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My Ultimate (Everlane!) Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

My Ultimate (Everlane!) Summer Capsule Wardrobe



I am so, so excited for this post (my first capsule post in a LONG time) and I think you will be too! This is the perfect capsule for any vacation you’re going on this summer. I’m sharing 12 staples that result in endless outfit combinations, plus 14 of my own outfit remixes to get you started. ?

Now, this isn’t ANY old a capsule wardrobe, but it’s the first of it’s kind for me–a 100% EVERLANE capsule wardrobe. ??

Obviously whenever I get to team up with Everlane–my favorite brand–it’s a dream come true–but today is even better, because today only, they have FREE 2 day shipping–so you can get anything you see here in time for 4th of July weekend! ??

If you’re new around here, I’ve been an Everlane fan from the beginning when they were just a teeny tiny company (LONG before they were a sponsor of my blog!) Not only do they make high quality, versatile staples at great prices–but they are all about transparency–from the cost breakdown on how much it costs to make their clothing and how much they charge for it (you can see how much it costs them to make the item and how much they charge for it in return on every product page), to giving consumers a look into the ethical factories to make their clothes (learn all about them here!) to their goal of committing to no new plastic in their entire supply chain by 2021. This is just the tip of the iceberg–they are truly an amazing company! Just a few more reasons to feel good about your purchase! 

ANYWAY–on to today’s capsule! 

Here are some criteria I kept in mind when selecting my Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe items: 

Mix & Matchability: 

You’ll notice that there is a pretty heavy color scheme of blues and whites (and colors that go with blue and white) happening here. When putting together any collection of outfits (whether that’s for everyday life or when packing for a trip) the biggest piece of advice I can give is to stick to a color scheme. This ensures you can pretty much reach into your suitcase blind and put together a cute outfit. It takes all the stress out of packing and also on getting dressed! 

Three pairs of shoes: 

Ever find yourself desperately trying to cram 6 pairs of shoes in your bag for a trip that only lasts three days? The way to avoid this is to choose your shoes first, and then base everything else off what matches THOSE shoes. I went with one pair of sandals, one pair of sneakers, one pair of heels–but based on where you’re going–you may want to sub out the heels for something else, and that’s totally fine! 

Comfy and casual but easy to dress up: 

Because this is a “vacation” capsule wardrobe, I wanted the focus to be on casual, comfortable outfits that could withstand a lot of walking in the summer heat. (Because that’s basically all we do on vacation. ?) but of course–there are plenty of occasions where you’ll want to pull out a cute pair of comfy heels for date night, brunch with friends, etc–so I’ve made sure that the items I picked are easy to dress up, too! 

Okay! Let’s talk about the list of items, yes?! **Please refer back to this section for in-depth item descriptions and sizing details!** 

Cotton Weave Picnic Midi Dress

I polled you guys on Instagram on whether I should get this light blue striped version or solid navy–and it was an EVEN 50/50 split down the middle. ?In all honesty, I think I’m going to order the navy too. This dress is just TOO good. It’s cotton, with a stretchy back, so it hugs you in the best ways–the straps are adjustable AND they are wide enough and placed in the perfect spot to cover bra straps! The tie is completely optional/removable as well! 

Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing a 0, which is my size across the board when it comes to dresses. 

Air collarless blouse:

I LOVE a good breezy, white summery blouse. This is absolutely one I’m going to be living in all summer–I love it because its insanely light–it’s like wearing air–but it also helps protect you from the summer sun with the long sleeves! I love the collarless look, as well as the pretty, delicate details on the sleeves. This is also one of those “goldilocks” shirts that is perfect for work but also looks beautiful and effortless tucked into shorts, cutoffs, jeans, linen pants–whatever! 

A couple things to keep in mind with this blouse:

1. The sleeve closure runs small. I ordered a 0 but should’ve ordered a 2–so that may have been solved by sizing up–but I like my sleeves loose and cuffed anyway, so I probably wouldn’t have worn them buttoned regardless, so this was not an issue for me.

2. This is called the AIR blouse because it is supposed to be thin and breezy–I do not have an issue with it being see through because my tan bra is the same color as my skin. If you have a tan bra that does NOT match your skin, you may have some show through. I like to explain this every time I wear a white shirt because people go their whole lives wondering why they can’t find a white shirt that isn’t see through, when really their “nude” bra is the problem, not the shirt. ?

