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The Best Healthy Trader Joes Buys

The Best Healthy Trader Joes Buys

Shop my fave “running to TJ’s” athleisure staples: 

Sweatshirt: Lou & Grey from LOFT (it is SO. INCREDIBLY. SOFT. It’s the perfect length too–you can do a front tuck or leave it out–it’s long enough to cover your bum ?) Runs TTS. I’m wearing an XS. Comes in navy, too! I also really want this funnel neck sweatshirt–along the same lines as my LOFT one–super comfy, yet still polished! Pants: c/o Outdoor Voices–run big, size down! They come in lot’s of colors and I love how thick they are–never any show through, which means you also feel super comfortable wearing them to run errands, etc, in public! I also keep hearing SO many good things about Zella’s “Live in” leggings that come in tons of colors here and are affordable–most pairs are around $50! Shoes: Allbirds (my shoe obsession. My mother in law gave them to me for Christmas ??) They are 100% wool runners and they are the most comfortable sneakers ever. They’re moisture-wicking (you don’t have to wear socks!) and they’re machine washable, too! I can’t recommend them enough. They run TTS! Note: Mine are light grey color which is currently sold out, but I also LOVE the cream color. Shaheen has them and they are sooo cute!


The post you guys have been asking for! My massive updated list of healthy TJ’s buys! YASSSS!

I love a lot of things about you guys and the community that this blog has created over the years–you are all truly amazing and I get so much inspiration from you–you are the reason that I do what I do!

One of my favorite parts about us? You and me?

We share the same borderline illogical obsession with Trader Joe’s. It’s our happy place, and there is no other joy QUITE like the joy that comes with discovering a new Trader Joe’s find!

On another note, I’ve shared that I’ve been trying to increase my veggie intake and cut down on meat–when I cook at home, I try to cook plant based during the week (of course, there are exceptions to this, but for the most part it’s easy for me to stick to when I’m the one doing the cooking.)

Of course, being that we have so much in common, I heard from so many of you that you were interested in doing the same in cleaning up your diet and wanted to know what I typically buy in a given week, thus, the demand for this post was born!

Fast forward a few weeks, and Shaheen mentioned that she was going on a TJ’s run and asked if I wanted to go with her.

I figured this was my one and only opportunity to make someone take photos of me while in a grocery store–so I jumped into the car with her and Zain (look how cute he is in the pic I snapped below!!!) and my reusable grocery bags and decided, “Today is the day I write my new Trader Joe’s post!” ?

Anyway, let’s get to it–regardless of what you do or don’t eat, whether you’re health-conscious or not, you’re sure to find some great gems in this list. Here are my favorite healthy Trader Joe’s buys!

(But first, Zain Boo. Because. OMG. ? I hope when Neal and I have kids they’re as cute as Zain.  I mean, they won’t be. But we can pretend.) 

The Best Healthy Trader Joes Buys

The Best Healthy Trader Joes Buys: 40 Mostly Plan Based Items From Trader Joe's

Produce section + fresh sauces:

Cruciferous Crunch Mix

This is probably my #1 favorite salad mix from Trader Joe’s because it’s so versatile. I love adding it to my other salad mixes for extra nutritional value, it’s great sauteed in some olive oil and sea salt, and delicious as a slaw for topping tacos or using as a side!

Southwest Salad Mix

I’ve gotten so many people on the Southwest Salad Mix train ? It’s SO GOOD. If you’re always strapped for time during lunch, this will be your new best friend. It contains dressing, pepitas, crunchy tortilla strips and cotija cheese (I don’t use the cheese most of the time but it is tasty!) I just add avocado and it’s an amazing lunch! You can also add more nuts if you like for extra protein.

Veggie’s and Greens Salad Kit

Another delicious salad kit that is equally as easy for the reasons listed above. This one has freeze-dried asian pears in it which I’m not a huge fan of but I DO love adding some chopped apple!

