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The Velvet Shoe Trend: 12 Favorite Pairs + How to Care for Them

Nov 14, 2017

Velvet shoe trend: loving these Dolce Vita blush velvet loafers!

Embracing the Velvet Shoe Trend:

Okay, okay. I will wholeheartedly admit, when I saw that velvet was making a comeback, I was NOT on board.

To me, for whatever reason, velvet seemed edgy, unattainable, and only for people at Fashion Week toting small dogs and donning pointy fur heels. Something about it also reminded me of Hughe Hefner’s pajamas (RIP) mixed with Hot Topic (remember Hot Topic?!) Not exactly my cup of tea.

But then my favorite shoe brands started coming out with velvet styles that were a little more versatile and feminine. Low and be hold–(would you believe it?!)–the velvet shoe trend was growing on me! Now it seems like you can’t open a fashion magazine or scroll on Instagram without seeing the velvet shoe trend EVERYYYWHERE. (Like, that, and Pumpkin patches and ton’s of PSL’s am I right?) There are velvet dresses, velvet accessories, even velvet leggings. (Which, by the way, these velvet leggings are my new obsession and I wear them several times per week–you can see how I styled them in this blog post!)

Today though, it’s all about the velvet shoes. Speaking of, I finally caved and purchased this pair of velvet loafers! They are seriously the cutest (but they’re almost sold out, so if you want to snag yourself a pair, act fast!)

Scroll down to see 12 more favorite pairs, as well as some styling tips and tricks on how to care for your velvet, too! (Click on the items in the collage below to shop them!) 

(Click on the items above to shop them!)

12 festive pairs of velvet shoes:

Velvet Superga sneakers:

I love the look of Supergas–I don’t have a pair, but they are on my list once my current white sneakers finally kick the bucket 😉 I love this pair in blush velvet. Sometimes velvet can feel a bit edgy but I think the pretty feminine color is the perfect counter balance to make these girly and still classy.

Velvet pointed pumps:

I love a good pointed pump. They’re super flattering because they elongate your legs more so than rounded toes do. I love that this pair has a low, block heel, which means you can wear them just about anywhere!

Velvet Sandals: 

I love love these sandals. (Also, just because they’re open toed doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for winter–the velvet fabric makes them totally acceptable!) They are the perfect go-to shoe for any holiday party, plus they come in two other colors if red isn’t your thing.

Sleek, velvet pointed loafers:

If you’ve been wanting to jump on the loafer bandwagon but loafers tend to be too preppy for you, consider some pointed smoking slippers like these, which are more refined than traditional preppy loafers! These also come in more colors!

Velvet D’Orsay Double Strap pumps:

I love the shape of these pumps and also the fact that they have the double strap for added personality!

Inky Navy Block-Heel velvet booties:

I wouldn’t normally go for a blue velvet look, but this color is so beautiful and is almost black. (Yes, you can also wear it with black–I’m a big fan of mixing navy with black!) Plus, the heel isn’t too tall, so you can wear them during the day as well!

Black Velvet Heeled Booties:

If you want something a bit more subtle, these black velvet booties are just as versatile as any black booties, but the velvet adds a really cool twist! These also come in a pretty bordeaux hue!

Ankle Strap Velvet Pumps:

Another classic holiday party shoe. If you aren’t into the traditional holiday colors when it comes to party shoes, blush is a really pretty alternative!

Velvet Pom Pom Flats:

I’ve been eyeing these little velvet pom pom flats for so long–should I pull the trigger? Think of how cute they would be with jeans and dresses alike!

Velvet Ballet Flats:

For the traditionalist, you can never go wrong with ballet flats. These will go a long way in spicing up your work wardrobe!

Velvet Horsebit Loafers:

I have these loafers in cheetah print but they also come in several velvet colors too! Love them and they required no break in time–they felt like slippers from day one!

