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Todd Snyder for Target: Local Pride Chicago Collection

Oct 21, 2015

Todd Snyder for Target: Chicago

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted this Instagram and told you something cool was coming? 

Well, it happened to be this. That one time I hung out with designer, Todd Snyder and Target and snapped photos at all our favorite places around Chicago. 

Add that to my list of things I NEVER thought I’d say. 

So, why was I running around town on a Monday with Todd Snyder and Target? 

Well, they just launched a line together called “Local Pride.” It’s a collection of vintage-inspired, city-specific tees and other merchandise that celebrates the local pride and flavor in each city. And Chicago just happened to be the second city on their list. (And as I’m typing this, I just now realized that having Chicago as the second city in their launch was a genius marketing strategy or a completely amazing coincidence.) 

Below is just a little sneak peak! To see the full list of places we headed, as well as the background of Todd’s inspiration for the line, head over to Target’s blog, The Bullseye View, to get the whole shebang 😉 


Target Local Pride Chicago

Todd Snyder for Target: Chicago "Local Pride" Target Todd Snyder Chicago Reckless Records Chicago: Local Pride Target Superdawg, Target Local Pride ChicagoSuperdawg Chicago Chicago Mural, Local Pride by Target x Todd Snyder

Be sure to head over to the nearest Chicago Target to pick up your favorite tees! (And if you’re a Chicago lover, but don’t live in the Windy City, don’t worry–the collection is now available online! 

Shop my favorite Local Pride Chicago tees: 

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