If you’re more of a classic button down kinda girl, they also have a classic air button-down

Sizing: Small at the arm closures. I usually can go 0 or 2 in Everlane tops, and I wish I’d done the 2, so size up if you’re on the fence. (Granted, I always cuff my sleeves anyway so that didn’t matter to me, haha!) 

Striped tee: 

The striped tee is one of my #1 travel staples, because every outfit looks SO much cuter with a striped tee than it does with a plain ole white tee! Not that white tees don’t have their place, but when you’re trying to stick to a minimal capsule wardrobe, it’s great to have some basics that pack some personality punch–and stripes do just that! 

By the way, this is their cotton box cut tee, which I absolutely adore. I’ve owned these for a few years now and I have them in a few colors. I love that they’re a little bit cropped–not too tight but not too loose, and almost a vintage-type cut–and so comfy! 

Sizing: True to size, I’m wearing a small. 

Air cami: 

I loovveee this tank. It’s probably my favorite tank that I own. It’s the best basic–it’s the perfect amount of loose but not too loose, and it’s seriously like wearing–well–air–so it’s very appropriately named. My favorite way to wear it is tied up in a knot. 

Sizing: True to size, I’m wearing a small–but meant to be oversized, if that makes sense. Order your normal size. 

Patch Pocket Shorts: 

I got soo many questions about the Patch Pocket shorts when they came out, so I was so excited to finally get the chance to review them! I actually asked you guys to vote on which you wanted me to style more, the shorts or the skirt–and shocker, another 50/50 split. ?The good news is–you’re getting both reviewed anyway. 

Another tough decision–should I get white, or navy? Couldn’t decide there either–so, alas, I figured it was best to show you guys BOTH options so you could decide which color you like best for yourself! 

These shorts are WONDERFUL.

What I love most is that they don’t gap at the waist (which allllwayyyss happens with high waisted shorts with me) and they aren’t tight on the thighs! ??The material is substantial and they have the perfect amount of stretch. High waisted, short but not TOO short–they’re also very flattering! (If you’re really picky about finding shorts that are the right length, I posted two awkward photos of my behind while wearing these shorts further down this post JUST for you–so you could assess the length for yourself! ?) 

Also similar–the high rise, Cotton Twill short, if that’s more your style! The patch pockets were fully stocked when I ordered them but they’ve since sold out in a lot of sizes ?I’m so sorry, I hate when that happens. I do my best to only post in-stock items but sometimes it’s out of my control! If you do see your size, snap it up because they’re going FAST. I will enquire about potential re-stocks and report back here. 

Sizing: True to size. I wear a 0 in all Everlane bottoms and these fit perfectly! 

Shorts alternative:  If you aren’t a shorts person, all the looks I’m styling here with shorts would also look ADORABLE with pants–especially Everlane’s wide leg crops, or their newer straight leg crops! I know some of my gals aren’t into shorts, so just wanted to call out an alternative substitution! 

Patch Pocket Skirt: 

If you’ve been wanting a cute, flattering skirt that is longer than a mini skirt but isn’t a pencil skirt? This is the perfect in between! Depending on where you work, this would be a great work skirt as well as a super cute weekend skirt, because it’s definitely not too short, it’s not too tight behind, but somehow, doesn’t look frumpy at all and would be totally cute for a date. (Magic?) 

Sizing: True to size. I wear a 0 in all Everlane bottoms and these fit perfectly! 

Easy Chino Shorts: 

I have a similar pair of shorts I brought to Italy with me last year (life savers!) and these are like the new version! Sometimes you just need a short that is loose, cool, comfy, takes zero time to pull on, but still looks polished. Here they are! They come in lot’s of great colors, too! 

Sizing: True to size. I wear a 0 in all Everlane bottoms and these fit perfectly! 

Alternative: They also just came out with easy chino pants, if you don’t like shorts! These would be great for work/travel as well! 