Cauliflower and Broccoli Florets

Honestly all the pre-packaged, pre-washed veggies just make life SO MUCH easier. I buy the cauliflower and broccoli florets and roast them at the beginning of the week so I can throw them in salads, pastas, etc the remainder of the week. They are also delicious steamed and blended into a quick soup!

Sweet Potato Ribbons

These are also really easy to dump out in a pan and roast. Sweet potatoes are so good for you, so I try to go through a box of these per week! I like throwing them in rice bowls and salads.

TJ’s Les Petites Carrots

Okay, if you are accustomed to buying baby carrots–LISTEN. UP. You gotta buy these instead. One taste of these and you’ll be astonished to learn that THIS is what carrots are supposed to taste like. They’re cute little rainbow carrots that are already peeled, so all you have to do is pour them on a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil and your favorite spices, and roast them to perfection. They are so, so good. They are also great chopped in soups or eaten straight out of the bag. You’ll never go back to baby carrots again.

TJ’s Baby Kale Mix:

So, they have a bunch of different kale mixes, but I like this one the best because it’s baby kale and doesn’t have the tough parts that other kale does. (When I buy kale whole I remove the inner part of the leaves because it’s really tough, but for some reason they don’t do that and it bothers me). This is great for salad and you can also keep the bag in the freezer to use in smoothies!

Zoug Green Sauce

This is a put-on-anything-and-everything condiment. It’s spicy and fresh and zippy and SO SO GOOD. Use it on sandwiches, veggies, meat, in salads, in a rice bowl, whatever–yum!

TJ’s Serrano Salsa Fresca:

They have a LOT of salsas–both fresh and jarred–and I have tried a lot of them, and this one is by far the leading favorite. It tastes like the salsa in your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant and has the perfect amount of heat. I am not a chips and salsa kind (usually it’s too boring for me unless it’s fresh salsa in a restaurant) of girl but I always go through this stuff quickly.

TJ’s Fresh Pestos:

I really love their traditional fresh pesto (it must be fresh, don’t get the jarred kind. Bleh.) and they recently added a vegan kale pesto to their rotation that is also extremely delicious. Both kinds get my stamp of approval.

TJ’s White Bean Hummus:

I am REALLY picky when it comes to hummus and feel like most store-bought hummus tastes like dirty socks. Or what I imagine dirty socks might taste like if I tasted them. It’s a tough problem to have because hummus is one of the only things I can shovel in my mouth when I’m insanely busy to get a good amount of protein and healthy fat–which is why I love this White Bean Hummus so much. If you don’t usually like hummus, try this, because you’ll probably like it (its made from creamy Italian white beans instead of chickpeas, so it has a totally different taste and the texture isn’t as grainy). I’ve made home made whit bean hummus before and honestly, this is just as good. It’s perfect for entertaining in a pinch, too!

Dry, Canned, Jarred, Boxed Goods:

TJ’s Indian Fare Madras Lentils

Another go-to when I have absolutely NOTHING in the fridge. I like eating this with some brown rice and a side of veggies (if I have any!) It’s basically a delicious lentil sauce/soup-ish dish (I’m good with words) that packs a good amount of protein and fills you up!

TJ’s Masala Simmer Sauce

This is great over rice with veggies, and I’ve also poured this into the crock pot with chicken and some diced onions and it was delicious! I usually add garlic powder and spices like cumin, tumeric, or cayenne pepper or whatever else I’m feeling that day.

Thai Yellow Curry Sauce:

Another quick meal. Pour over rice with veggies and/or chicken and you’re good to go! It’s also great over rice noodles as a stir-fry sauce! The red curry sauce is equally delicious.

Everything Bagel Seasoning:

This is SO. GOOD. I put it on avocado toast and sprinkle it over roasted veggies, (it’s especially good with asian veggies!)

Onion Salt:

Another gem that I put on EVERYTHING. Basically use it on everything you’d put garlic powder on but it takes it to a whole new level. (Also good on avocado toast).

