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The perfect getaway: Geneva, IL

May 27, 2015

A few weeks back, as you may have seen on Instagram, I took a day trip to Geneva, IL with my friends Kelly, Maya, and Nicole!

Have you heard of Geneva? It’s not to be confused with Lake Geneva. It also can sometimes be mixed up with Galena. However, it’s very much its own unique, charming town. About an hour outside of the city (just pop a bottle of Prosecco jump on the Metra!) it’s the perfect day trip or weekend escape. There are tons of amazing shops, restaurants, and things to do in this picturesque town, all within walking distance. So, obviously when Nicole proposed the idea of a girls “day cation” to Geneva, we jumped at the opportunity! Her sweet friend, Meredith, at BB Interiors, organized the day for us, and created an itinerary of her favorite can’t-miss local spots. She and her friend Sarah hung out with us all day and were amazing tour guides! Here’s what the day looked like:

  1. Beauty and pampering at Odalisque
  2. Wine tasting with Geneva Wine Cellars
  3. Lunch on the patio at The Herrington Inn & Spa
  4. Shopping at Fuschia
  5. Home decor and design with BB Interior Designs
  6. Cocktails and bites at Preservation Bread and Wine Bar

Odalisque Apothecary

When we first arrived at Odalisque, we were given the cutest little itineraries I’ve ever seen (above!) and chatted with the Oda girls like we’d been friends for years. The space was warm and inviting, and they did a fantastic job with our makeup! (Plus, I picked up so many beauty tips I can’t wait to share with you!) They carry a well-curated collection of unique, amazing products that you won’t find in any Sephora. Plus, it makes an excellent spot to pick up a gift! If nothing else, you’ll definitely want to stop in here just to say hi, and make friends!

Geneva Wine Cellars

Wine is near the top of my list in terms of you know, my favorite things of all time. However, that’s not to say I know ANYTHING about it. Pretty much the opposite, actually. Really, you know this about me. Give me Two Buck Chuck or give me death.

So you can see why sometimes I get nervous in the presence of wine bars, wine aficionados, and the like–I’m scared they’re going to sniff me out as a phony who only drinks wine of the $5 variety.

Not at Geneva Wine Cellars. I’ve never felt more at home! This little basement cellar may be tiny, but it packs an amazing selection, all tried and tested by the owner, Al–a successful former lawyer who quit his job to pursue his passion of wine. He was so much fun to talk with, and taught us so much about vino! Including letting us in on the fact that great wine actually doesn’t have to be expensive at all–he has a really great selection of affordable varieties under $20!

Herrington Inn & Spa

After lots of chatting and goofing around (obviously) on the patio of Geneva Wine Cellars, we walked down the street to the Herrington Inn & Spa. We headed straight to the patio, where we ordered (no shame) more wine, and enjoyed an amazing lunch. We then got to tour the hotel–let me tell you, I can’t wait to come back to this place! It’s like a European vacation, and has a ton of history behind it. (It’s actually an old Dairy, built in 1874!) They also have a renowned spa that I believe is calling my name. The inn sits right on the river, and is about as picturesque as they come–so obviously a photo shoot ensued (more on that later!)

Fuchsia Boutique

As our food coma was settling in, we hopped over to do a little bit of shopping at Fucshia! I’m not sure which I was more in love with–the beautiful space, or the amazing selection of clothes! My biggest pet peeve when trying on clothes is harsh lighting that makes you feel worse walking out of the store when you do walking in. This boutique is the most gorgeous experience in every way possible–you’ll love it.

BB Interiors

Next stop, was BB Interiors, a showroom and boutique filled with the most exquisite decor you’ve ever seen. We indulged in more champagne as we chatted with the owner, Claudia Beebe, and her team. Claudia has made quite the name for herself in the world of decor, and for very good reason! When it comes time to furnish a big girl apartment, BB Interiors is going to be my first call! And perhaps the most special part of the whole trip–we were surprised with custom pillows! They are absolutely adorable, and would make the perfect wedding, engagement, or housewarming gift for a friend!

Preservation Bread & Wine Bar

To wrap up our daycation, we headed over to Preservation Bread & Wine–a charming corner bistro boasting delicious small bites, flatbreads, wine, and some killer cocktails. We were still full from lunch, but quickly found way to make enough room for a selection of crostinis, flatbreads, and this amazing short rib appetizer that made me dizzy with deliciousness. The lighthearted ambiance makes it perfect for both a casual get-together with friends, or a romantic date.

Basically, this was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time, and I can’t say enough great things about this charming little town. If you live in Chicago, I’d highly recommend it for your next getaway! Even if you don’t live in the area, consider making room in your schedule for a little day trip next time you’re in the Windy City!

Photos by me, Kelly, Maya and Nicole 

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