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A Transitional Wardrobe Must Have: The Happy Sweater!

A Transitional Wardrobe Must Have | Madewell striped sweater

Sweater: Madewell, Jeans: Old Navy’s Warm fleece-lined skinny jeans (a must for winter!) This wash is sold out but others are still available, and they still have the non warm (classic Rockstar) version in stock and on sale! Glass mug: Amazon, Flowers: Field & Florist


It’s time. 

The time has come…to pull out the happy sweater. 

If you’re new to the concept, “the happy sweater,” as I like to call it, is one of my favorite things in my “winter slump” toolkit. You know, when you need it to feel like spring, but the weather isn’t quite cooperating? (Chicago is like, “why talk about SPRING when it can be TWO DEGREES outside?!”) I’ve talked about happy sweaters before, so if you’ve been part of the crew for a while, you probably knew this post was coming at some point soon, right? ???? 

A Transitional Wardrobe Must Have: The Happy Sweater!

I recently got this Madewell striped sweater and it’s my latest addition to the “Happy Sweater” collection (I usually get one or two every year, so I’ve built up a nice collection over the past couple of years that I just rotate through every February and March. It does wonders for your mood, I swear!) 

What constitutes a happy sweater? Most notably, bright colors. For some reason, my favorite happy sweaters also tend to be striped, but solids in really fun colors also brighten your day. (Like this bright pink Amazon sweater I have in two colors!) 

Like we’ve learned time and again this year–it’s the little things! 

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Buy it from: Madewell (it’s on sale right now! Use code WOWIE at checkout) or Nordstrom (not on sale but they usually price adjust so keep checking back if your size isn’t on the Madewell site.) 

What I love about it: The bold, happy color scheme, of course. This is kind of a weird thing, but I also think because of the burnt orange in it, it morphs to feel like whatever season you’re wearing it in–so it can feel fall-appropriate when styled with boots or Spring-appropriate when styled with some cropped jeans and your favorite pair of white sneakers. (Bare ankles–they’re just around the corner! ????????) Also, I love the chunky knit and tortoise-style buttons. 

Sizing: I sized up to a medium because I like when cardigans are a bit more oversized, but I think I could’ve also gone with a small, I don’t think you need to size up as the cut is already boxy. 

How to style it: I did a “How to style a bold, colorful sweater” post a couple years back and all the looks I included would be darling with this sweater! 

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Happy Happy Sweatering. ???? (Yes, I made it a verb.)