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The Amazon Cold Brew Maker That Totally Will Make Your Summer

Jul 31, 2020

Amazon Cold Brew Maker

Happy happy Friday!!

A short and sweet (and caffeinated) post for you today. I will admit I never envisioned turning this kitschy contraption into a full blog post, BUT. I have received SO MANY questions and also requests on my little cold brew maker that I decided–WHY NOT?

The Amazon Cold Brew Maker

I purchased this cold brew maker for our camping trip but I have been hooked on it ever since. It’s honestly not revolutionary, but it just makes the process so much easier than doing it say, with a French press! (You can see how I make cold brew in my French press here!) I also got the 2QT size, which I love, because then I can make many batches at the same time and one batch will last me a few days! This would also be a lovely device for making iced tea if you love using loose leaf tea!

It’s been so fun to have delicious iced coffee to look forward to each morning! I think right now it’s all about having little joys to look forward to and brighten your day–and this is definitely one of them! 

Here’s how it works… 

Step #1: Fill filter cone with your favorite coffee

What kind of coffee do you use? 

You don’t need any special kind of coffee, but you will want to make sure it’s coarse grind (a French Press grind works great!) The reason for this is because you don’t want the coffee to be so fine that it seeps through the filter and into your coffee. (That would result in sludge at the bottom of your cup–woof!) 

My favorite coffee lately is Kribi coffee (formerly Counter Coffee Air Roasters). They ship everywhere in the U.S. and they let you choose the grind and the roast level which is really cool! I also love Chicago French Press, which makes amazing flavored coffees (but not sweetened!) if that is your jam!

Step #2: Fill jar with water 

Tip: Fill jar about 3/4ths of the way full. Then pop in the filter full of coffee. Then fill the rest of the way full (like through the filter, until it gets all the way to the top). This is how I’ve found is the best way to fill it without spilling any of the coffee or causing water overflow! 

Step #3: Screw on lid, let brew overnight 

[Self explanatory ????] 

Step #4: (Next morning!) Remove filter cone, screw lid back on, and enjoy! 

Remove the filter cone with the coffee grounds in it. Then screw the lid back on, pour over ice, and that’s it! You’ll have delicious cold brew to enjoy for days! 

Amazon Cold Brew Maker Amazon Cold Brew Maker

Amazon Cold Brew Maker

Snag this little magic maker on Amazon right here. Happy brewing, and have a wonderful weekend!! 

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