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Toffee Twins

Dec 10, 2014

Today’s post will be extra sweet. Because we’re talking about toffee.

But not just any toffee. No, this toffee has taken LA by storm and is now a favorite of celebs everywhere.

And it’s also made by two of my very good friends, one of them being my freshman year college roommate, Chelsea. One day, in between jobs, they were experimenting in the kitchen and made up a random batch of toffee.  They soon discovered the talent they were clearly put on this earth for, and thus, the Toffee Twins were born.

The holidays almost always equate to mountains of sweets, holiday gift baskets, fudge, sugar cookies — but none of it matters once you’ve tried this stuff.

I would highly recommend foregoing sending out your usual gift basket this year and opt for this instead. You can even get a sampler pack (seen above) complete with Oreo, chocolate peanut butter, milk chocolate potato chip crunch, and pumpkin pie. Who needs sugar cookies to set out for Santa when you have Toffee Twins? Or better yet, the perfect accompaniment with your morning coffee. (What? It’s the holidays. You can have sugary snacks with your coffee!)

Bottom line, just do me a favor.  Go get yourself some right now! 


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