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My Waterproof Birk Review

My Waterproof Birkenstocks Review

Ahhh the waterproof Birkenstocks!! 

I’ve received SO many questions on these shoes since I purchased them earlier this summer. 

First of all, I will say that I never envisioned myself becoming a Birkenstocks girl, but I was finally influenced to purchase these because I wanted a slip-on sandal that was waterproof for our camping trip, as well as the beach at the lake house (which is very rocky!) I did not really envision them becoming a true part of my wardrobe, yet, here we are! I am a convert. ???? Blame it on 2020, when now more than ever, comfort is key! 

My Waterproof Birkenstocks Review

I like to put these into the category of “ugly cute” just like my beloved Tevas. I kind of feel like ugly cute is just the theme of 2020 style? Funny enough, I think quarantine has moved me to push the envelope on my style choices more than anything else ever has. I now gravitate toward ugly cute, playful items that are most often shaped like pillowcases. (Which apparently also applies to footwear?)

All of this to say, I think we can safely name the Birkenstock Arizona Eva sandals the official sandal of summer 2020 and there is a very good reason for that. Let’s jump into the Q + A (and my honest review!) 

What are they actually made of?

I never realized this before but EVA stands for the material they’re made of–Ha! Ethylene Vinyl Acetate––it’s a high-quality, very light, elastic material with very good cushioning. According to the website, “as a result, it smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned.” 

Basically, I would describe it as a foam material that is light as air, and super soft, so it doesn’t rub or give you blisters–even the first wear! 

How does sizing run? 

I ordered my regular size, narrow fit. And I feel like they fit well. I easily could’ve ordered two sizes to compare (since I ordered them on Zappos and they have the best fast free shipping and returns) but I was lazy and just decided to order my normal size and I was happy with them. ???? The majority of the reviews say they’re TTS. But some say go a full size down. I think just use your best judgement based on how your shoes typically fit. I find that I rarely wear anything other than a size 8. So that’s what I went with. I do not have super narrow feet, but they aren’t wide either, and the narrow fit is still roomy on me! 

Do they squeak when you walk? 

Yes. ???? Just embrace it. 

Do they have cushion? 

They don’t have added cushion in the footbed but the foamy material is very cushiony in itself! 

Are they supportive? 

VERY. These are probably the most supportive shoes I own. They’re like Gerries in sandal form. 

Can you wear them in the water/do they stay on well? 

Yes! I was actually really surprised at how well these stayed on in the water! I wear them to the beach at the lake (you have to wear shoes of some kind in the water bc it’s really rocky). And flip flops are the worst to wear in the water since they don’t stay on. I wear these in the water and can casually swim around in them and they stay on great! A nice alternative to water shoes. 

Are they hard to clean/keep white? 

They aren’t at all! They rinse right off! Eventually, the footbed will start to show dirt where your foot is, but it’s easy to scrub them off. If it’s proving hard to get out, just sprinkle some surface scrub (like Comet–Mrs. Meyers has a clean version!) and let it sit for a couple minutes. 

I actually had never really cleaned them (aside from a quick rinse) before, so I took a picture before (this is after months of wear) and then the after is after scrubbing them quickly with Comet and a toothbrush. SO easy and they look basically brand new! 


My Waterproof Birkenstocks Review

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All in all. I love these sandals! They bring me joy and are $40 well spent! Thank you for coming to my Waterproof Birkenstock Ted Talk. I’ll be here all weekend.