TREAD Sneakers: 

I LOVVVEEEE these sneakers. I call these my “cool girl sneakers”–I feel like they’re pushing the cool limits for me but they still totally work because the design has a little bit of a vintage flair–therefore, they’re trendy AND classic at the same time! They are also insanely comfortable, with a lot of support. These would be great shoes to walk allllll over in while traveling. 

Sizing: True to size. I wear an 8 and I ordered an 8 and they fit great. 

Day Sandals: 

If you’re basically just searching for slippers disguised as sandals, these are them. I love the criss-cross detail, the beautiful color of the leather–but also, because they feel like butter on my feet. Like, REAL butter. Not the kind in the tub–the expensive European kind. These are the KERRYGOLD BUTTER of sandals, you guys. I need to order them in black too before they’re gone. ?

Sizing: True to size. I wear an 8 and I ordered an 8 and they fit great. 

Double strap block heels: 

Such a fantastic versatile block heel! Not too high, go with everything–and I love the square toe! They are also very comfortable (they do take a litttlleee bit of breaking in–but worth it, promise). 

Sizing: True to size. I wear an 8 and I ordered an 8 and they fit great. 

Neck/Hair scarf: 

The ones I’m wearing here are both old/vintage, so I can’t link to them, but I definitely wanted to illustrate how one little accessory can make a big difference in mixing up a look, and how it can take a pair of cute, classic, simple staples and make them into an entirely new outfit! Plus, hair scarves SAVE me in the summer heat–I wear them on the hottest days (especially traveling) to extend hair in between washes and keep it off my face when temperatures spike.

Related posts: How to tie a hair scarf and how to tie a bandana

Okay–now the even more exciting part–the outfits! 

Everlane Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfits: 

Cotton Picnic Dress with Day Crossover Sandals: 

Cotton Weave Picnic Midi Dress Everlane

[one-half-first]Day sandals featured[/one-half-first][one-half]

Jess is wearing a Cotton Weave Picnic Midi Dress from Everlane


Cotton Weave Picnic Midi Dress, Day Sandals

This first look is a no-brainer for everything from walking around exploring during the day, to grabbing pizza on the patio for a casual dinner! This dress is comfortable enough to wear around ALL day. (Plus, the straps totally cover your bra straps, so you don’t have to deal with a strapless bra all day either!) Huzzah! (P.S. this dress also comes in dark navy, which is also perfect for the 4th!) 

Cotton Picnic Dress with Double Strap Heels: 

[one-half-first]Jess is wearing a Cotton Weave Picnic Midi Dress from Everlane[/one-half-first][one-half]Double step block heels from Everlane


Cotton Weave Picnic Midi DressDouble strap block heels

Need to dress up? No problem! Just swap out the day sandals for simple block heels for a look that is ultra polished and put together. You won’t have to worry about walking to dinner in these either! (They do require a teensy bit of break-in though IMO. This look would also be great for work with a cardigan throw over the top, or so cute with a white jean jacket

Navy patch pocket shorts with striped tee + TREAD sneakers: 

Navy patch pocket shorts with striped tee + TREAD sneakers

[one-half-first]Navy patch pocket shorts with striped tee + TREAD sneakers[/one-half-first][one-half]Navy patch pocket shorts with striped tee[/one-half]

TREAD sneakers

Patch Pocket Shorts, Striped tee, TREAD sneakers

Next up, we have the navy Patch Pocket shorts–which, I am so upset to say–are selling out VERY quickly. They were fully stocked when I ordered the product but they’ve gone so fast. ?If you see your size, snap it up ASAP! Anyway–this look (as are many that you’ll see here shortly) is the perfect outfit for a heavy day of walking while on vacation. It’s cute, comfortable, and most importantly, keeps you cool! This is the outfit formula I revisit over and over again! 

