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Favorite Topshop Neutrals

Mar 25, 2015

Side note: Sorry this post is a little late getting up, guys! To tell you the truth I seem to have caught a major cold on the plane coming home. (I suppose a week straight of drinking in pubs and staying up until 4am didn’t do much for my immune system). So I spent a little longer in bed this morning than usual!

Anyway, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of TopShop, but the pieces they’ve come out with this spring have blown away my expectations. I can’t get enough of their neutrals that seem to be even more Brit-inspired than usual. I secretly wish I had more excuses to dress up just so I could wear this dress. Speaking of dresses, I’m don’t care what anyone says, I am definitely planning to wear this overcoat as one! (Also, I admit, I know the last one ISN’T a neutral, but it was so fun I had to throw it in here!) Shop all my picks below.

Which is your favorite?

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