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Time Out

Dec 5, 2014


This week has been a whirlwind! Actually, who am I kidding? Using the term to describe the past five months would be a drastic understatement. 

It’s probably been the most stressful, hard, emotional, yet most incredible and rewarding few months of my entire life, but I’m still standing. Doing better than standing actually. 

But yesterday, I had to go into my bed room to grab a pen off my desk three different times. Each time, I would forget why I was in my room as soon as I got there. 

Yes. It took THREE TRIES to remember that I needed a pen. When I was standing within inches of my desk. Then once I got it, I couldn’t remember what I needed a pen for.

I still don’t know why I needed that effing pen. 

That has previously been described to me as “mom brain”. However, I don’t have a child. Hell, I don’t even have a dog. My succulent plants that need watering once a month are about the extent of my responsibilities outside of work. Which is pitiful. I have no excuse to be functioning with “mom brain” at age 26 (unless, of course, I had children). 

Too many days over the past few months have I have posted up at my kitchen counter at 6am, telling my roommates goodbye in the morning, only to have them get home from work what seems like an hour later, watch them go to bed, and still be sitting in the same damn spot until midnight. I make the transition from coffee to 2 Buck Chuck way too seamlessly, and often in the same snowman pajamas I woke up in that morning. (For example, I just spelled seamlessly like “seemlessly”. I am an excellent speller. I majored in Journalism. WTF?)

Time to take a break. Time out. Time. Freaking. Out.

I had planned on posting an outfit shoot for today’s post, but instead, I’m taking the day off. 

Instead, Neal and I are planning a day of ice skating in Millennium Park and Christmas shopping. We have a “holi-date” tradition (how embarrassing am I that I just shared that on the internet?) each year where we skip work and do really horrific but fabulous touristy things. It’s been a long few months for both of us, and a much needed break. 

So I’m sorry that there’s not a more exciting post for you today. But thank you. Seriously, thank you for understanding. I am so lucky. Sometimes I can’t even believe that there are people out there who read this. It’s such a weird feeling. You’ll never know how much it means to me. 

Please find time this weekend to take a time out with the ones you love. And I promise my brain will be less mushy on Monday.

Kind of. Maybe. 


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