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The best store-bought salad kits, according to readers

The best store-bought salad kits

It’s no secret that I love a good salad kit. So much so that I wrote a whole post on this topic already. But I guess I just wasn’t done with the topic of bagged salad yet. 😂

I needed to know ALL of the best store-bought salad kits out there, because it’s pretty much the only thing I can find time to make myself for lunch these days, and let me tell you–there are a LOT of varieties to choose from–how’s a girl to know what’s the best of the best?! I turned you to all to submit your favorites on Instagram stories. And as always–you had the intel! Here is my list of your most popular suggestions below.

I think my new goal for the remainder of the year is to work my way through as many of these as possible. If you’re always on the hunt for a delicious quick lunch, I hope you like this post too!

Reader favorite store-bought salad kits, by brand/retailer:

Taylor Farms:

This brand is available at most grocery stores (to my knowledge) and everything I’ve tried from them is very good–(I’ve tried most of these!) These were your Taylor Farms favorites:

  • Taylor Farms Dill Pickle Salad Kit
  • Taylor Farms Mediterranean crunch
  • Taylor Farms Avocado Ranch (Apparently the Costco one is the best?!)
  • Taylor Farms Everything Chopped

Trader Joe’s:

Obviously a leader in the salad kit category–sadly I rarely get to TJ’s anymore because life is too busy with June, so I haven’t tried a lot of these. I think I just need to MAKE time to get there because they sound too delicious to miss out on!

  • TJ’s Arugula salad kit with lemon basil dressing
  • TJ’s Miso Crunch
  • TJ’s Southwest
  • TJ’s Mediterranean kit
  • TJ’s Cruciferous Crunch (this is also delicious sautéed with some chicken sausage!)
  • TJ’s Sweet Kale
  • TJ’s Dill Chopped Kit
  • TJ’s Harvest Apple
  • TJ’s BBQ & Black Pepper Toscano Chopped Salad
  • TJ’s Vegan Ranch Crunch (Loved even by non vegans!)
  • TJ’s Pasadena salad kit


I have been eating a lot of Target salads lately because I often resort to going to the City Target in my neighborhood. (Which is the worst, and never has anything in stock, but at least they always have salad. 😂)

  • Good & Gather (Target brand) Mexican Caesar
  • Good & Gather (Target brand) Nashville Hot
  • Good & Gather (Target brand) Asian-Style (rumored to taste just like Panera’s!)
  • Good & Gather (Target brand) Dill-Icious chopped!

Fresh Express:

Another popular brand you can find at most stores!

  • Fresh Express Thai cashew salad
  • Fresh Express Greek Caesar
  • Fresh Express Black Pepper Caesar

Other honorable mentions:

  • Whole Foods Avocado Ranch
  • Whole Foods Sweet Kale chop (lot’s of submissions for this one!)
  • HEB Cracked Pepper Caesar
  • HEB Sweet Thai
  • Costco’s Caesar (I can attest–it’s the seasoning packet that makes it!)
  • Dole Endless Summer Salad
  • Josie’s Organic Mediterranean crunch.
The best store-bought salad kits

Ways to church them up:

While these are good on their own, they are SIGNIFICANTLY more exciting when you church them up a bit. Add your own protein, add-ins, go wild. Here are some of my favorite ideas (and yours, too!)

  • Air fry chicken strips to top–many love TJ’s brand, Costco’s Real Good Chx or CauliPower brand (which is breaded with cauliflower so a bit healthier supposedly)
  • Air fry frozen falafel and then top any med salad or TJ’s arugula salad
  • Keep some popular add-ins on hand, like sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, croutons, shredded/crumbly cheese, frozen edamame, chickpeas, and fresh scallions
  • Sautee/chop veggie burger (love TJ’s Thai or Southwest veggie burger!) to get crispy and then crumble on top!
  • Sauce up some rotisserie chicken to mix in, or some sautéed ground chicken, turkey, or beef make it a whole meal.
  • Wrap salad up in a wrap (with or without your favorite protein) or stuff into a pita!

Want more ideas on turning bagged salad into a dreamy lunch? Check out this post!