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Snapshots of Paris

Things to do in Paris

I’ve been thinking about Paris a lot lately.

Why? I’m not sure. I can’t really put my finger on it. (I guess you could say I’ve been thinking about Paris since the second I got home this past July!)

I realized the other day that in the “back to reality” rush that ensued after we touched back down at OHare, that there were so many photos I hadn’t yet had the chance to share with you! (Such a terrible mistake on my part!)

Most of these are pretty random and don’t really fall into any sort of “category”–but what’s more fun to look at than romantically random pictures of Paris, anyway?

Scroll down for some fun images to peruse with your morning coffee, along with my favorite things to do in Paris!

Things to do in Paris | The cutest blue car on Paris streets

The cutest little blue car driving through Bastille.

Things to do in Paris: Take a walk through Saint Germain

Pretty Saint Germain

Saint Germain is one of the prettiest parts of Paris–those beautiful white buildings with the picturesque balconies you’ve come to associate with Paris? You’ll find most of those here. This is a great place to hit before or after the Luxembourg gardens, as they’re very close by.


One of my favorite photos of him.

I love this picture of Neal. It was the very first photo I took in Paris. Here he’s sitting at the teeny tiny kitchen table in our Air BnB. We had not yet found the toilet (nope, not in the bathroom with the shower and the sink!) and were convinced it was actually in a broom closet in the hallway. (Luckily, the toilet door was hidden behind a curtain, we found it a few minutes later, haha!)

Things to do in Paris | Eggs at Paris Farmers Market

Pretty eggs at the market

The pretty findings at the market near our apartment in Bastille. What would you give to have access to an open-air market everyday? I was loving every second of it!

Things to do in Paris | Paris Market Paris-Day-2-6 Things to do in Paris | Espresso pit-stop near Notre Dame

Espresso on the river

Our favorite cafe, for no reason other than because it was one of our favorite memories of the trip. It was our first day (I think?) and we walked all the way from Bastille to Notre Dame, through St. Germain to the Luxembourg gardens, and back. This spot was right at the edge of the river, it was a quiet morning, and we sat here for about 45 minutes having espresso and people-watching. Make a pit-stop here before walking to Notre Dame!

Things to do in Paris with your love | The Golden Girl Blog

Another favorite of the two of us

One of my favorite photos of us, right before we got to Notre Dame. This one also sits in a frame next to the kitchen sink.

Things to do in Paris | Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Just to the left of where the prior photo was taken of the two of us on the bridge, is this little cafe around the back of Notre Dame. I love the pretty green accents that match the trees and green accents of Notre Dame. Tip: When you go to Notre Dame, make sure to walk around to the back side (pictured). It’s much prettier, far less crowded, and there’s a cute little park!

Things to do in Paris | Paris Market

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit and veggies at another one of Paris’ open-air markets.

Things to do in Paris | Luxembourg Gardens

A handsome monsieur

(Taken at the Luxembourg Gardens.)

Things to do in Paris | Lunch near the Luxembourg Gardens

Hiding from the rain

The cutest spot outside of the Luxembourg Gardens. It had just begun to rain, so we hurried out of the gardens and hid from the rain under the awning of this cute little cafe. Yes, more espresso.

French Girl Style | What to do in Paris | The Golden Girl, Jess Keys

Channeling my best French girl

You can see the outfit post from the Luxembourg Gardens here.

What to do in Paris | Paris Photos Simple Parisian Kitchen

My little french kitchen

The little kitchen in our Air BnB. I thought it was adorable. Neal was like, “next time we’re getting a hotel.” But at 60 euro a night, I wasn’t complaining 😉

Paris-Day-2-21 Paris-Day-2

Peonies at the market
Paris Flea Markets

When you drag your husband through the Paris Fleas, you’ll want to stop and get him a beer. I don’t remember what this spot is called, and I can’t find it now, but if you make your way along Rue des Rosiers–the main drag of the flea markets–you’ll spot it on the right! It’s so cute.

A word of advice: The fleas are REALLY overwhelming–there is a ton of ground to cover and so much to look at! Plus–heads up–when you get off the subway, it’s much different (and rougher around the edges) than other areas of Paris, so prepare yourself. I was surprised and a little caught off-guard, as I hadn’t read this anywhere else.

Once you get a few blocks past the subway station and onto Rue des Rosiers I’d recommend the Marche Vernaison–it’s smaller and seems to be better curated–less junk and better prices than some of the other antiques you’ll find elsewhere. We picked up a few cool art prints that we love here!


The streets of Montmartre

Montmartre is so different than any other part of the city in that it’s incredibly hilly, which makes for some pretty fantastic views! (More on that below). Personally, I think it’s the cutest, most picturesque area of Paris. Such a dream! It’s not too far from the Flea markets, so you could easily do both in the same day.


A Parisian kitty sunning himself in the middle of the sidewalk.


The view from the roof of our Air Bnb! More Paris rooftop shots here 
More Post Flea Market Beers. Arguably the largest beers we were ever served in Paris.
Things to do in Paris | Montmartre
Le Saint Jean

The cutest little bistro in Montmartre. We ate lunch here and it was delicious! It’s also cute and old-school inside, and they have live music sometimes, too!

Things to do in Paris | Sacre Couer

Beautiful Sacre Coeur

The Sacre Coeur. It’s even cooler in person. Hidden gem: The little park around the back of the church, which is a little-known spot for tourists. Extra points if you bring a bottle of wine or a picnic–it’s quiet and great for people-watching!

Things to do in Paris | The view from Montmartre

The view from Sacre Coeur

The view from outside Sacre Coeur. This is an absolutely must. You have to climb about a thousand steps to get up here, but it is so worth it! This reminded me of Rome’s Spanish Steps but on steroids–lot’s of people hanging out here. Another great spot for people watching!

Paris-Day-4-5 Paris-Day-4-6

Paris Romance

I have no idea who this couple is, but thought this was the cutest shot!  In hindsight, I’m really upset this isn’t a photo of Neal and I. Haha!

Things to do in Paris | Drinks at the Terass Hotel

Terass Hotel

When in Monmarte, you must stop at the Terrass hotel for a drink at their rooftop bar. This was the trendiest spot we ever went in Paris, but it was really fun. There’s a beautiful view of the rooftops and eiffel tower too. Split a bottle of rosé!

Paris-Day-4-9 Things to do in Paris | Montmartre Cafe

What are your favorite things to do in Paris?