Navy Patch Pocket Shorts with cotton blouse + block heels: 

Air Collarless Blouse, Patch Pocket Shorts, Double strap block heels  [one-half-first]Air Collarless Blouse, Patch Pocket Shorts[/one-half-first][one-half]Air Collarless Blouse, Patch Pocket Shorts, Double strap block heels 


Air Collarless BlousePatch Pocket Shorts, Double strap block heels 

Next up, I wanted to demonstrate how versatile these heels are by pairing them with shorts–which is something I rarely do. As a rule, I think heels and shorts are pretty hard to pull off without looking like a “lady of the night” ?but because these are a low, chunky heel with beautiful, simplistic lines–they actually add the perfect amount of dressed-up polish to these shorts! Additionally, the shorts are “nice” enough to be able to pair well with heels–which is great, because they’re a lot more versatile than jean shorts! They are the perfect match for Everlane’s summery cotton button down, which adds the perfect amount of easygoing polish. This is the perfect outfit to wear out to dinner in the summer, whether on vacation or at home! **Also sorry for the butt picture, but I knew you’d want to know how short they were in the back ?** 

Navy patch pocket shorts with air cami + day sandals: 

Air Cami, Patch Pocket Shorts, Day Sandals [one-half-first]Air Cami, Patch Pocket Shorts[/one-half-first][one-half]Air Cami, Patch Pocket Shorts, Day Sandals


Air CamiPatch Pocket ShortsDay Sandals

I definitely wanted to include Everlane’s Air Cami in this post–I’ve had this tank for over a year and have worn it into the GROUND. I wear it with everything from jeans to shorts to dressing it up with heels, to working out in it–everything. It’s so lightweight it feels like you’re wearing nothing. An absolute lifesaver in the summer! You wouldn’t normally think a white tank is very exciting, but you’ll see how versatile it is when this post is over! It pairs perfectly with casual shorts and slides for an effortless combination. Add a neck scarf or a swipe of red lipstick (or both!) for a finishing touch. 

Easy Shorts with Striped Tee + TREADS: 

Striped tee, TREAD sneakers, Easy chino shorts [one-half-first]Striped tee, TREAD sneakers[/one-half-first][one-half]Striped tee, TREAD sneakers, Easy chino shorts[/one-half]

Striped teeTREAD sneakers, Easy chino shorts

See what I mean when I say a striped tee adds so much more personality to a basic outfit than a plain ole tee does? This striped tee pairs perfectly with their new easy chino shorts! (I’m a big fan of their easy work pants, so I knew I’d love these too!) These are the shorts you pull on on the HOTTEST of days–when all you want is something loose and comfy on your body. They’re fantastic because they can be styled almost as a hybrid between a regular short and an athletic short–so they’d be great for a vacation day where you’re doing outdoor activities but want to look put together, making it a European vacation essential! I also love that they’re not too short, and they aren’t remotely tight on the thighs! 

Easy Shorts with Air Blouse + Day Sandals: 

 Air Collarless Blouse, Day Sandals, Easy chino shorts [one-half-first] Air Collarless Blouse, Day Sandals, Easy chino shorts[/one-half-first][one-half]

 Air Collarless Blouse, Day Sandals, Easy chino shorts[/one-half]

 Air Collarless Blouse, Day Sandals, Easy chino shorts

For a more classic/polished look, swap the striped tee for the air collarless blouse! They are an effortless, breezy match made in heaven–with the comfy-as-slippers day sandals rounding out the look! You could totally swap in the block heels though to make this outfit even more polished–the shorts are so versatile! 

Easy Shorts with Air Cami + Day Sandals: 

Easy Shorts with Air Cami + Day Sandals [one-half-first]Easy Shorts with Air Cami[/one-half-first][one-half]

Easy Shorts with Air Cami + Day Sandals


Air Cami, Day SandalsEasy chino shorts

Another “OMG IT’S SO HOT, WHAT DO I WEAR?!” outfit. ?I basically wore an iteration of this outfit every day in Rome because it was 8000 degrees–I was so thankful for “barely there” clothes! 

White Patch Pocket Shorts with striped tee and block heels: 

White Patch Pocket Shorts with striped tee and block heels

[one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Shorts with striped tee[/one-half-first][one-half]

White Patch Pocket Shorts with striped tee and block heels


Striped teePatch Pocket Shorts (High Rise Cotton Twill Shorts are similar), Double strap block heels

Now on to the WHITE patch pocket shorts. Like I mentioned in the upfront, I couldn’t choose which color between white and navy (they’re so different!) so I decided on both! Please don’t think this is me telling you that you NEED both–I’m just providing options! ?

