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A Golden Blowout

May 27, 2014

This past Saturday I was invited to George The Salon in River North to preview their new Silk Veil Blowout, among other things (which I’ll share in another post to come!) I have to say, my hair has never felt as incredible as it did when my new gal pal, Kelsey, worked her magic. Consisting of a special Kerastase treatment, infused with rose oil and white flower extract, this blowout restored my hair and left it silky and shiny. I seriously never wanted to wash it — and I didn’t have to (for awhile at least) — it lasted two days afterwords! It didn’t take me long to figure out why the salon has received many an accolade from the likes of InStyle, Refinery29 and The Examiner.

I also picked up some pretty snappy hair tips from Kelsey (although, be warned, normal people cannot achieve a blowout of this caliber at home) however, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to improve our mediocre hairstyling techniques, does it? Here are some tips to tame your tresses during the blowdrying process:

  1. Start at the roots, pointing nozzle downward when rough drying. Once your roots are totally dry, the ends will dry much quicker. Don’t dry everything at the same time, or your hair will be frizz-city.
  2. Rough dry your hair about 80% of the way dry — only then should you pick up your round brush!
  3. Use hot rollers if you aren’t savvy with a round brush — they sound old-school, but are a great option if you’re short on time or if you lack skills in general ( like me!)
  4. Teasing is always a great option for added volume. Be sure to use a boars head brush, and tease by using a scooping motion from the top down (no jamming down your hair with a comb!)

Some of the products used during the Silk Veil Blowout

The skilled stylist’s version of hot rollers, Kelsey used a small round brush to blow dry and then pinned the curls using bobby pins.

…and Neal (who patiently agreed to spend his afternoon in the salon to photograph the process) thought it was funny.

The finished look. Thanks, Kelsey!

Have you tried the silk veil blowout yet? What are your favorite tips for achieving a blowout at home?

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