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The 6 pretty lipsticks to wear this winter

The 6 Prettiest Lipsticks To Wear This Winter | The Golden Girl

Hi guys!

Happy THURSDAY. Omg–where on earth did this week go? I came down with a cold on Monday afternoon, so I took most of Tuesday off to catch up on sleep–I’m feeling much better now, but that made me even more behind–bah! I feel like the holidays are always an infinite game of catch-up ?OH WELL! C’est la Vie!

Today I wanted to share some of the lipstick colors I’ve been loving lately that are perfect to wear during the holidays! There’s a little something for everyone in these shades–from neutrals to pinks to deep vampy statement lipsticks, I’m in love with all of these.

You guys know I’ve been slowly transitioning my beauty products over to cleaner counterparts, and the one thing I really was not ready to let go of was my lipsticks.

I looovveee my MAC. My NARS,  Charlotte Tilbury, and my Givenchy. (But did you know that almost every lipstick has LEAD in it? And…you like, you know–eat it off during lunch, lick it off throughout the day–hot, I know. But seriously! “What’s a little lead?” I would say to myself to justify– but I was being honest with myself, I knew I should probably at least dip my toe in the “clean lipstick” pool to see if I couldn’t find a “better for you” version I could tolerate. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work. Everything in moderation, ya know?)

Well–thankfully, I DID. Two brands, actually!

One is RMS Beauty’s “Wild with Desire” lipstick (I love their orangey RMS red, and the formula is quite similar to MAC’s matte lipsticks!)

The other one is Beautycounter’s Color Intense lipstick.

As you know, Beautycounter become my go-to ever since I started switching over to clean beauty simply because they carry so many kinds of products and having a one-stop shop (where I didn’t have to scour ingredient labels) just made my life 100% easier. Everything I’ve tried from Beautycounter I’ve truly loved. (Aside from their frizz free hair oil–I was hoping it would be like a Moroccanoili, but that NOT GOOD. At least for my hair ?)

I first tried their sheer lipsticks, which I really liked for daytime (they’re VERY moisturizing, I’d compare their formula to Clinique’s classic formula) but they didn’t give me the pigment I really wanted and definitely didn’t live up to my favorite MAC/Charlotte/NARS/Givenchy in terms of pigment.

Thennnn they came out with their “color intense” lipsticks, and they absolutely NAILED it.

I really love the pigment you get with these lipsticks–like RMS, the color is equivalent to MAC, BUT the formula is actually very hydrating–so you get the color and feel of a creamy matte lipstick without the dryness–quite the opposite actually, it makes my lips actually feel smooth and hydrated (which was my biggest pain point with MAC lipsticks is that if my lips were the least bit dry, they would wreak havoc on them).

 Mini Lipstick Vault Set

Because I wanted to try a lot more colors at a discount, I recently purchased holiday set Mini Lipstick Vault Set (which is kind of a weird name…not sure why it’s called a vault. Probably because it’s going away after holiday forever? Catchy ?) and that’s what you’ll see me sharing here today–I really love the colors and so many of them are perfect for holiday, or any time of the year, really.

Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t sell ALL lipsticks in mini sizes. If you’re like me, you lose your lipstick before you can ever finish the tube, so these minis are really the answer to my prayers. (Who needs a full size anyway? Plus it fits easier in your purse!)

With the set, each lipstick comes out to being just $9.87 a lipstick. What a steal!

Obviously, it’s a no brainer for like…you ?but is also an amazing gift for your sister, bestie, cousin, or mom! It comes in a beautiful holiday box (so you don’t even have to wrap it) PLUS–great idea–ding ding ding–you can split the set apart and gift one mini to each of your girlfriends along with a cute card, or bottle of wine!

Here are my favorite colors of the set! 

9-5: Neutral Mauve

This is my go-to, everyday color. I wear it during the day, I often wear it when I’m going out to dinner and I don’t want a full on red lip. It’s the most stunning brownish pinkish mauve color.

Daydream: Soft, feminine pink

Daydream: Soft, feminine pink

If 9-5 is too brown for you and you’re looking for a warmer pink, definitely try “daydream”–I think this is a perfect lipstick for everyday and is a litttlee something extra while still remaining very natural looking!

Gala: Classic Blue-Red

My other frequent go-to lately when I’m going out at night–this classic red has a cool blue undertone (as opposed to an orangey red, which you’ll see below!) Reds with blue undertones tend to look fantastic on fair skin-tones, which makes it a very popular color in the winter.

Girls’ Night: Orangey Red

Girls' Night: Orangey Red

If you want more “zazz” than your classic old-hollywood blue red, go for an orange red instead! I love the pop of a bright pout with otherwise fairly neutral makeup–it adds so much to your outfit and of course, is very fun for a holiday party!

Premiere: Moody Plum

Premiere: Moody Plum

This is a perfect hue to wear for a night on the town! I love the moody color, which makes a statement without being loud, and the subtle jammy plum undertones!

Twilight: Dark Berry

Twilight: Dark Berry

Very similar to the above, but with a red undertone instead of purple–it’s like the darker, vampier version of “Gala”–it’s perfect for any festive occasion.

Lipsticks To Wear This Winter

Which color is YOUR favorite? If you’re interested in the set, it’s a limited time holiday edition, so you’ll want to snag it before the holidays are over, but if not, no worries, they sell their full sized lipsticks year round!

For more beauty tips and educational tidbits on how to transition your products over to clean beauty (without pulling your hair out!) sign up for my clean beauty email list–I do fun gifts and giveaways only available to subscribers!

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