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The scariest thing I’ve ever done

Jun 12, 2015


So today I feel like I’m naked in public a little.

A lot, actually.

So, remember when I launched Ask Jess a week ago?

Well, originally my idea was to create a weekly email column where I would answer one reader’s blogger related question every week (which I did).

And the response was amazing. I’ve never been so overwhelmed (in the best way possible.) And honestly, that’s the hardest thing I’ve done since I launched my blog in terms of taking a risk and putting myself out there. (Until today…read on.)

But then I decided, “why not record a video?” I mean, most of you have never “met” me face to face before, so wouldn’t that be more fun than reading another email on Friday? It’ll be like having your morning coffee with a girlfriend.

So I did that. With the intention of only showing it to those on the Ask Jess email list. And then I showed it to Kelly. Who told me that I had to put it in today’s blog post.

Now, that was never my intention. I wanted that video to be Ask Jess eyes only. And from now on, it will be, but Kelly was very adamant that I make this very first video public, so you guys could really know what you were getting into when you signed up for Ask Jess.

Which is easily the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I can tell you right now, I did not film a video in my pajamas with the intention of thousands of people seeing it.

But, as I mention in the video, that’s what blogging is about. It’s about forming really incredible friendships with people who believe in you, and push you out of your comfort zone to accomplish the things you’d never be brave enough to do on your own. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s been right about pretty much everything else she’s taught me, so I figured I’d wing it and trust her on this one.

So, here we are! And I think the topic I cover today is a lesson you can learn from, regardless of if you’re a blogger or not, if you just started your blog, or you’ve been blogging for 10 years. (Major bonus: You’ll also find out the reason why there is a giant, creep-tastic poster behind me.) And yes, I know this video is kind of long. I could have edited it down, but real people don’t get to edit their real-life conversations down, and I wanted this to be as real life as it gets.

So, what are we talking about here? Click to watch below! (It just might be the answer to your question!) P.S. also a big shoutout to my girl, Hallie!

P.S.S. Want more weekly advice like this in your inbox? Sign up for Ask Jess below the video (you’ll never see this content on the blog again!) and I hope to see you in your inbox next Friday!

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