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“Undone” family photos

"Undone" family photos

“Undone” family photos

I’m so excited to share our family photos from our “Undone” session with Jess and Ben from Our Days Photo & Film. (Ben’s video forthcoming–I’m so excited to see that too. 😭♥️)

To be honest I’ve never been as personally drawn to traditional family photos as I am to the candid, real-life, imperfect moments that happen to be captured on camera. These kinds of photos feel so much more special to me. (Which is why we never took engagement photos–it just never felt like “us”. And I much preferred the candids that Kina snapped when Neal proposed!)

I’ve never really known how to articulate what I wanted out of “family photos” until I met Jess and Ben. We first shot with them in their studio a few months after June was born. And despite being in a “studio” setting–the photos felt so naturally “us” and not staged at all. It felt like we’d been friends for years. (And as a result, we actually ARE friends now. 😂)

Undone sessions at home

I then discovered their work doing Undone sessions at home–where they come to your house for a longer stretch of time to document your little, everyday moments as a family.

Things like June’s crazy bedhead, her favorite lemon jammies, how she loves standing on the counter and playing “catch” with the limes she inevitably steals out of the fruit bowl. How cranky she gets getting her diaper changed. Our house how it actually looks. (Okay fine, I definitely cleaned it very thoroughly 😂 BUT, retained its natural cluttered state.) Pictures June can look back on and represent everything I hope for her childhood to be–full of love, fun, beautifully imperfect. And no pressure to be anything or anyone but herself.

I think Jess did such a beautiful job of accomplishing all of that and more. She has an amazing knack for both disappearing into the background and simultaneously making you feel like you’re hanging out with a best friend who knows all the right things to do to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are just a few of the photos from our session–it’s truly impossible to choose a favorite!

Hope you enjoy!


(Also, if you’re interested in learning more about scheduling an Our Days photo session, get in touch with them here!)

"Undone" candid family photos
"Undone" candid family photos
"Undone" candid family photos
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Disclosure: this photo session was gifted to us as a trade in exchange for helping to spread the word about Jess and Ben’s incredible work! All opinions are 100% our own!