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Weekly Beauty Favorite: The Best Blush

Nov 7, 2016


Blush is like the unsung hero of your beauty drawer. It’s not something we normally think about, with bronzer winning such a prominent spot in our makeup routines–blush often gets left behind, or becomes an after thought. After all–do you wear your blush and bronzer together? Is blush kind of an old-school thing of the past? How do you not make it look overkill like your Great Aunt Lorraine’s?

There are a couple keys here–the right color of blush, and the brush you use to apply it with. I tend to gravitate toward neutral tones–the only place I like to make a statement is with my lip color–everything else, I prefer to be natural looking. You know, so I look like me, but way better.

My go-to lately has been Estee Lauder’s blush in Peach Passion and I also love NARS blush in orgasm–it’s super natural looking as well! I tend to gravitate toward hues that are more on the peachy side vs the pinky side, as this looks most natural with my skin tone.

If you’re into more of a dewy finish, Clinique Chubby Sticks are also really fun. I typically throw one in my bag whenever I’m on the go. They give you a dreamy dewey finish which I love, too!) If you love color + shimmer, I have two favorite products for that: NARS “The Multiple” stick and Bobbi Brown’s “Shimmer Brick” which both come in several shades and give you an amazing glow.

In terms of brushes–you definitely don’t want to use the one that comes with your compact, which often results in a streaky, unblended finish. You also want to be careful that the brush you use to apply your brush isn’t TOO big. (As a rule of thumb, your bronzer brush should be larger than your blush brush!) It should be medium-sized and fluffy to the touch–not super dense, say, like a foundation brush, as this will cause your blush to be too concentrated. When you’re applying, give it a swirl in the compact, and then tap it to shake off excess product before you apply it onto the apples of your cheeks, angling upward toward your hairline.

In terms of brushes, to be honest, I’ve found that price doesn’t typically equal quality. I really love ELF products (like this blush brush, available at Target)–they’re only a few bucks and are great quality for the price! I also like Sephora’s brand of brushes (as well as their cosmetics).

What are your favorite blush hues? 

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