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“The Amazon Coat” Winter Parka Review

Amazon Parka: My Honest Review 

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Happy Wednesday!

Just in time for the tail end of winter (sorry It’s been a wild winter, ya know?) I’m finally publishing my review of THE Amazon coat. This is my first winter with this coat, and much to my surprise, it has turned into my go-to parka, even on the coldest days! If you’ve been in the market for a new winter coat and are searching for one that has lots of great features and doesn’t break the bank, keep on reading.

Amazon Parka: My Honest Review

Overall, this coat has far exceeded any expectations I had of this random brand found on Amazon. If you’re wanting a very warm winter parka around $150–I think this is an absolutely fantastic option. (Especially if you have a little baby or are pregnant!)

Amazon coat pros: 

The features: 

Expandable sides: 

the only reason that I bought this coat was due to the expandable sides, making it perfect to wear with June when wearing her in her Babybjorn. I think this is probably the feature this coat is most famous for, and it absolutely did not disappoint. To say this coat has made winter with a baby significantly more fun, sweeter, and easier, would be an understatement. This feature would also make it a great coat for pregnancy as well.

Lot’s of pockets: 

The coat has 6 pockets–four of them zipper pockets. It holds so much that I rarely ever bring a purse when I’m out with this coat–it’s really nice! The top pockets are perfect for sunglasses, and I would often unzip one of the bottom pockets to pop one of June’s bottles into if we were out and about. It’s great!

Warm, fleece lined hand pockets: 

Another favorite pocket feature: the super soft fleecy hand pockets. I rarely ever wear gloves because keeping them in these pockets keeps them much warmer than they would be wearing gloves!

Fleece lined hood: 

I never thought about this being a practical feature until I forgot my hat and the wind picked up–it made SUCH a difference! My ears get cold really easily, so sometimes even with a hat they’ll start to hurt after a while, and having this insulated hood keeps me so warm!

Lots of colors:

They make this coat in lots of colors to suit different styles and tastes! I love the olive green color, but almost wish I’d gotten the creamy beige color because it’s so pretty!

Warmth rating:

Speaking of warm, I truly underestimated the warmth factor of this parka. I didn’t even realize it was real down when I ordered it (probably because the price was so reasonable). I would say this is just as warm as your average North Face parka. It doesn’t list a fill power rating on the website but I would guess it’s around 600 on the comparison scale to other parkas I’ve owned in the past. It may not be as warm as super expensive parkas that are at 650-700 fill power, but I’ve worn it out in really, really cold temperatures and still remained very warm!

Another great thing to note is that it feels very windproof. I usually don’t like exposed zippers on parkas because they always seem to let the wind seep through, but I haven’t noticed that issue with this one!

The price:

The price, aside from the features listed above, is what is most noteworthy about this coat. You really cannot beat it for the price of $150. Based on how much I’ve worn it this winter alone, it’s been well worth it.

Amazon coat cons: 

Honestly, the only con I can think of is that it’s not waterproof. I do think it’s a water resistant, and this factor hasn’t caused me any issues, but I also haven’t been caught in a downpour without an umbrella. Just something to be aware of, but again, for that price, I don’t think we can expect this coat to check every nit picky box!


I went with my normal size, which is a small, and it was the right move. I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any smaller (due to the fact that I want to be able to wear it with June) but if I didn’t have a baby and I didn’t often wear a ton of thick layers underneath, I may have wanted to size down to an XS if I wanted it formfitting. If you want it to be a roomy fit though, I think your regular size is good.

Amazon Parka: My Honest Review 

Amazon coat winter parka

Chicago winter staples

Amazon Parka: My Honest Review 

Other winter staples I’m wearing here:

Long sleeve thermal:

Uniqlo Heattech (the ULTRA is the warmest rating!) tees are the perfect layering tee for winter. When it’s super cold, I’ll wear one underneath a chunky turtleneck sweater or fleece, and it makes a huge difference in keeping you toasty! I have other thermals I like too, but these will definitely give you the most bang for your buck! They make several other super warm basics for winter too, you can shop the whole Heattech line right here

Dudley Stephens Vello Fleece turtlenecks:

On the coldest days of the year, there is one kind of top I reach for, and it’s a Dudley Stephens Vello Fleece! (I have both the short Park Slope and longer tunic Cobble Hill, and love both!) They are SO incredibly warm! I also love that they have a high collar, which I think makes them look very chic but also makes them very warm! You can read my Dudley Stephens review and different ways to style in this blog post!

Tip: You will need to care for these properly to get the most longevity out of them–wash them inside out on cold with like colors and hang them to try, and use a de-piller from time to time if you need to, but to me, these are so worth it! I also love that they’re a small American made brand run by a mother-daughter team!

Old Navy Warm Jeans: On sale for $14!

If I had to narrow down the list to ONE most important item to own to weather a very cold winter, it’s the Old Navy “Built-In Warm” jeans. They truly cannot be beat. They’re fleece-lined, make such a difference in the cold, but also don’t make you overheat inside. My favorite are the black Rockstar skinnies. Truly magical. They do run a bit roomy, so if you want them tight, you may want to size down! Cannot believe they’re on sale for $14!

Snow boots:

Heavy duty snow boots are an essential for Chicago winters and one pair will last you a long time! Mine are the Sorel Tofino II–several years old and highly recommended. In general, I think all Sorel tall snow boots are a great buy. (They make several styles!) If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly version, this pair from Amazon is really cute and highly rated!

Tip:  In addition to big ole snow boots for heavy snow, I also recommend having a shorter, lighter pair (like these or these) for snow/slush that isn’t quite so intense. You’ll wear these more often as they’re easier to walk in!

Chicago winter outfit

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That’s it! I hope this was helpful in deciding if the Amazon coat was right for you (and turning you on to some other great winter staples!) 

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