Velvet Blush Pumps:

A classic silhouette, updated with velvet! Like I said above, blush is a really fun party shoe color if you’re not into red or gold!

Velvet Shoe Styling Tips:

How to style velvet shoes and velvet leggings

Shop this look:

I like to think of velvet as closely related to suede in terms of “styleability” (is styleability even a word? ?) Essentially, an easy rule to remember–if you’d wear something with suede shoes, you can likely wear it with velvet shoes! BUT, an added bonus–while “suede on suede” can at times seem overwhelming, you can avoid this issue with velvet!

Velvet adds a really interesting mix of texture into your outfit without being overly “loud”. Now, crushed velvet is a different story. I don’t have any intention on re-living my glory days of crushed velvet Juicy track suits. But regular velvet? It’s subtle enough to where you won’t ever be self-concious, but it will add that little “je ne sais quoi” to your wardrobe.

How to protect velvet:

How to protect your velvet shoes: Scotchgard spray works wonders!

First thing’s first, you guys KNOW I am a crazy Scotchgard lady. (No, they did not sponsor this post.) The first thing you’ll want to do when you take your pretty velvet shoes out of the box is to protect them with some type of protectant spray.

Now, this part is important, because you should not be using the same spray that you’d use to protect a pair of suede or leather shoes. Since velvet is a fabric (unlike suede, which is leather) it needs fabric protectant! The spray that I use on everything from my fabric shoes to my sofa, to yes, even my white jeans ?–is Scotchgard’s fabric protector spray.

You’ll want to spot test an area. Usually I do this with the back of the shoe. You need to make sure it doesn’t do anything to the color of the fabric. Once that’s confirmed, spray a thin coat. Make sure it’s far enough from the shoe–you don’t want to get it wet. You just want it to lightly mist it. If you get it too drenched, it might create that “crushed velvet” look that we aren’t going for and make it darker in certain spots. Let them air dry (usually in a covered area outside). Once dry, spray a second thin coat and your shoes should be extra repellant that way!

Also, this goes without saying, but, you know–you need to avoid puddle jumping if at all possible, and I’d refrain from wearing your velvet shoes outside when it’s pouring.

How to clean and care for your velvet:

Cleaning velvet is actually a relatively easy process. Again, since it’s fabric, you can use any fabric cleaning solution (see more notes on that below). Keep in mind that velvet, unlike suede, can crush easily. (This is also helpful to remember when, say, packing for a trip–make sure they aren’t smushed up against something else because it can create a “cowlick” looking effect for lack of a better phrase.) Don’t rub too hard or apply too much pressure.

If you get velvet wet:

Will water ruin velvet? Usually it’s salvageable and not too big of a deal if you’ve sprayed it with fabric protectant!

If velvet stays wet for too long, it can ruin the uniformity of the “nap” and create, again, that “crushed” looking velvet appearance. Dry it as quickly as you can with an absorbent cloth (microfiber works great!) Lightly press, but don’t dab excessively, until the liquid is absorbed. You can also use a hairdryer if you have one on hand.

If you stain velvet:

There are a couple different routes to take here. First, if the stain is simply dirt, let it dry and then you can brush it out with a soft brush (a soft toothbrush works great).

To remove other stains, make sure to blot as much excess liquid up as possible before applying stain remover.

Tuff Stuff stain remover is my favorite fabric cleaner and works WONDERS on furniture–so I use it on shoes as well. Note,  take the same precaution as above and spot treat a small area (usually the back inside portion works well because it’s hidden) with a small amount of cleaning solution and make sure that the fabric is compatible with the cleaner. Since velvet can be made from different types of material (cotton or polyester) and they often contain different types of dye depending on the color of the fabric–some types might react differently than others.

If you don’t have a fabric cleaner on hand, I read on Apartment Therapy (one of my favorite Interior Design sites!) that making a cleaning solution of lemon juice and baking soda works great too!

What’s your favorite way to wear the velvet shoe trend this season? 


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