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The Most Luxurious Slippers

Nov 13, 2020

The Most Luxurious Slippers

Wearing my new favorite slippers with the softest waffle joggers–come in more colors and run TTS! (Wearing small!) 

Happy Friday!

What. A. Week.

I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing all weekend, and I probably won’t remove these slippers once. They are so wonderful, I thought they deserved their own post. 

The Most Luxurious Slippers

I have to tell you, I’m not usually a “nice slipper” kind of gal. I usually buy one pair of cheaper slippers, wear them into the ground until they’re ratty and unrecognizable, and repeat. But a few weeks back when I was at a socially distanced hang out at my best friend’s house, the temps started to drop and get chilly (as we were outside) so she lent me a pair of her slippers to wear.

As soon as I slipped my feet into them, I decided they MUST BE MINE. Of course, I immediately added them to my Nordstrom cart. When they arrived, they absolutely did NOT disappoint, and I have barely taken them off my feet since. 

They’re the UGG “Fluffette” slippers.

100% wool, both inside and out. (So the whole inside is what you see on the outside!) They feel SO luxurious and after the year we’ve had–they were a very much appreciated treat to myself. 

The bottoms are textured and rubber, so you don’t slip, and they’re sturdy enough to wear outside to let the dog out or thank the UPS man for delivering your 10th package of the week from a social distance. I think they run true to size–I always wear an 8 and the 8’s are perfect! If you typically wear half-sizes, I would go with a size up. (Per the website). 

They also come in tons of colors, including a really fun bright orange, hot pink, black, and cream. I decided to go with the light greige “goat” color to mix things up. (I also thought it might show dirt less–time will tell!) 

The Most Luxurious Slippers

That’s all, friends! I hope you have a wonderful, cozy and relaxing weekend! 

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