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3 Transitional Dressing Weapons

Mar 8, 2016

Classic transitional winter to spring outfit

White Jeans: old, but similar here (high rise), here (mid rise), and here (budget-friendly). I also love versions with rips in the knees, like this pair and this pair (both budget friendly!) //  Sweater: Asos (old, but similar here.) // Loafers: c/o Barbour (old) but love M.Gemi and Everlane for loafers as well. // Scarf: Vintage, but love this version and this version. Etsy is also great for scoring vintage scarves! // Coat: c/o Ann Taylor (sold out) but love this similar style. If you’re looking for a neutral spring coat, I also love Cupcakes & Cashmere’s new trench (only $160!) // Bag: J.Crew Uptown Tote. Also love my red Gigi NY tote, which is very similar! 


Reason number 875 why I really need to get my you-know-what together and organize my closet: discovering “new” items I forgot I even owned. 

Case in point: my white jeans! A month or so ago I was working with my typical go-to denim options: skinnies or boyfriends. (As a “style blogger” you’d really think I’d own more than two pairs of jeans at a given time.) Turns out, I did. Rifling through my closet uncovered (ba ba baaaahh) white jeans that I completely forgot I owned! 

I then promptly wore them for nearly a week straight. (When I find an outfit I love, I am often a repeat offender for days or weeks at a time. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, am I right?) 

One of those white-pants-on-repeat-occasions was Saturday brunch with some of my blogger girlfriends, when these photos were taken. In fact,  at I first refused to shoot this outfit, because I had just posted this outfit post and didn’t want to annoy you with white jeans overload. Kelly told me I was crazy and took them anyway, so, hopefully you aren’t sick of them! (I mean, I’m a normal person, I repeat outfits. Hopefully you find this quality more endearing than annoying.) 

Anyway, read on for what I wore to brunch, and three of my favorite transitional wardrobe staples. (Spoiler alert: yes, white jeans is one of them.)

1. The White Jeans 

Transitional spring outfit

Yes, yes, big shocker here given the above white jeans rant. While they’re traditionally reserved for summer, there’s so much to love about white jeans during this transitional time of year. First, you’re absolutely sick of your current clothes. (If you’re trying to tell me you aren’t sick of wearing the same damn winter clothes for four months straight, I’m not sure if you’re a real human.) 

One way to trick your wardrobe into feeling new, is to switch your regular jeans out for white ones! This simple switch makes it feel like you went shopping even though you actually didn’t. (You’re welcome.) Even wearing your old go-to winter sweater with white jeans instantly brightens up your look, making it look fresh and new. 


2. The Classic Loafers 

Navy loafers

Transitional wardrobe essential #2: Loafers. These work especially well when you’re stuck in seasonal footwear purgatory–i.e. in between boot and sandal weather. Loafers are more polished than sneakers, a nice alternative to ballet flats, and add a great dose of classic prep to your outfit. If I want to further balance out the prep factor of loafers, I often pair them with lightly distressed boyfriend jeans


3. The Neck Scarf 

Classic silk scarf

No news here, a silk scarf, and anything else that adds an extra layer of warmth, added interest, and a pop of pattern is a win-win situation when it comes to transitional dressing. A silk scarf or bandana wrapped effortlessly around your neck gives off that Parisian street style meets Jackie Kennedy feel that I’m always secretly striving for. (Welp. I guess now the secret is out.) Speaking of Jackie Kennedy, did you catch Race for the White House last night? The history nerd in me loved it! 

(P.S. check out my list of favorite silk scarves right over here.) 

Classic spring outfit

What are your transitional style go-to’s during this time of year? 

Photos by Kelly Larkin 


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