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A funny (but effective!) upacking trick

May 7, 2018

A funny (but effective!) upacking trick: unpacking tips

Hi guys!

I’m back from the Kentucky Derby and *semi* recovered, haha! If you missed it, I was there (for my FIRST ever Derby!) with Vineyard Vines and it was seriously the trip of a lifetime!

This post was actually originally published last year, but because the wifi on my plane from SF to Louisville didn’t work, I couldn’t get my original post up today as planned ? (Check back tomorrow!) So I’m re-publishing this post from last year that has become EVER so relevant for me this morning!

As I look at my overflowing suitcase and our bedroom that looks like a bomb went off, I thought back to this post, with my suitcase and carry-on tote laying on the floor with all my clothes piled on top of it, just taunting me.

I’m not sure which I hate more, unloading the dishwasher, or unpacking a suitcase. I would rather do fraction worksheets from 4th grade over any of the above. I drag my feet and drag my feet, which also stresses me out, because I don’t like continuing to live out of a suitcase, either!

I was g-chatting my friend Danielle about this when she gave me the funniest tip:

“Take everything out of your suitcase and throw it ALL on the floor, all over your room. Make a HUGE mess of it. Then it will be impossible to ignore, and you’ll clean it up right away!” 

“HAHA!” I thought, “she’s nuts” when I first heard the idea.

Except, of course, I got up off the couch, padded back down the hallway into our room, turned my suitcase upside down, and dumped it ALL over the floor. I zipped it up, and stashed it under the bed in the guest room. I then went back to work.

A couple hours later, I walked back into my room, and guess what I felt compelled to do?

I unpacked everything. I put it away. I even vacuumed the rug. I’ve been “unpacking” this way ever since!

What a funny tip, right? I couldn’t not share it with you! (Let’s hope it works today so I can get all this post-Kentucky Derby madness together) ?

Do you unpack from a trip right away? Or procrastinate, like me?


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