I love love these shorts–I also felt obligated to include a super awkward photo of my butt ?(a weird thing to post on the internet, but you needed to know they aren’t see through and also how they fit in the back. Please excuse the chair marks on my thighs. I’m a really good blogger guys.) 

ANYWAY. I love this look because it demonstrates how versatile the shorts and the t-shirt really are. It’s pretty tough to dress up any old t-shirt with shorts and heels, but it works here because of the striped pattern and also because I think the t-shirt quality is a bit more classic. 

White Patch Pocket Shorts with Air Cami + TREADS: 

White Patch Pocket Shorts with Air Cami + TREADS [one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Shorts with Air Cami [/one-half-first][one-half]

White Patch Pocket Shorts with Air Cami + TREADS


Air Cami, Patch Pocket Shorts, (High Rise Cotton Twill Shorts are similar), TREAD sneakers

You’re about to discover my love for white on white here in a second–but truly–I don’t think there’s a better monochromatic combination for summer. It’s so crisp and refreshing! Yet again, a perfect “on your feet all day” look for vacation on a hot day!

White Patch Pocket Shorts + Air Blouse + Day Sandals 

White Patch Pocket Shorts + Air Blouse + Day Sandals - Everlane [one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Shorts + Air Blouse - Everlane[/one-half-first][one-half]White Patch Pocket Shorts + Air Blouse + Day Sandals - Everlane


Air Collarless Blouse, Patch Pocket Shorts, (High Rise Cotton Twill Shorts are similar), Day Sandals

More proof of how versatile the air blouse is–you can leave it loose, tuck in the front, OR tie it in a knot! This is why I love button-downs so much–the combinations are endless. Another white on white look you can wear everywhere this summer! 

White Patch Pocket Skirt + Navy Tee + Day Sandals: 

White Patch Pocket Skirt + Navy Tee + Day Sandals - Everlane

[one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Skirt + Navy Tee - Everlane[/one-half-first][one-half]

White Patch Pocket Skirt + Navy Tee + Day Sandals - Everlane


Patch Pocket SkirtStriped tee, Day Sandals

The patch pocket skirt! ??As mentioned in the upfront, I polled you guys on whether or not you wanted to see the Patch Pocket Skirt or Patch Pocket Shorts styled, and it was a 50/50 split–so here we are! For my gals who aren’t into shorts–I still gotchu! I was so excited when I pulled on this skirt because it seems like the solution so many of you are looking for–conservative enough for work (pending you work somewhere that isn’t formal) yet still cute enough to wear outside of the office. This is it! It comes in black and brown as well! 

It pairs so well with a striped shirt–even if you aren’t a white skirt girl and got the black, it would be just as cute with the black and white striped version of this tee! 

White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Blouse + Block Heels: 

White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Blouse + Block Heels [one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Blouse + Block Heels[/one-half-first][one-half]

white outfit everlane


Patch Pocket Skirt, Air Collarless Blouse, Double strap block heels

I also wanted to demonstrate how easily you could dress this skirt up–just add a blouse and heels (in this case, the air blouse and double strap block heels, obvi ??) and it’s polished enough for work (I definitely would’ve worn this to work at my ad agency)–but also so summery and cute to wear out to dinner on vacation! 

White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Cami and Day Sandals: 

White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Cami and Day Sandal [one-half-first]White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Cami [/one-half-first][one-half]

White Patch Pocket Skirt with Air Cami and Day Sandal


Air CamiPatch Pocket Skirt,  Day Sandals

Last but not least, this is really just a more casual version of the above outfit formula–swapping the blouse for the tank, the block heels for the flats, and adding the hair scarf to spice things up! Another white on white home run, in my opinion. ?

WHEW! We made it to the end! I hope you leave this post feeling SO inspired with so many ideas for your summer travel wardrobe! Remember, Everlane has FREE two day shipping today (both US and International–excluding China) so if you’re in the US, you can get any of these just in time for 4th of July weekend! ??

Shop all the Everlane items I styled here: 


I hope you loved this post as much as I loved putting it together! 

Thank you SO much to Everlane, one of my favorite brands ever, for sponsoring this post. Working with you guys is always a dream! And thank you to my girls (YOU!) for supporting the brands who help support this blog! ❤️