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The Best Ever Stain Remover

Jun 8, 2022

…and it happens to be nontoxic!

The Best Ever Stain Remover - Puracy

Happy Wednesday!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but it appears I never hit publish. Wow. REALLY killing it at life over here!!

I just got back from my quick trip visiting ABLE headquarters in Nashville and it was SO awesome! They are seriously such an amazing brand–we got to meet the founder, Barrett, so many members of the team, preview their fall collection, and see so much of what goes on behind the scenes! I love them even more than I already did.

Anyway, more on that later, today we are talking about stain remover. You know you’re in your thirties when you get excited about a blog post on stain remover.

The Best Ever Stain Remover

Have you heard of Puracy? I ordered it after seeing Alaina rave about it and I am officially through my first bottle. It’s so good it deserves its own blog post. I have never had a stain remover I was so in love with. It does a fantastic job of removing SO many different kinds of stains. (How!? It’s almost magic!) Not to mention–one that is nontoxic, too! (100% biodegradable plant based, eco-friendly, and cruelty free!)

I was extremely curious as to how ONE product could work on so many different things–and this is what I found: because it contains 6 different types of plant-based enzymes in it, each with different stain-removing power. (I know, now I’m sounding like an infomercial, but stick with me.) It even works on old set-in stains! Everything from grease to baby formula to makeup to blood, wine, berries, to the dirty knees on June’s pajamas (because she never stops crawling!)–I have used it on ALL of the above and it ALL comes out. If you’re also a nerd like me, you with thoroughly enjoy reading the list of each enzyme and what it does, so I’m pasting the below from their website:

Works on starches found in tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, chocolate, baby food

Works on plant material found in fruit, red wine, watermelon, berries

Works on fats & oils found in lipstick, grease, sweat, dressings

Works on proteins found in grass, blood, meat, eggs, baby formula

Works on thickeners found in ice cream, soup, cosmetics

General purpose cleaner for mud, dirt, dust, & more

How to use it:

I like to spray it on, let it sink in for a couple minutes, then rub it with my finger/nail until it comes out. For even tougher stains, spray, let sit for a few minutes, and then go over it with a brush (like a toothbrush!). Rinse, spray again, repeat, let it sit for longer–hours, overnight, whatever– until the stain is gone. I also try and spray a stain with it immediately even if I can’t get to washing it right away. Spray, throw in laundry, and get to it whenever I can! It makes a big difference!

So there ya go! If you’re constantly battling with laundry, this will be your new best friend. Seriously.

I hope you enjoyed this riveting material. 😂

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