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Travel Tuesday: 5 Steals & Deals To Book Right Now

Image via Gary Pepper Girl 

I’m experimenting with a new psuedo series here (so let me know what you think!)

Did you know Tuesdays are the cheapest days to book travel? Yep, it’s true! 

So, Neal suggested a brilliant idea for today’s post: Travel. 

I have a New Years resolution that I’m sure I share with several of you: travel more. But sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Finding good deals can be tedious, time-consuming, and requires patience that I, for one, certainly do not have. Luckily, that’s where these awesome deals, websites, and apps come in:

1. Southwest: Mega sale on flights, starting as low as $75! Enough said, does there need to be an explanation here?

2. Groupon: All-inclusive tropical getaways with airfare, start at $600! (That’s less than my rent!)

3. Air BnB: Love this giant list of all the incredible, beautiful, Air BnB’s out there. So fabulous, they’re worth planning your entire trip around! Not to mention, they take about two seconds to book.

4. Flights to San Francisco, starting at $85 and to London, starting at $600 (round trip!)

5. Hotel Tonight: An app that actually rewards you for flying by the seat of your pants! Get last minute rooms, same-day, for half the price.

What great travel deals and tips do you have?