TJ’s Sriracha:

TJ’s Sriracha is even better than normal Sriracha. I couldn’t tell you why, it just is. Trust me.

TJ’s jarred roasted red peppers:

These are amazing sliced and tossed into pastas or salads, and also blended with a few cloves of garlic and olive oil for a quick pasta sauce!

TJ’s Red Pepper spread with eggplant and garlic:

Or, if you’re even lazier, you could just buy this spread ? It’s delicious spread onto pita as part of a sandwich, used as a dip for an antipasta platter, or used as a pasta sauce!

TJ’s All Natural Peanut Butter with Flax Seeds

This peanut butter has no added sugar (literally, 1 gram of sugar!) and and added flax and chia seeds which have more than 300 milligrams of additional omega-3 fats per 2 tablespoons, and itkeeps you full for 170 calories! Party!

TJ’s Whole Grain Crispbread

These are a new thing and pack a lot of nutritional punch. They make a perfect snack with a smear of peanut butter or a mashed up avocado on top (with Everything Bagel seasoning, obviously.)

TJ’s Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips with Sprouted Amarinth, Quinoa, and Chia Seeds:

These are not to be confused with the Quinoa and Black Bean tortilla chips which taste like styrofoam. I love these chips–they’re crunchy and corny and have the extra goodness of amarinth, quinoa, and chia seeds! They also have 4 grams of protein, which you know, isn’t a ton, but every little bit helps!

TJ’s Whole Grain Tortillas with Rolled Oats and Flax Seeds:

Tastes way better than normal whole grain tortillas (I didn’t find it to be as grainy) plus, added nutritional benefits of rolled oats and flax seeds! Hooray fiber! More partying!


Trader Joe’s in my experience is one of the cheapest places to buy nuts, so I always stock up when I’m there! Nuts are an easy way to get some extra protein and I always add them to salads and bowls for extra crunch and texture!

Individually packaged raw almonds: I love these because they’re really easy to throw in my bag or purse so I always have a snack on me. I try to be conscious of having a little something every few hours to keep blood sugar stable throughout the day, and these are the easiest thing to have on the go!

Brazil nuts: Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, which has properties that help prevent cancer, fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of heart disease. They don’t have these all the time, but when they do, I stock up and aim to eat a couple brazil nuts per day.

Slivered almonds: I love the honey roasted kind and the plain kind to throw on salads and in bowls for extra crunch and protein!

Gjotuchang almonds: They have so many good flavored almonds, but this spicy Korean flavor is my favorite.

Shelled pistachios: Again, I love throwing these in salads–they’re extra good on tomatoes with some basil, olive oil and balsamic glaze! Sounds weird, but try it!

Chocolate Almond Cashew Milk:

I’ve been hearing a lot about cashew milk lately so I recently tried this almond/cashew blend for my morning smoothie–it’s really good! One drawback is that it does have added sugar, but if you hate the taste of all other nut milks, this one is worth trying! Neal loves it too!

TJ’s Sparkling Water in Cans (Raspberry Lime Flavor)

For YEARS I lamented that TJ’s didn’t sell LaCroix, but this is essentially the exact same thing and they just started making it in cans. I’m officially addicted.

TJ’s Cold Brew

They have a few different types of cold brew, but I buy the large bottle in the coffee/tea aisle. It’s concentrated, so it lasts for a long time and I love making a protein smoothie with cold brew in the morning! (Recipe on that coming soon!)

TJ’s Super Green Antioxidant Powder

I always try to consume as many greens as I can, and this powder makes it really easy! It’s PACKED with anti-oxidants and I always add a scoop into my favorite fruit/veggie smoothie. (Heads up: it also says you can mix it with water but I’ve tried this and it’s BLEH. I would not advise.)

TJ’s Red Lentil Sedinini Pasta

I just made this for dinner last night! If you’re a pasta lover but obviously want to stay on the health train, this red lentil pasta is an awesome way to go. It’s also packed with protein, which, if you’re like me and trying to reduce your meat intake but have trouble getting enough protein, it’s basically going to be your new best friend. I was surprised how similar the texture is to pasta–but heads up–it’s not great leftover, so only make what you’re going to eat in one sitting.

