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Style these Two Year-Round Wardrobe Staples For Date Night, Work, and Travel!

Sep 19, 2018

Wardrobe Staples For Date Night

Camisole: Mine is old, but similar herehere, here  Pants: Madewell (run TTS)–similar trousers here, here and here, Sweater: old, but similar here, here and here Leopard Sandals: 1901 (size down 1/2 size) if sandals aren’t your jam–Nordstrom has TONS of leopard pumps in stock! Loafers: Gucci, but Sam Edelman makes some great comfy dupes!  Earrings: Similar here, and here 

You guys are going to LOOOVVEEE today’s post. It’s office wear meets date night meets athleisure. I know that sounds like an impossible mix for one outfit–but stick with me, and you’ll be as obsessed as I am!

Ready to jump in?!

First, let’s go over the two main pillar pieces of this outfit:

The slip tank: I’ve been raving about what I call “slip tanks” for years (granted, I don’t think anyone else calls them this  they’re “camisoles” but I think “slip tank” is more descriptive. Like a slipdress, but in tank top format! It’s super versatile, chic, and simple. It can be demurely sexy or it can be basic and professional. It’s whatever you want it to be. (Just adjust the straps to adjust the amount of décolleté you’d like to show!) Mine I’m wearing here is old, but there are SO many similar ones out there–like herehere, and here!

Two common questions I get about these tanks: 

Q: What kind of bra do I wear with them?

A: These reusable sticky petals! If you need more support than that, I’d recommend reading this post to see GG readers’ most popular strapless bra recommendations–everyone raves about Lively’s no wire strapless bra! 

Q: How do I avoid getting deodorant residue on them?

A: Ever since I switched to Kopari’s natural deodorant I have never had this issue! I’m doing a full review on it soon but I absolutely love it and it’s the best natural deodorant I’ve found!

Easy pants: These pants happen to be from Madewell, one of my favorite brands! They’re called “track trousers” which describes them perfectly. They are a chameleon of the closet–whatever you want them to be, they are. Want to wear them with sneakers for athleisure? You got it. Want to wear them to the office? Sure! Who knew something that qualified as athleisure AND officewear could be cute enough for a night out?

Here’s how to style these two wardrobe staples three different ways (although, the possibilities are endless!)

A Night Out

[one-half-first]leopard sandals[/one-half-first][one-half]

Wardrobe Staples For Date Night


The Faux Jumpsuit hack:

If you love the whole jumpsuit trend but can’t seem to find one that makes you feel confident instead of silly, try this hack: pair together a tank and pair of pants that are the same color in similar materials! Of course, this tank would also look cute with black jeans, but because the pants are a similar type of flowy crepe material, it makes the outfit a whole lot dressier (and actually look like a jumpsuit!)

Shop more camisoles: 

Shop more trousers: 

You may think a simple, plain outfit such as this is a little one note–but that’s where the shoes come in! I was sooo excited to see that leopard has come back so much this fall (I mean, I don’t think it was ever out of style, but everywhere you look these days is leopard!) Subtle leopard shoes are a way to play with the trend that doesn’t feel too trendy–and these are the perfect shoes!

Speaking of trends–I typically like to buy my more “on-trend” looks from Nordstrom’s trend section! They have so many cute options (that aren’t TOO trendy) that I love styling with more classic items for an outfit mix that feels “just right” to me. (Remember my Juxtaposition rule of style? That comes into play here!) Some of my favorite go-to brands are Leith, B.P., Topshop, Wayf, and Madewell!

Anyway, I was hesitant about buying sandals so close to fall, but they’re super comfortable with a low chunky heel and the leopard print makes them suitable for all seasons (I mean, not in Chicago winter, but definitely on your trip to warmer climates come January–haha!) We still have a fair amount of good weather left, and they’ll give me something to look forward to pulling out in the spring!

Plus, they’re only $99! Huzzah!

black camisole

Add a sweater to make it office friendly:

office friendly

I mean honestly this is so easy that I shouldn’t even be calling this an outfit change, but you can see just how different adding a sweater makes this outfit. The first one is subtly sexy, but with the addition of a cardigan, it becomes totally office appropriate. If you’re worried about how much skin is showing on top, you can always get a camisole with adjustable straps (like this one!) and shorten the straps for the office–and lengthen them for date night!

Also, if closed-toed shoes aren’t an option for your 9-5, this look would totally work with leopard pumps, too! I love this block-heeled pair in the cognac suede–that would look SO pretty with this outfit!

Shop more leopard shoes: 

office friendly

And swap for loafers for the perfect travel outfit:

If you thought this outfit couldn’t get MORE versatile, just you wait! With a simple change of shoes, this becomes the perfect outfit for travel. Whether you’re driving 2 hours or taking a long haul flight to Europe–this outfit is about as comfortable as they come! (Granted, I would change into a black regular bra and just be fine with my bra straps showing when I took my bra off. No strapless bras or petals for hours across the Atlantic, thank you!)

It’s so much more put together than sweatpants–and if you need to go straight to a meeting when you get off the plane, you’ll look perfectly acceptable doing so! (Tip: If you’re worried about wrinkles, carry some Downy wrinkle release spray in your carry-on–that stuff is MAGICAL!)

A note on these loafers–I get asked so much if they’re worth the splurge! I absolutely love love them and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. I know I will wear them for years and I hope I have a daughter with the same size feet so I can give them to her one day, I love them that much! They are incredibly comfortable from day one and the leather is like butter. I think they’re more chic, classic, and beautiful than any other loafers out there. I like the loafers over the mules because the mules will go out of style and loafers never will.

BUT. That being said, I think it’s totally a personal preference–if you like the look of a more affordable pair just as much–then that’s GREAT! If splurge-worthy loafers aren’t in your budget, don’t think your outfit is any less cute! (I think the Sam Edelman loafers, for example, are also insanely comfortable and adorable–I have them in leopard print but they come in lot’s of colors!) Nordstrom carries a ton of loafers at all different price points!

perfect travel outfit [one-half-first]perfect travel outfit[/one-half-first][one-half]

perfect travel outfit


Which look is your favorite!?

Thanks to Nordstrom–my #1–for sponsoring this post! (All opinions are obviously my own!) And thanks to YOU for supporting my favorite brands who help this blog grow and allow me to keep creating the best possible content! 

Photos by Divina Stennfeld 

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