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The Cutest Casual Date Night Top

Apr 4, 2019

The Cutest Casual Date Night Top

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Happyyyy Thursday! 

I will admit I am scheduling this post in advance (look at me, trying to have my you-know-what together?) but assuming all went well, I have made it to Guadalajara! I’m here with the Patron team (along with SHAHEEN! I’ve missed her so much ?it’s so good to spend quality time with each other even if it’s just for a day, haha!) We’re staying at the Patron Hacienda–make sure to follow along on instagram stories so you can come along with me! 

Speaking of warm getaways–sharing the outfit I wore to dinner last Thursday night in Phoenix. (How that was only a week ago baffles me–it seems like a lifetime ago. ?) Blair and I went to dinner at Gallo Cafe and it was so cute. So yes, the title of this post technically specifies *date night*–but it works for GIRLS date nights too! Words cannot describe how lovely it was to eat tacos on a patio in 75 degree weather. 

I always feel like I’m constantly trying to find tops that I can dress up and down, wear out at night and around during the day! 

The Cutest Casual Date Night Top

When I saw this top–I knew it was perfect! It is great for a date due to its flirty ruffle details, but is casual enough for any occasion, really. 

It’s Mango–which is a brand I have started shopping more and totally love. (It’s kind of like Zara! And they sell it at Lord and Taylor, which is good because I’ve heard bad stories about Mango’s shipping directly from their website?) 

This top is only $50 and while it’s easy to dress up with a pair of jeans and heels, it’s really great to add a girly spin on your favorite cutoffs, too! I highly recommend these jean shorts to anyone who has been battling to find the perfect goldilocks shorts–not too short, not too tight!

Yes, they are an investment (one I refused to make for two years, but I finally bit the bullet after hearing SO many good things about this pair, and have to admit, they are completely worth it.) 

You know how I always talk about my Juxtaposition rule? Here it is again in action! Girly + feminine top meets edgy tomboy shorts meets minimalistic, sophisticated sandals. BOOM. It totally works, right? 

Speaking of sandals…

I just ordered these woven flat sandals right before I left for my trip. (Bless you, Shopbop and your INSANELY fast shipping!) I’ve never purchased anything from this brand before but I LOVE it–it’s called Kaanas.

I also got their woven loafers (OMG. SO CUTE.) but they were WAY too small. I need to re-order in a size up. Prepare yourself, because you are about to see A LOT of Phoenix outfit photos and they’re pretty much all featuring these sandals. Because, let’s be honest. I like packing light because I refuse to check bags, and me re-wearing the same pair of shoes all weekend is just real life. ?But they are so cute, they go with everything, and they’re comfy, too! What more could you want!? 

Speaking of things you’re going to see repeated a lot over the next few outfit posts (?) this Amazon purse. Not that you haven’t already seen it 874 times, but I’m not a big purse girl and this is my go-to summery vacation bag. It’s only like $15, it’s cute, and you don’t feel bad if you like, you know–accidentally drop it in the pool or smush it in your bag, because it’s so cheap. (Granted I have done both of those things and it’s really withstood the test of time surprisingly well, haha!) 

Also, let’s talk about my earrings–my friend Natalie makes them (she has her own line) and I absolutely adore them. They actually sold out super quickly when she first released them, but she has another wave coming soon, so make sure to get on her email list to get notified of new product launches of hers! You should also follow her on Instagram because she shares the BEST capsule wardrobes! (Speaking of…once I get through this insane period of travel happening, I promise I will be releasing a new spring capsule guide!) 

The Cutest Casual Date Night Top by Jess Keys [one-half-first][/one-half-first][one-half]

Mango Ruffled Cotton Top and jeans shorts[/one-half]Mango Ruffled Cotton Top and jeans shorts [one-half-first]woven bag and flat sandals[/one-half-first][one-half]

woven flat sandals[/one-half]
Mango Ruffled Cotton Top on the blog

Mango Ruffled Cotton Top and jean shorts outfit

Hope you have a great day! Make sure to follow along behind the scenes on Insta stories for my Mexico trip! 

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