TJ’s Brown Rice Quinoa Fusilli Pasta

I also love their brown rice quinoa fusilli! I’ve made this for Neal and he had NO idea this wasn’t regular pasta (it’s gluten free, too!) By far the best gluten free pasta I’ve tried. Just pay attention to the cooking time and test it often, because I think it’s more touchy than regular pasta in terms of getting it just right.

Best Frozen TJ’s Finds:

TJ’s Organic Brown Rice Packets (Frozen)

I’ve been using these for years and we never buy any other kind of rice. It’s ready in 3 minutes and tastes better than a lot of boxed rices I’ve used. (Word of warning: I really hate Trader Joe’s boxed rices. I have no earthly idea why they are so gross, but they are. On a similar note, I think their frozen Quinoa packets are AWFUL and I would also steer clear of those. On the contrary, their dry quinoa is totally fine. Very odd, but, thought I’d share.)

TJ’s Veggie Burgers: 

I use veggie burgers to replace meat in salads and tacos and it truly is delicious. (I’m a tough critic, so if I say it’s good, you know it’s good.) You can see my recipe for my veggie burger southwestern salad bowls in this post! These are my two favorites:

Thai Chili veggie burgers: Sweet and savory, these have just the right amount of Asian spice and are great by themselves, in a bowl, in a salad, in asian-fusion tacos–whatever. Delicious.

Cowboy Quinoa veggie burgers: What I use in the recipe linked above–I will say, I don’t prefer these in their whole form (i.e. as a burger) because they’re a little mushy for my liking, but I do like them chopped up in salads, bowls, tacos, etc.

TJ’s Thai Vegitable Gyoza:

These little guys are lifesavers when I’m short on time! I zap them in the microwave and then throw them in the cast iron to crisp them up, usually accompanied by some green beans. It’s a great quick lunch!

TJ’s Frozen Green Beans:

Speaking of, I really love their fresh green beans too, but the frozen green beans win more points for longevity. On days where I haven’t had time to get to the store, they can be lifesavers.

TJ’s Acai puree packets:

These are so good in smoothies! They add some tartness and lot’s of antioxidants!

TJ’s Bean & Rice burritos:

If you haven’t noticed, the #1 I care about when it comes to weekday meals is that they’re A. Fast, and B. they fill me up–so these burritos are awesome because they’re packed with protein and are ready in about 3 minutes. They’re really good with some salsa poured over the top along with whatever veggies I have on hand (if I have a few extra minutes, I’ll sauté some peppers to go over the top, too!)

Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry:

I’ve purchased the fresh cauliflower rice and the plain frozen cauliflower rice and this is by far my favorite. I like that it’s a meal or a complete side all on its own. It’s really good and definitely a staple if you’re trying to cut carbs!

Just for fun:

Fresh flowers: roses and hydrangeas are my year-round go-to’s here, and they always have the cheapest peonies around when they’re in season!

Eucalyptus: On another note, I often pick up a few bunches of eucalyptus to put in vases around the house. It makes the house smell incredible and it lasts so much longer than flowers!

Lemongrass Coconut Body Oil: My latest TJ’s beauty buy (I haven’t ventured too much into their beauty items because you know me–beauty skeptic) but this body oil is UNREAL. I put it on right after I shower and honestly sometimes I want to shower twice in one day just so I can put it on again. It’s the most wonderful, uplifting scent and the oil absorbs really quickly and leaves your skin so soft (without being greasy!)

Tea: I loveee tea and have tried so many varieties I love from TJ’s–lately I’ve been loving their antioxidant green tea and their hibiscus tea!

WHEW! That was a long one! What are YOUR favorite healthy Trader Joe’s finds? Share them below for all of us to read because our TJ’s obsession is REAL.