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The best no-show underwear

The best no-show underwear

Underwear: Under Armour Rug: vintage from Made with Loom on Etsy, Blanket: West Elm (on sale!) White linen duvet: West Elm 

I know you, like myself, have been living in leggings for the past year. (And bike shorts–gimme all the bike shorts in the summer! A trend I never thought I’d fall for but hey…they’re legging shorts!? And they’re comfy!?) 

We all love our stretchy pants. However, the inevitable problem that comes along with building a wardrobe of 90% spandex is…what? 


Anytime I post my favorite leggings (the Aerie offline leggings are the pair I always shout from the rooftops–they’re always on sale for $33 and feel JUST like Lulu Aligns!) or a pair of bike shorts (I love Alo’s, Lululemons, and Old Navy’s) I always know the next question from you guys will be, “but how do you avoid the underwear lines!?”

That, my friends, is a question I shall answer today. The secret is…


The best no-show underwear

What is no-show underwear? Basically a type of thong underwear that is made of incredibly thin, stretchy, and breathable material that lays flat and has no seams. (FYI–there are also pairs of no-show underwear that aren’t thong underwear, but I can’t comment on those–I can’t wear anything but thong underwear under clothing!) They’re also referred to as “seamless underwear.” 

These undies are AMAZING. In fact, they’re so comfortable that I’ve amassed several pairs at this point and they’ve become my go-to underwear. (In addition to Hanky Panky, because I still LOVE Hanky Pankies when underwear lines are not a factor–they’re just, kind of always a factor these days. ????) They are so comfortable that I honestly think they will convert even the most avid thong underwear haters into thong lovers. 

What brand to buy?

Many brands make no-show underwear, so if you have a favorite place you like to buy your undies, it’s worth checking there! But I particularly love Under Armour’s (I know, so random) and that is the brand that I buy! 

I originally ordered them for our camping trip last summer because I was worried about the lace hanky panky underwear not being super comfortable to hike in (and also because I wore a lot of bike shorts). I love that these are designed to be moisture-wicking underwear for movement–so they’re not just great for every day, they’re awesome for workouts too!

Even better: They come in a three-pack for $25! (Which I highly recommend, you will absolutely want more than one pair!) Tip: I like having both nude and black, because the nude comes in handy for summer and wearing anything that might be white or sheer. 

Sizing: They run true to size, and they’re stretchy, which I appreciate. I have both smalls and mediums–I sized up to mediums most recently because, LR, but the smalls still fit and are comfortable and I still wear both sizes! 

Hope these help answer your spandex-loving prayers! I know they answered mine! ????