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Wanna come over? (We’re Hosting a Photography Workshop!)

I interrupt my usual broadcast to bring you some exciting news!

As you might know by now (or maybe you don’t?) I run another website with Blair called Blogging For Keeps, where we share all kinds of knowledge about blogging and all that goes along with it.

What’s a little different about Blogging For Keeps is that all of our content topics are user generated and based on feedback we get from reader surveys. That being said, we recently learned two things from our readers:

  1. They wanted an in-person workshop
  2. They were struggling with photography

So–ba da daaaa! That’s what we’re doing!

We’re having a small, very hands-on workshop on the topic of DSLR photography in my living room on April 1st! So, if you’re a blogger, or just interested in learning photography, hop on over here to check out all the details.

Not interested, but know someone who is? It would mean the world if you shared this with them!