re doing and bringing! 

Some camping trip planning tips: 

Download the “HipCamp” app to find a great camping/glamping spot! 

This app is basically like Air BnB for private camping spots! This was definitely the way we wanted to go so we could make sure where we were camping was secluded and had everything we were looking for! (It was so hard to research what the camping setup was like at state parks, etc!) We found a spot in Michigan that is stunning but also had nice bathrooms which was a must for us. ????

Prep food ahead of time 

To minimize the amount of stuff we’re bringing, I’m planning to make breakfast burritos ahead of time to wrap in tin foil (to reheat over the fire) for breakfasts, things for sandwiches for lunches, and then I’m prepping some pulled chicken for tacos one night, and chicken and veggies in foil packets for another! I also made a big thing of pasta salad, and plan to dice up some melon and veggies for snacking. Of course I don’t have a recipe for any of these things but I will share my “no recipe recipes” in a recap post when I get back for those who are interested! Otherwise, they have SO many amazing camping meal ideas on Pinterest! 

Scope out some cute small towns

We’ll be camping in Michigan outside of South Haven and Saugatuck, and we’ll be going through New Buffalo on the way there and back, so we’ll definitely spend some time checking out some cute quieter Michigan beach towns! (Assuming people there are being safe and socially distant and we feel comfortable sitting on patios!) 

Bring lots of good bug spray and sunscreen: 

I typically get eaten alive by mosquitos, but Kelly turned me onto Skin So Soft bug spray and I swear it’s AMAZING. Seriously the best bug spray I’ve ever used. I will be bathing in it over the next several days. No bug spray has ever worked like this, AND it gets good marks in terms of safety from EWG! I think because the main ingredient is Picardin instead of DEET, maybe that’s why it works better for me? Not sure–but either way, highly recommend! 

Of course, I’m also packing lots of sunscreen–I’ve been getting a lot of questions on good sunscreens–so you can see this whole post where I round up my favorites! 

Other fun camping essentials we’re bringing: 

Yeti backpack cooler:

This was a big splurge but we don’t own any coolers yet and we will use this a lot at the lake house as well. Yeti coolers supposedly keep ice frozen for THREE DAYS! Isn’t that crazy!? 

Campfire grill grate: 

We are so excited about this. I mean, it’s a glorified scrap of metal but I’m very excited to be grilling over a camp fire!! 

My cold brew maker mason jar:

The perfect way to easily make cold brew! Easy to pack, and it comes with an easy pour spout! 

Cute water shoes:

Our first campsite is close to a river, so we definitely wanted to check it out and also make sure we had water shoes! My MIL and SIL are the queens of cute water shoes–so they introduced me! I’m bringing this pair that my SIL got me for Christmas–they look just like sneakers! Neal also just ordered the men’s version in grey! 

Waterproof Birkenstocks:

Okay these don’t exactly count as a “camping essential” per say–but I love them and I bought them specifically because I knew I’d want an easy slip-on sandal I could get dirty, and I can’t say enough good things. I’ve officially crossed over to the Birkenstock dark side. 

Cute trendy Tevas:

I know, what have I done? Who am I? I don’t know what it is about me right now, but I am drawn to everything that is funny and quirky. ????I instantly was reminded of my childhood when I saw these (the desert colored ones with the cacti on the sides ????) and something about me just had to have them? I’m just really trying to embrace this new outdoorsy side of me, you know. 

Long sleeve breezy shirts: 

Probably my #1 summer staple–I need that sun and bug protection but need to stay cool at the same time! I just got this gauzy breezy button-down from a new-to-me brand I’ve been loving called Outerknown and I plan to use it for everything from a bathing suit cover-up to a top with jean shorts to wear into town! 

That’s all for now!! I’m signing off until Wednesday! Be sure to follow along on our trip on Instagram in the meantime! (Well…if I have service! ????) 

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